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  1. MadClown

    OFFICIAL Call of Duty Black Ops III (Discussion)

    I had to disable Volumetric...whateverthefuck, and diffuse maps, runs like a champ for me. Pretty fun game so far, the extra mobility that has been introduced to the series the past couple of games has worked wonders for me. However, I can't recommend buying it right now, as there are some big...
  2. MadClown

    who should acquire amd??

    Nobody is going to buy AMD, they still have a few years to settle their debts last I checked. Their cards are selling fine, and with how little Intel has improved their cpu lines over the past 4 years or so I don't think its that far-fetched to think that Zen will match or dare I say, surpass...
  3. MadClown

    Favorite Strategy games?

    Rushing Quad Cannons and C&C Generals will always have a special place in my heart.
  4. MadClown


  5. MadClown

    3Mbps Comcast internet enough?

    I, unfortunately, have a 3mb/s down connection, it's fine for gaming and streaming video. But once some asshole decides to start downloading something its gg, you lose, and that's not even factoring in whether or not they are uploading anything, when that happens, might as well go watch tv or...
  6. MadClown

    QuakeCon 2012 Panel Videos And Full Guide

    And that couldn't have been worked out before the game was released? Regardless, what ever happened to "working with what you got"? If they're gonna be crybabies about it then they should disband as a development studio. I know everything that happened, i was reading and waiting on when...
  7. MadClown

    QuakeCon 2012 Panel Videos And Full Guide

    I lost some respect for id after how Rage turned out. Now that I no longer have all those bizarre texturing issues and shitty framerate, I can finally "enjoy" the game, but I must say, while the game is fairly fun and textures and animations look fantastic, I've been disappointed with the lack...
  8. MadClown

    Gothic 3 + Community Patch 1.75 + Community Mod Patch 2.4 Review

    This topic made me want to try out this game, always had somewhat of an interest in it, unfortunately it came out around the time of Oblivion(another technically flawed game) and I overlooked it. I think they still have it the Best Buy out here, might have to go and check it out this weekend.
  9. MadClown

    Any way to disable voice chat in NFS The Run?

    mute your speakers
  10. MadClown

    The Time has come

    red trim, sorta looks like something out of a mid 90s sci-fi game
  11. MadClown

    The Time has come

    :laugh: You can stop looking, you dont wanna end up with a bunch of cases yourself, lol, I figured id go with the white Phantom, I just really like the style of it, its a change of pace from the gunmetal p182 and the black BMW-ish looking case downstairs. Thank you to everyone who gave me...
  12. MadClown

    The Time has come

    I figured i'd go with the full tower because i have the space, and the mid tower i have right now used to cost more than any of the relevant full towers mentioned thus far($180+). I wanna go with a full tower just in case(no pun intended), because as it stands, i had to remove one of my hdd...
  13. MadClown

    The Time has come

    Im torn between that one and the one with orange trim
  14. MadClown

    First screen shots of NFS Most Wanted 2012

    Agreed, I loathed the 2010 release of Hot Pursuit.
  15. MadClown

    The Time has come

    The NZXT Phantom looks like a damn UFO, which is badass, definitely considering it.
  16. MadClown

    The Time has come

    I'm digging the Corsair 800D, certainly looks like a worthy case. I never would have thought I would have more trouble finding a case than a worthy motherboard >.>
  17. MadClown

    The Time has come

    Hello tpu forum, its been a while since I've been here, but it also has been a while since I built a new pc. When I bought my Deneb back in January of 09 I also purchased a kick ass Xigmatek S1284 HDT cooler, which at the time was highly recommended by many people here. Unfortunately for me...
  18. MadClown

    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    Well, I wish my Battlefield 3 was more than a webpage with the amazing ability to load up what appears to be a game that lacks any sort of main menu and black locks my pc upon exit. Its safe to say I wont touch this Rage/Brink/Stranger's Wrath 2.0 for a few months.
  19. MadClown

    Review Consensus: AMD FX Processor 8150 Underwhelming

    well guess im not building a new pc just yet
  20. MadClown

    The RAGE Megathread

    I really wish this game was playable for me.
  21. MadClown

    Windows 7 Slowly But Surely Nudges out Windows XP From the Top Spot

    Vista stopped being bad a while before 7 came out, 7 just overshadowed it by simply doing it right the first time. as such some companies may adopt vista if its cheaper
  22. MadClown

    Cover systems

    Cover System: "YOU CANT KILL ME CUZ I IZ BEHIND WALL LULZ!!1" basically it
  23. MadClown

    Anyone playing League of Legends?

    No Lifer here: 4000Tacos, i do have 3 additional smurfs on US and 2 on EU
  24. MadClown

    Tech in schools proving useless

    I was told to never use my brain and only use my calculator, eventually i went from perfect math grades to mediocre grades. Since then I made it my mission to avoid educational establishments and try to learn everything by myself. That being said, google, and the internet as a whole has...
  25. MadClown

    $1500+ wasted...

    Man, Id throw away all my electronics and begin a quiet life of a monk if that happened to me.