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  1. angelhunter

    possible fan mod idea

    what do you think of this type of mod for fans?
  2. angelhunter

    Simple RGB mods

    Been messing around with some RGB led strips. note use 5050 led strips dont get the 3528 led strips ( red, blue, green leds are single leds and 5050 are 3 colors in each led ). Took some clear fans and pulled the blue leds out did a little cutting around the corners and wrapped led strip around...
  3. angelhunter

    Cases I'de like to see

    like to see some one build a case like an arcade.. hiden keyboard but all the bells and whistles
  4. angelhunter

    Angel's Blue Glow

    started with my armor case and added blue glow effect behind motherboard but decided to go farther.. stripped out the case so i could paint interior a flat black. note i left the led strips attached a little nail polish remover over leds worked fine and hides the strip better started to...
  5. angelhunter

    modders mesh

    i have a thermaltake armor case and looking for a site with mesh available in the same style as the front bay covers. anyone know where to get it from? need a big enough peice to create a removeable panel that will cover the side of the bays so when looking into window instead of seeing part of...
  6. angelhunter

    case mod baclighting

    got a thermatake case and going to mod it out part 1 backlighting the motherboard with blue led strips step1 find size of motherboard and going in about3/4 to 1 inch using led strip( i bought 300 led strip that can be cut every 2.5 inches) step 2 mount them on the case chassis so led face...