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  1. twicksisted

    Can't stop i5 4300U from dropping max TDP to 15W after few seconds of load

    Sounds like its throttling due to high temps. Just because someone repasted it doesn't mean they did a good job ;)
  2. twicksisted

    Move Your Puny Gaming Chairs Aside: Bauhütte Introduces the Gaming Bed

    I'm loving the blue KY jelly tube in the first and third pics on the headboard :D
  3. twicksisted

    Thinking About Getting a 2nd Monitor.

    I'm thinking about getting another beer... what do you think I should do? :D
  4. twicksisted

    iPhone 8 or Galaxy Note 8 ?

    I still have a Galaxy Note 3 which is going strong. I like the fact that I can connect it to my PC and use it like an external storage device or even drag downloaded videos into it to play back later on the train etc. With my old iPhone everything had to go through iTunes and you couldn't put...
  5. twicksisted

    Unigine Superposition Benchmark - post your results!

    15773 - twicksisted / i7 2600k 4.0GHz / Palit 1080 @ ACTUAL 1911 MHz (actual boost clock) / Memory clock 5005 MHz
  6. twicksisted

    Monitors with Integrated Speakers

    I currently use the built in speakers on my LG 34" monitor for daily use and plug in a USB headset when I game or want to listen in higher fidelity. I didn't buy the monitor because of the speakers and it was kind of a bonus that it works ok. Perhaps the fact the monitor is huge gives it more...
  7. twicksisted

    NVIDIA Cuts Price of its GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics Card: $499

    I got my Palit Jetstream GTX1080 for £550.00 brand new on Amazon about 2 months ago and still have no complaints with the price really. I still feel that for how good the card is that its worth it - It eats every game up, overclocks to 2ghz easily and is virtually silent!
  8. twicksisted

    Where To Connect ESD Wrist Strap?

    Over the last 20 or so years, I have built well over 100 PC's - I've never bothered with being grounded or static discharge and have yet to damage a component because of it.
  9. twicksisted

    I7 3770k vs i7 7700k

    I recently bought a gtx 1080 and it works perfectly with my i7 2600k... I have oc'd to 4ghz though.
  10. twicksisted

    Chinas stealth fighter to go on show.

    Here is a top secret image of the stealth fighter firing stealth missiles... amazing shot!
  11. twicksisted

    PC Hangs when I hear a ticking sound

    Um.... why is the link to the sound file from the original post removed by moderator?
  12. twicksisted

    ENERMAX Introduces the World's 1st Digital Fanless Power Supply

    My Enermax Galaxy 1000w DXX power supply is still going strong... bought it in 2007 and its pretty much been on 24/7 powering all of my rigs to date. I don't want to push my luck so I recently bought a corsair 650w psu along with a new corsair case which should arrive later today. (Yay new toys!)
  13. twicksisted

    where can i buy a win8 key online?

    cheers thanks! :)
  14. twicksisted

    where can i buy a win8 key online?

    Does anyone know where I can buy a windows 8 key online? I see lots of options in google but don't know if any are scams.. anyone bought from a trusted place before?
  15. twicksisted

    Networking help for my new office

    Thanks for the reply guys. I'm not handling sensitive data and I don't have a big budget... All I want to do is plug the wires from each of the Ethernet sockets that are already in the wall into a switch... then plug that switch into my modem that I'm getting on the 30th. That will give...
  16. twicksisted

    Networking help for my new office

    The only internet service we can get in there at the moment is BT ADSL2 which comes with a 4-port router. Gonna be slow for now but they are enabling fibre in future in the area. I want to have gigabit Ethernet in the office between pc's and nothing fancy so I was thinking of a 24 port Netgear...
  17. twicksisted

    Networking help for my new office

    I am moving my business into a new office over the weekend. There is space for around 20 workstations (I haven't counted exactly yet but its around that figure and I'm at home now so cant check exactly) There are neat desk level wall sockets and an Ethernet/ Telephone plug socket for each desk...
  18. twicksisted

    Feedback & Bug Reports for new Forums

    You guys are gonna hate me but im just not getting along with this new forum layout... I really miss just going to TPU in my browser favourites and being able to see the box at the top showing the newest posts and the latest news articles. This new forums feels like I start the forum inside one...
  19. twicksisted

    Help me get good gaming mouse and keyboard

    I have had the Corsair K70 for a while now and I love it... oozes quality...solidly built!
  20. twicksisted

    Audioengine Introduces New Desktop Speakers

    I've got White audioengine A2's and they awesome... would love to upgrade to the A5+ ... not that the A2's are lacking for my usage though.
  21. twicksisted

    OFFICIAL Battlefield 4 (Discussion)

    yeah it sucks balls... ive been playing Civ V since the beta closed but I need to shoot people!!!!! c'mon! :P
  22. twicksisted

    OFFICIAL Battlefield 4 (Discussion)

    Is there a preload yet for people who have bought BF4 on Origin? I'd like to have it preloaded so its ready to go on launch date :) EDIT: Saw the post a few line up with preload details :P
  23. twicksisted

    Giveaway-A-Day: Far Cry Franchise Pack

    me me meeee :)
  24. twicksisted

    Symantec grapples with one of thelargest botnets in history

    dammit they're onto me!!! :P