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    When ocing is it best to get your ram 1:1 ratio? And if so why? Every time i do it lowers scores in 3d mark 06 and aqua mark 3. My system 7900gt evga(z-tweaked 91.47 drivers) pent. d 805 ocled to 4.2( watercooled) asus p5wd2(bios 0501) 2 gig ocz platinum pc 6400 So when ocled my memory is...
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    asus p5wd2 sli hack?

    Is there a hack to get a STANDARD ASUS P5WD2 to run in SLI mode? Pent. d 805-(watercooled) OC-@4.2! EVGA 7900 GTKO 2 GIG OCZ PC 6400 GOLD ASUS P5WD2 V-CORE-1.54 ANY GOOD OVERCLOCKERS HAVE ANY SETTI:banghead: :banghead: NGS THEY WANT TO GIVE UP? Can't get my ram at 1;1 ratio FSB 203...
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    7900 gt ko EVGA Problem

    I have a problem with my video card every time i try and overclock it using cool bits or riva tuner. I have a Zalman fan and heat sinks on it so i never overheated it! My monitor will keep flashing the screen on and off and items open begin to look pixilated etc.. It even happens if use the...
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    Ai Overvoltage Or Overclocking Failure

    I have an Asus p5wd2, 2 gig OCZ PC 6400, PENT,D 805 WATERCOOLED! My board is about two weeks old, i have had the system overclocked to 4.1 ghz since the day i installed everything! Temps where i live have dropped so i decided to up the v-core,(1.5375) last night along with FSB and memory mhz to...
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    D805 Cpu Temps

    What is considered too hot for d805 temp. Mine is overclocked to 3.9 ghz and is watercooled, asus pc probe says 50-55 deg. celcius under load(playing BF2)! I have got it into the 60-65 deg cel. range thought that was too hot so i turned the voltage down etc.. Any thoughts. Asus pwd52 d805 cpu...
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    realtek sound on asus p5wd2

    Can anyone tell me how to get BF2 to sound normal with realtek? I just got an ASUS P5WD2 MB and its one of the installs on the cd. I can barely here my squad when playing, and the game sounds horrible. Ive played with the equalizer, mixer etc.. Still can't find a decent game play setting. Any...