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  1. assaulter_99

    Dean "Kreij" Kortenhoven: 1959 - 2014

    Rip Uncle Kreij. I myself have a family member diagnosed with the plague that is cancer. This has led me to spend less time on forums lately. This really saddens me.
  2. assaulter_99

    Message From Kreij

    It seems I missed something...
  3. assaulter_99

    "El Cheapo" upgrade!

    Hi and thanks to everyone who contributed. Managed to get : MSI B75MA-E33 Intel Pentium G2020 Build so far seems pretty solid for my light use. I took the 8600GT out since the IGP can play all my high res videos fine without hiccups. That cost $80 and I don't regret it! :D One thing I hate...
  4. assaulter_99

    "El Cheapo" upgrade!

    Thanks folks! Its good to still see some familiar faces! ;) Anyways, I forgot to mention that I'm getting discounted prices with my wholesaler, so prices I'm looking at is $85 for a combo whichever I take (3 boards I mentionned are the same price price point). So, did I make any c*ck-ups with...
  5. assaulter_99

    "El Cheapo" upgrade!

    Hi folks! Been out of the loop for some time and now I need some decent advice! For my current rig, see my specs! While my rig has been a good servant for the last 6 or 7 years (or more), its time to thrash it since I have a couple of issues : 1. Won't shut down whatever I do but...
  6. assaulter_99

    What CPU are you running? Part 3!

    Hmm. I was thinking I would be the lone dinosaur still running on my C2D. Seems not!
  7. assaulter_99

    Giveaway: Batman Arkham City w/ Skins DLC

    I barely exceed minimum requirements, am too poor to buy it so I think I deserve a chance to win.
  8. assaulter_99

    What to upgrade?

    For just $200, what can he really expect? This budget will most likely only pay for another GPU, which in his case, is the weak link! My thoughts? Sell the 460 and put the money on top of that $200 and get another GPU. What I don't quite really get sometimes is why do some folks feel the need...
  9. assaulter_99

    How to install windows xp in a new sata drive ?

    And if ever you can't get it to do it like it normally should e.g if your HDD is primary, go into BIOS and change your boot order. Put CD/DVD drive in first order and then reboot.
  10. assaulter_99

    Settle This

    Thats my pattern. Started at 3.6 then slowly had to decrease it over time (3.5,3.4,3.2,3.0). Everything will hang if I get over 3.0 now (will boot fine, but as soon as I use some real power, some weird stuff happens). I am now @ stock since I'm not bothered with it anymore.
  11. assaulter_99

    Settle This

    Yes, judging by how quickly afterwards my computer stopped shutting down altogether. Left me without answer as to why. Couple of other problems afterwards! On the bright side though, it still runs fine. I've gave up on trying to find the problem as to why I must reseat all RAM sticks before...
  12. assaulter_99

    TV as a 2nd Monitor

    Win 7 rig, no brainer. As much as I loved XP, having experienced 7 for the last couple of years I can honestly say I can't and won't ever go back. Plus XP is now an eye-sore! Plus that pc has a much better potential. Any cheap gpu would do, since you are only going to use it to play movies and...
  13. assaulter_99

    PC keeps restarting

    I would strip it all naked, then re-try with minimal hardware, plugging stuff one at a time till you find the culprit. The fact that it is at post logically rules out software. Painful and slow method, but imho the best way to get down to these problems. Another thing, if you suspect your HDD...
  14. assaulter_99

    Introducing the Leap, a potential successor to the mouse

    Judging by the video, the guy mainly only uses his left hand... My right arm is already bigger from having done something in my teen-age years so maybe its a good way to re-adjust my left arm's size. Nice gadget btw.
  15. assaulter_99

    The Filthy, Rotten, Nasty, Helpdesk-Nightmare picture clubhouse

    You don't necessarily have to put them outside. I just put them inside the casing, just make sure you secure the borders well or they might get tangled in the fan.
  16. assaulter_99

    The Filthy, Rotten, Nasty, Helpdesk-Nightmare picture clubhouse

    I too use the ladies stuff to block dust from going in. The only downside is that the sellers look at you in a strange way when you go purchase em...
  17. assaulter_99

    Infinity Ward Lawsuit Going to Trial with EA and CoD Creators

    Good lord. Dirty indeed. Reminds me (even though it isn't exactly the same case) of Bohemia Interactive. They made the original Operation Flashpoint, but then lost all rights to the name which Codemasters owned. They had to name their IP Arma and Codemasters cranked out Operation Flashpoint -...
  18. assaulter_99

    ProView Going For The Kill: Seeks Export Ban on Apple iPad Till Row Resolved

    Well well, hows the taste of your own medicine Apple? Suing countless companies by patent trolling, now you get the banstick!
  19. assaulter_99

    Computer Keeps Freezing

    Can you easily replicate the problem? After couple of minutes, after coming out of standby etc? If not, well most likely culprit is RAM in most of the cases. Try using only one at a time, try to isolate the problem. That is, if you aren't keen on doing a memtest run.
  20. assaulter_99

    Message From Kreij

    Hell yeah! Seems its only on TPU that we have happy endings! Get well soon!
  21. assaulter_99

    Message From Kreij

    Jeez man. All the posters above me have already said what was to be said, so I'll just wish you a speedy recovery. Keep fighting, be positive in those difficult times. Good luck.
  22. assaulter_99

    Old Uncle Kreij's 2011 Gamers' Christmas Contest

    Yeah, prize is no longer up for grabs alas! We already have a winner. Ah, misread your question then!
  23. assaulter_99


    I would go for the Palit one. Not that the Evga one ain't good, but the Palit one seems cheaper (dunna if they include shipping in there, since the Evga one is already included) and the fan seems better than the stock one. These stock fans seem to make some noise (obviously since they are like...
  24. assaulter_99

    Need an opinion

    So you are gunning for headsets then? Imho they tend to break easier than headphones, maybe its because of the mic and more parts count than a headphone. One thing you must be sure of first is whether you really need 5.1. I realize that you might want them for gaming or watching movies, but...