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  1. m4gicfour

    Good FreeSync + HDMI 2.1 KVM Switches and 40+inch 4K 120Hz+ LCDs for both production and gaming?

    The KVMs produced by Level 1 Techs are easily the best ones that I am aware of Wendell has put significant effort into working around common KVM issues with for their products.
  2. m4gicfour

    Impractical PC hardware design idea: put the power connectors on the rear of the motherboard

    It can absolutely be done, standardizing it is the cumbersome part. The late, great Mark Klebofski (mkmods) is the user who did that. He actually soldered the connectors to the back of the board and custom fabricated a mounting plate with the corresponding connector on it so the motherboard...
  3. m4gicfour

    Looking for a pcie ssd adapter

    I see toop has you covered on the single-M.2 X4 cards. Cards like your OWC one should work fine, but make sure to research the SATA controller they're using. A lot of the cheaper ones run off an x1 link and you'll be limited by the PCIe link. From what I can see the accellsior should be fine...
  4. m4gicfour

    Free Games Thread

    Have you tried playing it via WineD3D for Windows? I would test it myself but I'd have to go dig my 290X out of storage and put the air cooler back on it (or plumb up a custom loop) to test. If the game just does a version check and bombs out if it doesn't get a number that it likes back, then...
  5. m4gicfour

    The Filthy, Rotten, Nasty, Helpdesk-Nightmare picture clubhouse

    OH shit, somebody got into Ballmer's private stash? Better hope they didn't get caught :eek:
  6. m4gicfour

    Miss you and the rest of the GN crew too. Discord just isn't the same. You can tell how often I...

    Miss you and the rest of the GN crew too. Discord just isn't the same. You can tell how often I venture beyond the front page news on TPU proper these days.
  7. m4gicfour

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    I set up an unraid server on some old 2009-2010ish APU and mobo I had lying around and the requirements of the software I was running on it quickly outstripped its performance (though as a pure storage server without docker or VMs it would have worked fine, which was my original intention - to...
  8. m4gicfour

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Tested on Cheap B350 Motherboard

    Not in that video he doesn't. He says he's going to try it on A320 in the next video.
  9. m4gicfour

    Editorial Living on the FreeSync Side of G-SYNC: Setup Guide, Testing & Evaluation

    FWIW a lot of this is going to depend on your monitor. My Benq XL2730z has no OSD option for freesync/adaptive sync, but an option named "Blur Reduction" will disable the adaptive sync capabilities of the monitor all the same; that is to say that the monitor is no longer detected as supporting...
  10. m4gicfour

    Far Cry 5 Denuvo Protection Has Been Defeated

    I would guess not. Cracked does not usually mean removed. The crack (usually) works around the DRM, but the DRM still runs at leat in part, just that its actual checks are either skipped or fooled into thinking the game is activated/online/etc. At least, that has been true in the past.
  11. m4gicfour

    Crysis not working windows 10

    That's why it worked at all IMO. It's pretty unlikely that the scratches have anything to do with the no-disc error. Win10 still doesn't support disc-based DRM but those cracks *usually* just alter the game code to skip over the part where it tries to load and/or call the DRM, which solves the...
  12. m4gicfour

    CORSAIR Launches New ML Series Fans With Magnetic Levitation Bearings

    Indeed. Enermax has been selling mag bearing fans for years now as well. The Marathon series was Enermax's first IIRC; Those are low-speed but there's been one in my dad's HTPC for five(?) years now. They've since brought their magnetic bearing to several of their other series of fans. They have...
  13. m4gicfour

    Is there any link for downloading .net framework 3.5 full feature?

    Since you have windows 8, it's built in. Go to the Programs and Features control panel, Turn windows features on or off, and there should be an entry for .NET 3.5 and a couple sub-entries.
  14. m4gicfour

    How many games you completed until now?

    I have AB-SO-LUTELY no idea. I started gaming on C64/128 + SMS, then on to Genesis (Mega Drive) + 32X, Win9X/DOS, WinXP + PS2, PS3, Win7, Win10.... I don't sell off software much, even back when there was a games rental store on every corner, so they build up. I've got about 750 games on steam...
  15. m4gicfour

    After >100hrs in Vive VR, I think there is something missing

    You VR plebs and your shotgunning. Just spend more money on it and it's gonna be perfect. No, really, this $1000 I really mean it. Get on my level, scrub. Glorious Bioport Master Race. Obligatory pre-butthurt sarcasm indicator: JUST KIDDING
  16. m4gicfour

    Need WAV player which shows preview of sound waves

    It's not a player per se (Audio editor), but Audacity will do that, along with letting you edit the files if clipping out the silence is your goal. Free, too.
  17. m4gicfour

    Anime Nation

    Well clearly I don't check this thread often enough. I did check back a couple(?) pages.
  18. m4gicfour

    Anime Nation

    I'll just leave this here.
  19. m4gicfour

    CS GO doesn't like my old hardware

    IDK what the hell you're all on about, Hantol is a great brand! [/sarcasm] HWSecrets either moved the article or removed it, but there's a cached copy from archive.org above. The original review still exists...
  20. m4gicfour

    I present to you the meaning of lag.

    The struggle is real. This is back in 2012 when I was on 1.5Mbit DSL; on a day when I had to share the network bandwidth. That video took over 24 hours to upload back then, too.
  21. m4gicfour

    Ghetto Mods

    As always, this thread makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Keep up the good work. 'Be back to check up on what you crazy cats come up with in another year or so.
  22. m4gicfour

    how do you send and recieve faxes on your computer?

    Something like the Brother 4-in-1 printers will do #1 for her. Still uses the phone line though. There's a bit of setup, then the multifunction printer will pick up after a configured number of rings, and detect if there's a fax tone. If not, it passes it off to the answering machine (I don't...