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    2900XT coolers

    i bought mine close to 600$ (1gb gddr4) ;) , & a zerotherm looks a good cooler . thogh at this time u have been bought earlier. :D
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    intel and amd oc'ing

    wow , i see some new entry to history & tech here ,
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    Best MB for Phenom with AMD Chipset ?

    me too, 790fx nb - but the main point is all about SB , sb700 or sb750 , nowadays there are lots of mbs with sb600. pls post your oc & ur opinion after purchase.
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    Epox is dead....

    maybe it's disabled due to jumper or bios .
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    Veteran Gamers....needing RPG related games!!

    oh , ok i understand now , well it named ; Fall out : a post nuclear game & about that boy part ask the author of the thread, i duunnooo. btw there is Not Yet a ver 3 though . just a tactical rts isometric new form !!, called fallout : Brotherhood of steel . & sorry this isn't a thread...
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    Veteran Gamers....needing RPG related games!!

    :confused: :confused: Why at least first ver was superb ! since 98 or 97 i paly ing that game ever since TWO times a year !
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    Veteran Gamers....needing RPG related games!!

    go for FF VII "4cd" any ff on console Are totaly FAKE . after u playing ver 7 also play chrono trigger (Snes) old but one of the best ever made then go for breath of fire (pc) after that go for grandia (pc) . these are (real) nihon style RPGs for isometric just play fallout 1 ! don't even...
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    need a new game

    i have one word for you just one word !!! Call Of Cthulhu !!!!
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    What games do you play?????

    finished yesterday chrono cross (on SNintendo) , & gonna to start FF 1 & 2 .(on ps1)
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    BenQ Unveils Ideal Display for Gamers

    more than a grand :(, The fp241vw is somehow the fp241w (z) which literay looks just a new spk plus bezel added. this one is sweet tooo but as all we knew it is the price war. i hope see this lower than half a grand or just aliite higher ;( ...
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    nVIDIA GeForce 7950GX2 or Radeon X1950 XTX

    i played ff viii on tnt & it was great btw both are good
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    Overclocking Nvidia FX 5200 128 mb 128 bit

    clamp texture with-in the driver !
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    can x850xt pe match intel e6300?

    "opportunity cost"
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    can x850xt pe match intel e6300?

    ok then i prefer a 6800 ultra or gt !
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    can x850xt pe match intel e6300?

    main matter is; what the "balance" means for you . in my point of view a yep for you question ! although u have alot better choices .hence i call it "opportunity cost" .
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    Scythe Kama Connect

    tnx for link
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    What's your history with GPUs? Which one have you owned?

    hereicome;) ---- Trident 3DImage 9750 PCI/AGP (4mb) Cyber9386 Video Accelerator (!?) ProVIDIA 9685 (2mb to 4 mb) TGUI9680 GUI Accelerator (2mb to 4mb) TGUI9440 DGi GUI Accelerator (512kb) TGUI9682 Multimedia Accelerator (2mb) ---- SiS(IGP) SiS300/SiS305 GUI Accelerator+3D...
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    What's your history with GPUs? Which one have you owned?

    do you have any built-in memory chip or else , whatever....
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    Artifacts - bad sign or just annoying?

    both, do as b1lk1 said.(just lower clk, also flash it again though.)
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    come on dude 7.8 for a game which takes about two decades for its arrival. nevertheless no any fancy things about it.
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    my friend with a 9600 have some speed probs i'll let him know about your exp's...
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