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    An Epic Fury X Review : Quad Fury X vs Quad TITAN X

    lol well this seems less 'photoshopped-like' I guess ;)
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    An Epic Fury X Review : Quad Fury X vs Quad TITAN X

    Surely I have. No, precisely I "had" those cards.
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    An Epic Fury X Review : Quad Fury X vs Quad TITAN X

    Sorry for such an arrogant title ;) I'm from a small forum in Korea and recently wrote a review on AMD Fury X - not only the article about Fury X itself alone but also about its crossfire configuration as well as the competitor's. I carefully guess this is the first 4-way crossfire/sli benchmark...
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    Gaming at 5K : GTX TITAN Z Review

    About a couple of month ago, I was wondering what's 5K and why it was mentioned in official GTX TITAN Z presentation at GTC 2014. In the presentation I'd watched, the GTX TITAN Z is described as "the first graphics card that is 5K-Ready". From this, I planned to test several highest-end graphics...
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    Test of CPU for Gaming : 30 CPUs compared

    I tested & measured gaming performances of "all" properly-existing CPUs in the market. Criterion for determining 'properly-existing' is that, a product shouldn't be being replaced by latter SKU at the same price level(ex: IVB is replaced by Haswell). Hope that could help those who are...
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    Radeon R9 295X2 Review : VS TITAN-Z

    After a couple of days NVIDIA announced its newest and finest graphics card named GeForce GTX TITAN Z, AMD confirmed that a successor of Radeon HD 7990 is en route to its launch. Maybe its code name is a bit familiar to us; "Vesuvius" was originally designate the name of a volcano located in...
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    Ye....................................................up, but in many cases I (literally) purchase what I need to test, or borrow from distribution channel. Review a thing prior to its NDA is always (but very hard to reach) my dream. Besides, if someone get a sample before embargo, such...
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    Umm.... how can I explain properly... let me see. I'm a half-professional / half-freelance "reviewer" (I tested computer hardware -mostly graphics card- , wrote articles and send them to several media (in Korea) and they give me money. (How simple ;)!) Of course I'm curious about those products...
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    Thanks for reply :) Well, I regard 7990 also was a pretty good graphics card (since frame pacing driver was launched) when we solely consider about the performance. But I also agree some with you when it comes to a matter - thermal / acoustic problem. Then, yes, 7990 is (relatively) less...
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    Right. Lower-than-expected performance of TITAN-Z is only because of its low frequency. If we put the full spec of 2 x 780Ti or 2 x TITAN Black then the result (through the calculator) surely implies somewhere higher than the speculative performance of Vesuvius mentioned above. Thanks for reply :)
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    :) Now you sure that I'm not a "BOT". My mother language is Korean, and I actually am not familiar with English. This is only because I learn English by textbook, this kind of manner (of greeting) such as "Hello dear" or "Long time no see" just look familiar to me. Except for that reason...
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    Thanks for reply, and you touched my achilles tendon pretty directly ;) Yes. I have never been able to make a quantitative model for those who aren't directly related to 'major' variables such as SP count or clock speed, and of course, among them, CF/SLI scaling resides. My work is just for an...
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    I've been preparing an enourmous (literally) article covering all CPUs currently available in the market in aspect of their gaming performance. From Core i7 to Celeron, 4960X to G1820 & FX to Kabini, I'll check every frame-per-sec on every popular game title on every different CPU. I guess it'll...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (Maxwell) Review

    Today, NVIDIA introduced its next-generation graphics architecture "Maxwell", first as a replacement of entry-level product of current generation, GK107 based on Kepler architecture, namely GM107. (M in its codename refers Maxwell as well as K in GK107 means Kepler) Recently (for more than a...
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    AMD Radeon R7 265 Review

    Five days ago, AMD launched a newbie expected to aim performance-price niche between the fastest of R7 series and the cheapest of R9 series where exactly its two-year old 7850 lies in, namely R7 265 based on Curacao Pro GPU. By introducing R7 265 AMD intends both to expulse oldies out of its...
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    AMD Kaveri Review : Focused on HSA Features

    After I'd dealt with Kaveri's Processor Graphics thoroughly, I focused on its HSA features which as of today have little meaning for everyday computing but also are believed to provide wider chances to HPC-level GFLOPS in sub-$200 chips. (A full CPU-aspect review on Kaveri is here ...
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    Kaveri review : tested 13 recent games, vs Intel Iris Pro / Hybrid CF included

    Actually I ran all those benchmarks prior to Kaveri's embargo is lifted. Only translating them in English takes that much time thank to my poor English ability. Anyway, let's have a look: My review consists of two parts - Part 1 is for Processor Graphics inside Kaveri while Part 2 is being...
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    Crossfire vs SLI - 280X/280/270X/7850 vs 770/760/660/650 Ti Boost

    About a month ago, I posted the article <Crossfire vs SLI : Flagship Gang Fight> which tested 4 flagship VGAs from two major manufacturer, AMD and NVIDIA - R9 290X, R9 290, GTX 780 Ti and GTX 780 with single, dual, triple and quad Crossfire / SLI configurations. If we could ignore the issues...
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    A hint on new king : GeForce GTX 790 and its performance calculated

    (Contact : leedaeguen [at] kaist.ac.kr) AMD and NVIDIA compete a balanced fight since Q4 2013 with their newest flagship silicons namely Hawaii and GK110. And this kind of frame might last a couple of quarters since transition to 20nm fabrication process, which is possibly a key to next...
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    A full Hawaii = 3072SP?

    Well... I'm trying to build a block for a simple numeric. (Calculating die area and reverse-engineering the Hawaii GPU) Many clues drive me to one thesis that a full Hawaii GPU employs 48CU which is equivalent to 3072SP / 192TMU while ROP/memory part remains unchanged. Steps are following: -...
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    [Crossfire vs SLI] 780Ti/780/290X/290 x Dual/Triple/Quad

    Aw... thanks for comments! Since the original version was written in Korean(which is merely recognizable to most of you guys) I want to recommend you to use Google translation service or Bing's equivalent or whatever similar until I rewrite and re-upload this article in English. I guess this...
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    [Crossfire vs SLI] 780Ti/780/290X/290 x Dual/Triple/Quad

    Hello guys. I'm a newbie on this forum. Glad to post this thread here. I tested four flagship single-GPU graphics cards scale one to four respectively, along with AMD/NVIDIA's existing 2-GPU SKUs such as 7990, GTX 690 and ASUS 760 MARS. Test presets are as follows : 1920 x 1080 without AA...
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    Triple- / Quad-CF scaling problem under Crysis 2 DX11

    Thanks for reply, and I'd already checked this with a variety of CPUs (from i3 2100 to i7 2600K, including Thuban and FX-8150) and lower res/options though I didn't attached data thereof. Trust me! It seems obvious there's a kind of 'lock' or something... Not sure whether this' from Catalyst or...
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    Triple- / Quad-CF scaling problem under Crysis 2 DX11

    I ran Crysis 2 DX11 with my 6970 x 3 as soon as the 1.9 patch was released, and the results were as follows. (Original post: http://udteam.tistory.com/350) It seems normal when DX11 mode is disabled, but once it turns on the CFX scale is bounded by 2. A few days after I reported this...
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    Crysis 2 DX11/HighResTextures and 3-way CFX problem

    Hi. I just patched my Crysis 2 to v1.9 and got obtained DX11 / Ultra spec and High resolution textures. I tested newly-added options and compare them with late-highest setting, Extreme option. Here's the result. My system is as follow: CPU: Phenom II X6 @ 4.2GHz / NB 2.8GHz Mainboard: MSI...