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  1. a111087

    HP Announces Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition

    index was never supreme, if you ask me. as someone who has had rift dev kit, rift 1, vive, wmr, and reverb1... i would say, for me at least, high-res screen was always the most important aspect and reverb has it! index just doesn't bring much to the table, especially considering the insane...
  2. a111087

    HP Announces the Reverb G2 VR Headset Co-designed by Valve and Microsoft

    same rez as the old reverb...
  3. a111087

    Samsung Scores PC CPU Manufacturing Order from Intel

    debunked.... https://wccftech.com/intel-has-tapped-samsung-foundries-to-manufacture-cpus/
  4. a111087

    Intel Core i9-10980XE "Cascade Lake-X" Benchmarked

    LOL, intel has seen better days... the only saving grace is gaming and i9-9900k
  5. a111087

    HTC's Next VR Product, the Vive Cosmos, to be Available for $699

    likewise, 2,160 x 2,160 pixels per eye vs 2880 x 1700p total for both eyes. and $650 vs $699
  6. a111087

    HTC's Next VR Product, the Vive Cosmos, to be Available for $699

    get a much higher resolution at a lower price by buying HP Reverb headset.
  7. a111087

    [WTB][US] Lga 1150 motherboard

    no longer in need, thanks
  8. a111087

    EIZO Announces the ColorEdge CG319X Monitor: 31.1", DCI-4K, HDR, 10-bit

    350 cd/m2 they have a similar but more professional screen with 1000 cd/m, but it costs $6000
  9. a111087

    Pricecheck on my old pc.

    lol... $50 on craigslist?
  10. a111087

    "Will" i need 16GB of ram in 5-7yrs (upgrading system)

    playing escape from tarkov ... requires over 8gb, otherwise fps drops to zero, at times.
  11. a111087

    Giveaway! $50 (x2) for the Steam Summer Sale 2017 (Congrats to the winners)!!!

    I'm in! Playing games, as always, and working whenever back and muscle pain stops.
  12. a111087

    What's wrong with this monitor?

    white color uses more power, so i would guess that something isn't right with monitors power supply i would take it apart and check for visible damage to the components.
  13. a111087

    3.1 usb ports not working?

    sooooo..... these ports work in windows, but not outside of it. so, i guess thats a thing. thanks to everyone for your input
  14. a111087

    3.1 usb ports not working?

    "The USB 3.1 standard is backward compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0." from wikipedia
  15. a111087

    3.1 usb ports not working?

    installing OS, will see if it works there. kinda sad that it doesn't work outside of OS
  16. a111087

    3.1 usb ports not working?

    thats the one
  17. a111087

    3.1 usb ports not working?

    I just received the board and everything seems to work, except the 3.1 USB ports. Asus z97 USB board. 3.1 is enabled in bios and usb boot initialization is set to be full (so that all usb devices work during boot) 3.1 controller is enabled in bios (charging disabled) I didn't actually...
  18. a111087

    60-75Hz ~5ms Freesync or 144Hz/1ms no sync?

    strongly recommend 144hz screen that isn't a TN pannel.
  19. a111087

    [WTB][US] i7 4770k / 4790k

    wanting to buy, prefer 4790k, let me know, thanks. US only. my heat: https://www.heatware.com/u/61669/to
  20. a111087

    Is it the people here or just how people are?

    i hate people here too. a lot of the time they have no clue what they are talking about...
  21. a111087

    NOD32 causes BSOD in web browsers

    they call it "ESET NOD32 antivirus", not just ESET. And it was fully updated.
  22. a111087

    NOD32 causes BSOD in web browsers

    I had this problem for a while, but couldn't figure it out... So, wanted to post this in case someone has troubles in the future. I had lots of BSOD's while using ANY web browser, mostly on pages with videos and lots of other content. Checked RAM and did a complete reinstall of OS... Thought...
  23. a111087

    Cooler Master Announces the Winners of Case Mod World Series 2016

    So... after seeing so many case mods, I have to say that while a lot of of people have good crafting skills, they lack any refined taste. (just like the people commenting above me) I understand that PC's for many are just "toys", but they don't have to look like cheap toys from Walmart.
  24. a111087

    CRYORIG Teases Two New Cases Bound for Computex 2016

    "lifestyle PC chassis"??? so, apparently, that "bigger bin" is supposed to reflect someones life. must be pretty shitty life...
  25. a111087

    1440 144hz or 4k 60hz?

    what he said. i got 144hz screen and absolutely love it.