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    PS2 Emulator -possible - how about it

    first of all i change this terrible writing as u said . in this post i tried to say ; possiblity of emulation of PS2 on a normal pc in these days is easily workable. but due to copyright law which didn't let us have ps2's bios (if we want one , must buy console) then we didn't see any...
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    old but still cool though ~!

    it's cool , nah ?
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    compress ntfs partition recovery guide

    ok here it is ; as title say i LOST MY super huge database on a compressed ntfs partition partition is there with no size no allow to entery no LET for any recovery !!!!! what can i do?? please HeLp & share ur thoughts :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    MiNi RiG

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    378 + 22 = 450 [~.~]

    i had some doubts about my psu ,el-weirdo thing was ; on the net i just found a 450w ver , after that i ask here for measurin wattage of psu & wizaard answerd there no simple way for measurin psu's power's sum . btw till a little bit ago i found very nice trick ! i dunno maybe i'm wrong but...
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    changin capacitors of MB - askin

    2 capacitors of my mb inflated!, they are 1000uF6v 's - (about a month ago this happen to alot of my capacitors of mb , i go for service guaranty & they change alot of em but they didn't change this two & yesterday they puff-ed bigger ) now - i wanty do this , i have a "out of order" psu...
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    Did Anyone know how can set THE refresh rate in this game i even try game ini script. but no success at all. :mad: btw- NOW i understand , why HL2 is HL2. :rolleyes:
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    PPU - Physics Processing Unit

    AGEIA PhysX - PPU Some Great new THing ! Coming - Yep, you read that right. Be prepared in the years to come to add another $200+ part to your system for optimal gaming experience. specs 125 million transistors 182 mm^2 die size :eek: 130 nm process technology from TSMC 20...
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    cpu temp confuser !

    ----------------------------idle-load sisoft sandra show me about 28c-33c (i have no idea from where she reads) mb temp monitoring prog show 45c-55c (reads thermal diod temp through I/O sensor) case tmp sensor show 40c-53c ( reads cpu sink temp which i stick it by myself to heat sink...
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    psu measure

    how can i do this ? bought acbel 400w light psu but on net i just see there is a 450w, intelligent power(model name) acbel ! k , maybe this is 450w but how can i assure myself & how About Amper :mad: (i also have a multi meter ! :o )
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    First kiss

    simple ! do u remember what was ur First SYStem & whta WAS Frist CPU , You Bought !~! woaaahaaa :o it makes me, close to CRY situation . old times old games old fashion & ALL old things :mad: mine was pentium 166 w/o mmx + XXX!kb 8bit vga +16 mb EDO ram + opti931 snd + 1.6g...