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  1. MadClown

    The Time has come

    Hello tpu forum, its been a while since I've been here, but it also has been a while since I built a new pc. When I bought my Deneb back in January of 09 I also purchased a kick ass Xigmatek S1284 HDT cooler, which at the time was highly recommended by many people here. Unfortunately for me...
  2. MadClown

    Would it be worth it

    To get a better video card for my measly 1440x900 monitor. The intelligent part of me says hell no, but the philosophical part of says "Get it, you will get a better monitor(s) soon enough.", and then the common sense portion of me says, "how the hell are you gonna fit a bigger monitor(s) on...
  3. MadClown

    Rebuilding an old gateway

    A buddy of mine recently gave me an old gateway that apparently was broken. Turns out the only things broken in it where the psu and harddrive. Everything else is fine(haven't tested the sound card but i assume that it works, it looks like it was never used). I got a nice 350 watt antec psu...
  4. MadClown

    Dying monitor?

    Ive had my LCD Samsung SyncMaster 906BW since February 2008 and Ive been very happy with its image quality and responsiveness. Unfortunately, this past week Ive noticed something with it. When I'd turn it on the power light will go on for a couple seconds, make a assorted static-like noises...
  5. MadClown

    1TB HDD failed logically

    One of my 1TB WDC Blacks has recently decided to turn itself into a raw partition, proly got bored of storing all my games:laugh:. What would you guys recommend as far as getting my files back, this happened before on the same drive, I 4got how I fixed it though. Any software or windows...
  6. MadClown

    TF2 stuttering mouse aim

    When I play Team Fortress 2 online I get stuttering when I look around with the mouse, I would say its microstuttering, by my framerate is fine. In a lan server by myself it doesn't happen, only online. I tried TF2 on xp with the same system config and game settings and its fine, only Windows...
  7. MadClown

    Dual boot

    Here's the story, I installed Windows 7 a while back, and I love it and all, but just the other day I had the urge to dual boot both 7 and xp. So I made a separate partition on one of my drives and installed it, no problems here. Only problem is that when I restart my computer it doesn't give...
  8. MadClown

    Windows 98......

    Im about to ditch Windows 98SE, after I tried to reformat, but all it did was remove the ability to use a usb storage device, so screw it. My question is, Should I go to Windows 2000? My Pentium 2 exceeds the requirements, so I personally dont see why not, just want a second opinion.
  9. MadClown

    Low Profile machine

    A friend of mine asked me to build a pc for him to be used for work. I just have to ask a few questions: 1.) Would micro ATX be sufficient seeing as there will be no gaming being done on the pc? 2.) 32-bit or 64-bit? 3.) Try and use onboard video if available, or get a low profile video...
  10. MadClown

    Video Editing Software

    Ever since I went to Windows 7 I've had issues with finding good video editing software. Most of the time Windows movie maker is sufficient, but the W7 version exports bad audio quality and crashes all the time. Then theres Vegas, I hate it, don't recommend it to me. Then I saw CyberLink...
  11. MadClown

    Should I?

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16889187115 Looks good to me, any objections? Gonna use it for movies, ps3 and my pc, keeping my 360 on my monitor unless i have buddies over.
  12. MadClown

    Trying to dual Boot Win & and OS X Leopard

    I recently had the sudden impulse to install Mac OS X on to my system to use mac programs and just to say I can for that matter. I got a perfectly burnt DVD of Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.1 that works with AMD processors. I am able to boot the disc, but when it asks me which harddrive to install on...
  13. MadClown

    Anyone get Serious Sam FE HD?

    Just picked it up off steam for $20, the game is fun as hell and some of the outdoor environments look amazing, anyone else enjoying this game? I recommend it.:toast:
  14. MadClown

    HD 4890 on sale

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0020ZFL0C/?tag=tec06d-20 only $10k well they fixed it, in case u were curious I love how "The Price Pros" have a more expensive price.
  15. MadClown

    Speaker Channels keep getting messed up

    Randomly, when playing a game, watching a movie, listening to music, anything audio related my channels just swap out, out of nowhere. Ex. The center channel becomes the rear left and the right channel becomes the sub, ect... Seeing as this might be a driver issue, because if i just go into...
  16. MadClown

    Just wondering

    I'll explain what I want to do with a story of what i actually want to do. When ever I get Windows 7 I want to buy 2 500GB or so hard drives and set them to mirror and use that as my OS and important stuff drive. At the same time I want to buy another 1TB drive and set it up to strip with my...
  17. MadClown

    esata not working

    I just got my 2TB WD drive along with an enclosure for it, set it all up, plug in the sata cable, boyah, doesnt work. I havent tried USB cause I wont settle for those piss poor speeds. I went into the bios and there was no option for esata, then i went into the promise fasttrack bios dohickey...
  18. MadClown

    Stubbs the Zombie Randomly Crashing

    I recently purchased this game off of steam, and not only does it stutter a bit, and run like shit to say the least, but it randomly crashes, making it an unplayable $10 p.o.s. Is there a fix out there for this problem? I checked the steam forums but there was nothing there about my problem...
  19. MadClown

    Recommend me a good external harddrive

    I just realized that since I got a larger than average amount of harddrive storage in my pc, I got alot of crap on it, crap that would take weeks to redownload on my crappy(but reliable) DSL, such as steam games, music, videos, pictures, flash content, unnecessarily large game patches and addon...
  20. MadClown

    Very stupid question that google cant answer

    Does the HD 4870 have video in for DVI and HDMI? If it did I would jizz in my pants.
  21. MadClown

    Just got a PS3

    Killzone 2 is freaking amazing, if only the aiming wasn't messed up. Im ordering a bunch of ps3 stuff off of newegg atm. Im so glad I got this thing for $250, the friend I bought if off even replaced the heatsinks and cleaned up the inside, =D. btw: my PSN is: iMadClown edit: I just bought...
  22. MadClown

    Pentium 2 ressurection

    Well, I've been felling alot more nostalgic recently and i need to fix that. I recently purchased 2 older games, Wargames and Monster Truck Madness 2, both of which i owned before but lost in a move. And i vividly remember my old pentium 2 raping these games, so im gonna rebuild it. I'll get...
  23. MadClown

    12 years

    Its been 12 years today, since Duke Nukem Forever was announced. Its coming, I can taste the bubble gum.
  24. MadClown

    Recommend me a good case

    Can someone recommend me a good quality case that isnt more than a foot wide or 21.5 inches tall, i just need a wider case for my 120mm xigmatek that i bought way back in january with intentions to do a little overclocking for once, my current 7.1'' wide case is to skinny, by about half a inch...
  25. MadClown

    Project Snowblind

    I have this game for the xbox, and i loved it, mostly the multiplayer, but unfortunately it isnt backwards compatible on 360, nor will it ever will be, doesnt bother me, no1 was ever on other than some kfc dude. Anyways seeing as its only 10 bucks on steam I wanna play it again, but I tried the...