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  1. twicksisted

    where can i buy a win8 key online?

    Does anyone know where I can buy a windows 8 key online? I see lots of options in google but don't know if any are scams.. anyone bought from a trusted place before?
  2. twicksisted

    Networking help for my new office

    I am moving my business into a new office over the weekend. There is space for around 20 workstations (I haven't counted exactly yet but its around that figure and I'm at home now so cant check exactly) There are neat desk level wall sockets and an Ethernet/ Telephone plug socket for each desk...
  3. twicksisted

    GTA V for PC?

    I've looked all over the web and cant find any info on where to buy/pre order GTA V for PC. Looks like its only Xbox & PS3/4 at the moment... Anyone know where I can get a PC version or is that only coming out in a few months?
  4. twicksisted

    USB 3 Drive external drive dissapears after reboot

    I have a problem with my "Hitachi Touro Desk DX3 2TB" USB 3 external hardrive... It installs correctly when plugged in at first, but after a shutdown or restart it disappears from windows explorer altogether and I have to unplug and re-plug the USB 3 cable for it to re-appear. Also worth...
  5. twicksisted

    Battlefield 4 Gameplay Video!

    I'll be surprised if this isnt already posted here somewhere! A quick forum search I couldnt find it so thought I would share it with you all :) TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY! :)
  6. twicksisted

    Sequel to Battlefield 2142?

    As the title implies, does anyone know any news of a sequel to Battlefield 2142? I read some stuff online a few months back that hinted that it could be on the cards but cant find any other info.
  7. twicksisted

    Business Telecoms system recommendations...

    I have an online retail business which I've been growing for the last two years. Im in the UK and the freephone number prefix for customers to call us is 0800 which I can port to any phone number/system. I want to build a computer/server/nas that I can install software on to run the telephones...
  8. twicksisted

    29" Dell UltraSharp U2913WM - Buy or Not?

    My Dell 24" monitor is dying on me and I have a bit of spare money to buy something else. I was considering getting 3 cheap 23" monitors for surround gaming but id have to get another GTX580 for that to work which is going to work out rather expensive. The other cheaper option is to get a...
  9. twicksisted

    windows 8 - how to see processor & ram specs?

    I havent used windows 8 before... I have a mate who has a new pc running windows 8 and he has no idea of the processor & ram installed. Im chatting to him on skype so not physically at the machine... in the regular windows (vista / 7) you could see this info by going to "Control Panel/System"...
  10. twicksisted

    D-Link DNS-320 & Twonky Media Server

    I have a D-Link DNS-320 NAS arriving tomorrow and would like to install Twonky Media Server to it so that I can stream my movie collection to my Samsung TV. I've looked at the Townky website and the D-Link forums and cant really find any information on what version I need to download or how...
  11. twicksisted

    Speaker cable length / degradation?

    I have just bought some Wharfdale Xarus 5000 floorstanding speakers for my lounge. I have an onkyo TX-SR308 in my projector room opposite the lounge running a tannoy 5.1 system. This onkyo has a secondary speaker output zone that can drive another stereo pair of speakers, so I want to get...
  12. twicksisted

    Can this playback Bluray 1080p? (AMD Turion II Neo N40L / 1.5GHz)

    Im lusting after a multi-use server, nas, htpc box to run in my cinema room and this looks like it fits the bill quite nicely as all i'd have to do is add a couple of large HDD's and a Bluray player. Question is do you think this is powerful enough to play blurays or would I need to add a...
  13. twicksisted

    Nvidia GTX560Ti - BF3 graphics bugs, tearing!

    Hi, I recently built a secondary gaming rig for BF3 multiplayer and am having bad luck with the graphics card. System specs are: Intel i5 2500K Asus P8Z68-V LX Motherboard Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600mhz ram PCPower & Cooling Silencer 600watt PSU ASUS GTX560Ti DirectCUII 1GB...
  14. twicksisted

    New Build (2500k) :)

    Just ordered some nice shiny new components to upgrade my girlfriends computer (which more importantly doubles up as my secondary gaming rig for when mates are around :roll: ) Old components: Intel Core2Duo E7400 @ 3.6ghz 4gb DDR2 1066 Asus P5K-AM motherboard Ati HD4890 gfx NEW...
  15. twicksisted

    Video Converter Software(MKV to AVI)

    I have all of my Blu-rays archived as MKV files on a NAS drive. I recently bought a Sony BDP-S480 networked Blu-ray player and it cant stream/play these MKV files :/ http://www.sony.co.uk/product/blu-ray-disc-player/bdp-s480 According to the Sony website it can play only the following...
  16. twicksisted

    Active shutter 3D glasses question

    Can you use any active shutter 3D glasses or is it brand specific to the hardware youre watching. EG: I have an Optoma HD600X projector and I want to buy the 3D-XL convertor box that makes it a 3D projector. It comes with one set of active shutter glasses only and you can buy more... do I...
  17. twicksisted

    DLNA streaming help

    I want to stream movies/music from my main storage PC in my home office to the HTPC in my home cinema room to view on my projector. My HTPC in the cinema room has Cyberlink PowerDVD 11 and should see my storage PC's media files through DLNA but dosent. My movie files are on a storage drive...
  18. twicksisted

    HDMI signal dropouts

    Im trying to connect a Samsung 40" LCD telly to my computer using a 10 metre HDMI cable. Its connected to my PC's Nvidia GTX580 HDMI output with a cheap 10 metre HDMI v1.3 cable I bought off Amazon. The signal is intermittant and the screen will get signal for a second or two and then go...
  19. twicksisted

    BF3- Cant see ping (PC)

    Havent been on the forums in a few days so dont know if this has been asked already... but... how do you see your ping when playing BF3 multiplayer on PC? I have a serious fibre connection and a pretty top end machine and the BF3 multiplayer gameplay seems a bit laggy... Is there a way of...
  20. twicksisted

    16GB ram - pagefile size question

    I have 16GB of ram and because of that my pagefile is also 16GB in size. I would like to free up some space on my SSD drive but I'm not sure if its a good idea to make this pagefile smaller or completely disable it as I run some programs that require a lot of memory in 64bit (photoshop...
  21. twicksisted

    DLP Projector advice needed

    Hi Guys, I've got a budget of £500 max to spend on an HD projector for watching movies and playing games. Must be either 720p or 1080p and have at least one HDMI port. 3D capability would be nice but not essential The projector room is rectangular and around 3.5m X 4m in size with a...
  22. twicksisted

    Game Server hosting on this?

    HP ProLiant Athlon II Neo N36L MicroServer.. | Ebu... you think it's possible to host a multiplayer gameserver on a box like this or is it far too underpowered for modern FPS gameservers? I'm looking for a NAS for my business and personal files and came across this which could tick both...
  23. twicksisted

    Cosmos S power switch/24pin connector

    The Coolermaster Cosmos S case comes with a 24pin adapter that you need to plug the cases power switch into in order for it to work. The coolermaster 24pin adapter looks horrible as it isnt braided or anything ruining the interior of my case :( I got a pre-braided black 24pin cable as a...
  24. twicksisted

    Choosing the right server software? (Help)

    My requirements are: 1.) Data storage (Raid 1 or 5 array) 2.) Database hosting to my local network/internet 3.) Streaming data to devices on my local network (HD video, audio etc...) 4.) Hosting webpages 5.) Hosting gaming server/s My questions are: 1.) What operating system...
  25. twicksisted

    SSD Review Request- Force 3 GT 120GB

    I've seen other websites reviews but they dont stack them against the Vertex 3 and intel 510 drives... please please please Wizzard/TPU can you review one of these in your review format, I'd love to see the results :) Pretty Please