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  1. u2konline

    PCIE 4.0 backwards compatible to 3.0?

    I am planning to buy a PCIE 4.0 GPU and wanted to know was it backwards compatible to 3.0? https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/radeon-pro-w5500.c3479 My motherboard Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard Model 1589 (CPU0) Version 0.00 Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model Ivy Bridge-E...
  2. u2konline

    Need help please, new GPU

    Hey guys, using a RX 570 8GB for a while now, so i decided to also buy a Radeon PRO wx 7100, got it today. I uninstall the drivers from the RX and shut down my computer. I Put in the WX 7100 same slot and i get a red light on the computer. But when i put the card in another pcie slot, it works...
  3. u2konline

    BD-R discs help

    I have two dvd drives and i bought a pack of 50 of kodak Blu-ray blank disc ( BD-R ) and neither driver detects the disc. What dvd drive do i need to buy?
  4. u2konline

    Upgrade CPU or GPU?

    Hey guys, my current specs: Windows 10 Enterprise x64, 24GB ddr3 memory, Radeon Pro WX 4100 4GB GDDR5, Xeon 2630 V2 6 cores/12 threads https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/75790/intel-xeon-processor-e5-2630-v2-15m-cache-2-60-ghz.html ...
  5. u2konline

    HP advisor message about memory

    was bored and decided to install this for my HPZ420, this shown up Little confused, am i suppose to removed my 3 memory sticks closer to the CPU , that would be in Dimm slot 4, 3,2. I only have 3 memory sticks, running Dual channel (24GB)
  6. u2konline

    Xeon E7 CPU's MB

    I bought a E7-4880 v2 by mistake(had to buy a Xeon 2630 V2, works great) , obviously does not fit on my motherboard Southbridge Model C602(HP Z420), so i am curous what desktop/motherboard to buy is able to use E7's Xeon? I haven't been able to find any desktop or motherboard that works with...
  7. u2konline

    Question about which memory i need

    I bought a HP Z420, the memory that comes with it is 4GB ECC UDDR3. My other Memory does not work with it, so was wondering will this work(Unbuffered ECC DIMMs )...
  8. u2konline

    Is my monitor damage

    Please tell me its not, just bought it , there's a glowing white light in the middle and dark edges on each bottom side. :(
  9. u2konline

    LGA 2011 Cpu's (Question)

    Hello, i am in the process of upgrading to LGA 2011 cpu's, from LGA 1366, question. Will v2 or v3 CPUs work with LGA 2011 motherboard? probably a dumb question, just had to make sure, because i see 2011 cpus and i see others that are Versions 2 and 3. examples E5-2620 v3 <----------
  10. u2konline

    New video card, mini displayport question

    Hey guys, I just bought a Radeon Pro WX 4100, so would this work, because my monitor ATM only has a VGA connection, just wanted to make sure if i buy one of these , it will fit in the GPU? Just had to make sure, always nice to ask here :rockout...
  11. u2konline

    Quick question (dvi-vga)

    Is there a big difference between DVI-VGA 24+5 vs 24+1? If i would to buy the 24+5, i can still use it on my video card that has a DVI port to connect to VGA monitor, correct?
  12. u2konline

    T5500 2 CPU's?

    Hey, just curious where is the second slot to add a second cpu https://www.ebay.com/itm/DELL-PRECISION-T5500-SERIES-INTEL-SOCKET-LGA-1366-DESKTOP-MOTHERBOARD-CRH6C-USA/254482506428?hash=item3b4056e2bc:g:PGkAAOSwdz9eH1tz I came across some desktops that says it has 2 CPU's, but on the...
  13. u2konline

    Volume Licensing, buying Windows 10

    Hello, just curious where do i go to buy Windows 10 Enterprise editions? There's no link on the MS Website, just something about Volume Licensing.
  14. u2konline


    Hey guys, i found a graphic card near the trash dump last night lol. It was wet from the rain, i clean the fans, everything, the card works perfectly fine, 42c temps, no issues. https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/asus-r7-260x-oc.b3026 (even works faster than my AMD firepro w5000 )...
  15. u2konline

    DirectGMA ?

    I install some new radeon pro drivers that was release today, and a new feature shown up in the control panel, "DirectGMA Technology" , to enable or disable, and if you set enable, it says set aperture size. My question is, what does it do, does it improve performance & what is the aperture size...
  16. u2konline

    Firepro V7900 help

    Hey guys, i bought this v7900 recently for gaming. I install afterburner MSI, to see my core and memory clock. Playing this one game there's alot of stuttering between 30-60fps, i notice the core and memory clock downclocks every few seconds to its idle settings when playing. I heard its because...
  17. u2konline

    GPU Artifacts , possible issue?

    Hey guys, i bought a XFX R7 265 2GB from ebay, the temps on the card at idle are around 49-51, but soon as i install the new drivers or any driver i get all these crazy artifacts on the screen, lines going everywhere, can't even see the desktop anymore lmao. My PSU Is a dell precision t3500...
  18. u2konline

    CPU heats up to 77-80c when running Virtual Dub

    I bought a new cpu last week, i was using a L5640 and now I'm using a Xeon 5670. I always notice for years when i use virutal dub, the cpu heats up a bit, because its running something, but it always was around 62 or 65c. For some odd reason right now, the temps are up in the red up to 77-85c...
  19. u2konline

    Memory Question

    Hello. I'm trying to max out my memory to 24 , i have 16GB ddr3. I found these two, but kinda unsure on which one to get. Would the registered server ram on my workstation dell precision T3500? Probably a dumb question, but always good to ask. Thanks...
  20. u2konline

    Quick question, SAS 2

    I'm about to buy two of these, for my dell workstation computer. Great same for 1tb drives :) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Seagate-LSI-Constellation-ES-1TB-7200RPM-SAS-6Gbps-16MB-3-5-ST31000425SS/192727607855?hash=item2cdf75ea2f:g:Z3UAAOSw7rlb8Fmd:sc:USPSPriority!21114!US!-1:rk:2:pf:0 Would these...
  21. u2konline

    New computer, problem, need help

    Hey guys, i bought a second workstation computer, HP Z400 and i have everything install, gpu, hard drives, dvd drive, when the computer loads up, it passes the hp logo, i can't enter bios/setup or anything, then all this writting comes up, one of them is " this version supports only Hard Disk...
  22. u2konline

    High performance l0 optimization? & hyper-threading Q

    I was looking in my bios the other day and saw that option, its under hyper-threading for my Intel Xeon L5640. But i can't find any information about it online, and i think i am typing it in correctly. just curious is this a option that i need to turn on? does it improved performance? also...
  23. u2konline

    Windows 10 Pro for workstation

    Can you just upgrade to this after installing windows 10, for free? or do i have spend 300 dollars for the OS? Or is the latest update in Windows 10 pro, already has it? I was thinking about trying out windows 10 on my workstation gaming system, but the only edition that i see i would be...
  24. u2konline

    notebook issue: dvd drive not being detected on boot option

    https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1397195-REG/asus_x541na_pd1003y_n4200_4gb_500gb_windows.html https://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-vivobook-max-x541na-15-6-laptop-intel-pentium-4gb-memory-500gb-hard-drive-chocolate-black/6029900.p?skuId=6029900 I bought this, i disable fast boot, in f2 bios...
  25. u2konline

    New GPU, can't find more graphic options

    Hey, i got my new video card today, i was using a firepro v4800 which is pretty decent, now i have a firepro w5000, this thing is super fast. i can run games at 1920x1080 max settings and getting 60fps. And i am using my phenom x4 9150e atm, my new computer with my 6 core should arrive by ups in...