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  1. u2konline

    TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.35.0 Released

    W1zzard, when you ready to do that team viewer thing let me know, latest drivers shows this for the W5500
  2. u2konline

    TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.35.0 Released

    Some of the admins work for nvidia and AMD HQ. So obvious guys, come one.
  3. u2konline

    Cyberpunk 2077 specs who's surprised?

    I just hope someone makes a 3rd person option view, because no way I'm spending 60 or 50 bucks for that sort of game that doesn't even provide a 3rd person view option to switch too, all that character creation/customization is pointless. Not sure what the hell the devs are thinking. As for...
  4. u2konline

    TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.34.0 Released

    I wonder why the Radeon Pro W5500 won't show anything accurate or all the info with any of the GPU-z? It does the ssame thing with GPU Caps Viewer, doesn't show everything and no accurate info. Its only with my W5500.
  5. u2konline

    Dell Workstation Owners Club

    I bought a new computer a few days ago , was using a HP Z420, now i bought a Dell T5810 (2678 v3, 16gb ddr4), and i was curious should i leave on C-state and Intel Speedstep? Would it affect performance?
  6. u2konline

    PCIE 4.0 backwards compatible to 3.0?

    20.8 drivers or latest enterprise drivers show this on the main screen. Just thought it would show the real information on general card section. I also check out GPU Caps Viewer , same thing. No big deal i guess, just thought you should know.
  7. u2konline

    PCIE 4.0 backwards compatible to 3.0?

    Just general info General Driver Date 2020-03-30 DCH/UWD Driver Yes Registry Path SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0000 Device Location Bus 7, Device 0, Function 0 Power Limit +0% Power Limit Adjustment Range -50% to +20% ULPS N/A...
  8. u2konline

    In my latest post, the GPUz reading is not showing correctly for my W5500 i just bought...

    In my latest post, the GPUz reading is not showing correctly for my W5500 i just bought. http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/20/08/23/sc2.png
  9. u2konline

    PCIE 4.0 backwards compatible to 3.0?

    Yes indeed. And this card is faster than my RX 570 8GB, and Radeon Pro WX 7100. LOL , he refunded me 400 bucks and didn't want the card back.
  10. u2konline

    PCIE 4.0 backwards compatible to 3.0?

    I finally received my W5500's, ( i only ordered one lol, one came by mistake). GPU-Z info does not show up correctly with the Radeon Pro W5500
  11. u2konline

    PCIE 4.0 backwards compatible to 3.0?

    Thank you, going to order soon
  12. u2konline

    PCIE 4.0 backwards compatible to 3.0?

    I am planning to buy a PCIE 4.0 GPU and wanted to know was it backwards compatible to 3.0? https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/radeon-pro-w5500.c3479 My motherboard Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard Model 1589 (CPU0) Version 0.00 Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model Ivy Bridge-E...
  13. u2konline

    Need help please, new GPU

    I think it fixes some heat issues, I think its for heat issues if i run into it, but i guess i don't need it. Highest it went up playing a game was 82c. Compared to my 570 8GB, the card performs about the same. I only tested 3 games, Sleeping Dogs, Gear tactics and Control, tested using 20.7...
  14. u2konline

    Need help please, new GPU

    Guys' quick question, how do you update your bios on a card, i downloaded the newest rom for my card but don't know how to flash it or whatever.
  15. u2konline

    Need help please, new GPU

    I realized the issue, the tech guy from ebay who sold me the card said slot 2 didn't work or something, i was thinking he was referring display port slot 2, but i guess he is talking about how the card didn't work in slot 2 on the motherboard. So it works now, using another slot. As for gaming...
  16. u2konline

    Need help please, new GPU

    Hey guys, using a RX 570 8GB for a while now, so i decided to also buy a Radeon PRO wx 7100, got it today. I uninstall the drivers from the RX and shut down my computer. I Put in the WX 7100 same slot and i get a red light on the computer. But when i put the card in another pcie slot, it works...
  17. u2konline

    BD-R discs help

    Thank you. Thought a normal dvd drive would work, but guess i will order two of them today. :)
  18. u2konline

    BD-R discs help

    I have two dvd drives and i bought a pack of 50 of kodak Blu-ray blank disc ( BD-R ) and neither driver detects the disc. What dvd drive do i need to buy?
  19. u2konline

    Xbox Games Showcase Post-Mortem: Halo Infinite, Fable, Forza, and Many Others Revealed

    No sign of a remastered Brute Force
  20. u2konline

    Fully Immerse Yourself in Ubisoft's Hyper Scape with CORSAIR iCUE Game Integration

    game doesn't even work for me. update drivers , etc
  21. u2konline

    Microsoft Discontinues Production of Current-Gen Xbox One X, Xbox One S

    meanwhile, next console i am buying is xbox 360.
  22. u2konline

    Microsoft Gives Windows 10 Start Menu an Overhaul

    Looks the same to me lol. Just use classic start menu and be happy! If crackdown 3 worked on windows 7 and MS store was available to use on Windows 7, i would have never switch over to Windows 10. Crackdown 3 and MS store was really the main reason why i switch back to windows 10 though. I...
  23. u2konline

    What is better GPU

    Me personally, i would go with a 8GB version and the cheapest one( save money ). Damn those cards are expensive, might want to shop on ebay to save money. I bought a Asrock phantom 8GB 570 for only 144 bucks.
  24. u2konline

    EA Teases Next-Gen Videogames from Criterion, Bioware, DICE and Motive

    The last great NFS Game was NFS Hot pursuit 2 (2002) & nfs world. Anything after 2020 and in between is nowhere near as good. Still have the disc/jewel case and booklet for it. Great game indeed.