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  1. a111087

    [WTB][US] Lga 1150 motherboard

    no longer in need, thanks
  2. a111087

    3.1 usb ports not working?

    I just received the board and everything seems to work, except the 3.1 USB ports. Asus z97 USB board. 3.1 is enabled in bios and usb boot initialization is set to be full (so that all usb devices work during boot) 3.1 controller is enabled in bios (charging disabled) I didn't actually...
  3. a111087

    [WTB][US] i7 4770k / 4790k

    wanting to buy, prefer 4790k, let me know, thanks. US only. my heat: https://www.heatware.com/u/61669/to
  4. a111087

    NOD32 causes BSOD in web browsers

    I had this problem for a while, but couldn't figure it out... So, wanted to post this in case someone has troubles in the future. I had lots of BSOD's while using ANY web browser, mostly on pages with videos and lots of other content. Checked RAM and did a complete reinstall of OS... Thought...
  5. a111087

    [update/resolved] Newegg refuses to show my negative review

    This is an update to the thread that was closed... :shadedshu: It took newegg a while to reply to me, but they did and once they did, every next reply after that was fast. They were very nice and very helpful. They explained why the review wasn't posted. Apparently, I made a mistake of...
  6. a111087

    [FS][US] EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B2 750W PSU

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817438028 Brand new. Still sealed, just UPC code cut out. Newegg: $100 - 10% + $6 s&h + tax - $10 rebate TechPowerUp: $80 + free shipping My heat: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=61669
  7. a111087

    [FS][US] NEW EVGA Z87 Classified Motherboard LGA1150 152-HW-E878-KR

    Newegg: $250 free shipping My price: $199 free shipping or best offer Brand new. Still sealed, just UPC code cut out from the box. My heat: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=61669
  8. a111087

    Newegg refuses to show my negative review for Corsair product

    anyone here had a similar problem? i submitted a review, waited 2-3 days, but it still wasn't showing up.... i submitted it again, with the same results. meanwhile... my positive reviews show up pretty quickly.
  9. a111087

    [WTB][US] GTX460 or similar card

    PM with a price. Thanks! will pay with paypal. my heat: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=61669
  10. a111087

    having trouble setting up wifi router

    my parents moved and got a new ISP, who gave them cable modem with no built in wifi. so, i sent them a know working wifi router. When i was testing the router, i had zero problems. No setup was needed. Just automatic IP's selected and it was working just fine. In a case with my parents...
  11. a111087

    [WTB][US] Thermalright VX BTK II

    i want it. PM me.
  12. a111087

    Case with removable component tray

    I dread of time when i need to open my computer case and change something... Every case on the market today is just a box. It opens and closes the same way and doesn't really make access to every component very easy. I like the older fold out case designs, where i can just open it right on...
  13. a111087

    [WTB][US] Oculus Rift DK1

    looking to buy one. pm me with a price.
  14. a111087

    Poll: Front facing motherboard ports?

    Pro: instant access to all mobo ports and PSU ports are hidden behind the door the back of the case looks clean Con: most cables still have to run through the back of the case requiring longer cables and more cable management inside the case. possible cable nightmare Question: Does anyone...
  15. a111087

    Poll: How much would you spend on a case?

    I am interested in how much you guys would spend on a quality tower. Something like thick brushed aluminum walls (+1.5mm), no cheap plastic, professional minimalistic look, and lots of thick foam to kill the noise.
  16. a111087

    [WTB][US] WD VelociRaptor 1TB WD1000DHTZ

    Looking for new or slightly used drive. I live in Indiana (46112). Send me a message with a price. Thank you!
  17. a111087

    anyone remembers this game?

    Trying to recall the name of the game that came out around the year 2001 (or around that date). It is a 3D strategy game, but you can view only from a side. It was about a bunch of gnomes who start digging tunnels and then they start to collect stuff and build new things. Kind of like...
  18. a111087

    [WTB][US] 2GB DDR3 laptop memory

    looking for ONE stick of 2GB ddr3 laptop memory.
  19. a111087

    [WTB][US] 32gb-64gb ssd

    looking for 2.5" sata ssd. 32GB-64GB
  20. a111087

    [WTB][US] Gtx 580

    Looking for a fully working Nvidia GTX580 card. PM me with picture and a price. Payment will be made via PayPal only. (I will pay the fee)
  21. a111087

    Never buy Belkin stuff...

    My TP-Link wi-fi router crapped out after about 4 years of work. So, I went to the store and purchased Belkin N150 router. It worked for a month, then broke. I went and got a replacement. A replacement router was broken out of the box. I went and got a third replacement. It was...
  22. a111087

    Where did voodoo omen have a power button?

    This is something that I found to be an interesting design question. Where is the button, if there is one? OR Where would you put it? (making it accessible, yet preserving the look)
  23. a111087

    Recommend internal card reader with usb ports

    I need a VERY good internal card reader with more than one USB ports. USB 3.0 and eSATA are greatly preferred. Something like this: ^ have not been able to find any reviews for this model. doesn't even seem to be on US market. The reason I ask for recommendations is because after looking...
  24. a111087

    Help me to identify a component/resistor

    I have a really expensive card that arrived damaged to me. It has a resistor broken off on the back. (I think that is what it is, not a electronics expert) I need to know the model number for this resistor because, I think I can solder it back on. I don't have a lot of experience soldering...
  25. a111087

    What is the default temperature at which 6990 will shut down?

    I have this guy telling me his 6990 runs at 110C degrees (after 3 minutes) when fan is working at 100%. I'm thinking that's not possible. It would shut down PC or his video signal would die. But I need to know from someone with experience. I never run these cards so hot. Edit: the guy is on...