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  1. assaulter_99

    "El Cheapo" upgrade!

    Hi folks! Been out of the loop for some time and now I need some decent advice! For my current rig, see my specs! While my rig has been a good servant for the last 6 or 7 years (or more), its time to thrash it since I have a couple of issues : 1. Won't shut down whatever I do but...
  2. assaulter_99

    Thumbnails have dissapeared in windows 7

    Hi all, The topic says it all, I've run onto a major issue with Windows 7. I no Longer see thumbnails, whether its pictures or videos. Last thing I did was running CCleaner, I think its the culprit here. It was fine prior to using that. Things I've tried to do/check : Thumbnails are on...
  3. assaulter_99

    IE users have low IQ

    Well, can't really comment on that! Funny study though, have a look. This piece of news might hurt some of you though, that wasn't my intention. Internet Explorer users have lower IQ says study
  4. assaulter_99

    Dirk Meyer resigns/sacked from AMD

    Wow. Shocking news tbh. I wonder if this bodes well for Bulldozer. Source : www.anandtech.com Ooops didn't see this in the news! Let this thread rot then. Wonder why the search button failed me this time! :(
  5. assaulter_99

    SSF4 : Another one bites the dust!

    So another pc game cancelled cause of piracy. I wonder if we've seen the last of it, aren't you tired of hearing such lame excuses? The game in question is Super Street Fighter 4 in case you are wondering. Even though people might say, "meh its a game for the consolites" a lot of folks...
  6. assaulter_99

    Fifa 11 pc demo is out!

    Well, after shafting us pc users for a couple of years now (making me a fanboy of pes) ea are bringing us Fifa 11 with a new engine. Supposedly, its the same as the consoles. Here is the linky for the demo : http://fifa.easports.com/news.action?id=news-demo-release Strangely, this coincides...
  7. assaulter_99

    Medal of honor protests, people asking for a boycott

    Title says it all really, there are some people out there that are against the new game, stating that it ain't right. I know there is a thread about the game, but I thought I'd start a thread not about the game but more about the ideology of making games about ongoing and past wars. Do you think...
  8. assaulter_99

    Gaming mice : advice

    Hey guys, I know this topic has been abused but I really need a new mouse, ftm I am using an a4 tech x6 mouse, yeah its getting old and the buttons are a pain to press, especially the middle mouse, I have to use it extensively @ work. I have done a bit of homework and have a shortlist : 1...
  9. assaulter_99

    Modern Warfare 2 : Yeah play it for free!

    Here's some interesting news : Trying to lure those who haven't got it yet? Maybe its a good opportunity to have a go at it, since its for free (you get to dlod it from steam and play it over the week end)...
  10. assaulter_99

    Powering off issue

    Hello guys, I've ran into a problem I've never encountered in my whole life, so here it is, my pc won't power off. So here's what I've done: 1. thought it might be a psu issue, swapped it, still the same 2. swapped gpu's, same issue. 3. No virus, had a fresh copy of xp, same issue...
  11. assaulter_99

    Farcry problems

    I decided to have another go at it after all these years. So after installing it, I went into the game, tried to change resolutions and guess what, whenever I put everything on max, the game just goes mad, everything goes white. I can still move, the games doesnt crash, I can still move but see...
  12. assaulter_99

    Rust on gpu, ways to stop it?

    Well I've got a spare 8600gt, I know it ain't a fps slayer but I want to keep it (some bit of nostalgia here, it was a gift) So here is the problem, I found, while cleaning it up, a bit of rust (see the pic) I tested it and it worked alright, but I might want to stop the rust from eating the...
  13. assaulter_99

    New system, thoughts?

    My actual specs are : Gigabyte p35ds3l, c2d E6750, 4 gigs of ram, 9800gt and a 550w psu. Ain't a champ I know but it's a 3y old system. I'm planning on a new rig which must be cheap and withstand the test of time (I like em builds to last) :laugh: But the problem is that i am pretty cash...
  14. assaulter_99

    5770 crossfire, worth it?

    I'm thinking of getting myself a new gpu around christmas, but funds are a bit low, so right now the only cards fitting my budget are the 5770. I'll get one now and maybe later get another one to crossfire (when it runs out of juice) so lets get to the point, is it worth it? Right now I have a...