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  1. K

    How do I add the MOVE command to W7 explorer?

    Anyone know....? I did a google but they don't seem to make sense.
  2. K

    Doom 3 HD pack+ RELEASED!!

    http://realsourceofevil.blogspot.se/ Epic to say the least....I tried another mod that was an aliasing mess among other issues, but this one is perfect about 2hrs in.
  3. K

    OFFICIAL Assetto Corsa (Discussion)

    http://www.assettocorsa.net/?lang=en http://www.virtualr.net/assetto-corsa-pagani-zonda-r-announced Zonda R anyone? I thought a thread for this already existed, but doesn't look like it. The developer Kunos made Netkar pro and Ferrari Virtual Academy, both PC racing sims, and is...
  4. K

    F1 2012 PC demo discussion[No GFWL]

    Under no circumstance would I have bought F1 or any title with either GFWL or Origin, so F1 2012 has a shot at a place in my steam library, but only if it drives well. Steam Demo should be out within a few hrs, so I'll report back.
  5. K

    Far Cry 2 "realism mod"....7mb....yes!

  6. K

    Some justice in the world, EU rules u can resell dled games.

  7. K

    I bet you won't see EA or Codemasters treat their customers like this{Game Stock Car}

    http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/how-does-this-sound.48487/ Game Stock Car is a PC only racing simulator, and look at the awesome offer the creators are proposing. Game Stock Car won 2011 Brazilian GOTY, and also RACEDEPARTMENT GOTY, beating F1 2011 and Iracing2.
  8. K

    Why would a USB cable extension fail?

    I had my Logitech 518 mouse connected to a 600mm USB extension cable, and it appears that the cable has failed, as just plugging the 518 into the USB port works as normal. I was constantly getting that USB connected sound you get when you plug a USB device in. Isn't it kind of strange for a...
  9. K

    rFactor2....PC racing sim.

    http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/ Beta is out, you get 5-6 tracks and 5-6 cars or whatever. Neither GFX or sounds are anything special as yet, and I've no idea of whether any improvements will be made, but the good news is that MP is busy, so if that's your "thang", this could be for you, but be...
  10. K

    RACEDEPARTMENT votes "Game Stock Car" racing GOTY

    http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/race-game-of-the-year-2011-voting.43832/ Game Stock car is leading with only a few hrs to go, so I "assume" it'll win. GSC is a PC only racing sim, which has one of the best sim cars I've ever driven, it's a 1988 F1 Mclaren clone{Senna's car}...
  11. K

    Anyone else having trouble with steam all of a sudden?

    Can't open steam, won't respond....
  12. K

    Far Cry3 on the way 2011?

    I get the feeling it's a q4 release, but could be wrong. FC2 had so much potential, it didn't need much to be one of the best games of 08 and maybe of all time{FPS}, but was a huge letdown with the feel and movement of the weapons plus a few other things. Certainly from a GFX and physx POV, it...
  13. K

    I just bought a E8400....I have a few questions.

    My brother is trying to find out whether I have a stepping model......but I can barely read the info on it, is there any other way to know? Also, I notice the underside of the stock heatsink has 3 strips of thermal paste......so do I just pop the CPU in, or do I need to do something with the...
  14. K

    Can I format back and forth with USB thumb drives?

    From Fat32 to NTFS and back again?
  15. K

    How to watch SD camcorder footage on plasma?

    I want to buy the new 42in panasonic 1024 x768 plasma, and was wondering if they have a DV input...?