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  1. MCJeeba

    Corsair Files For $100 Million Initial Public Offering

    2012 https://www.tweaktown.com/news/23807/corsair_sets_to_raise_78_million_with_an_ipo_wants_shares_at_13/index.html I think there was more talk in 2015. And then again last year: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-corsair-m-a/corsair-hires-banks-to-explore-sale-or-ipo-sources-idUSKCN1QA2FA
  2. MCJeeba

    Corsair Files For $100 Million Initial Public Offering

    This gets announced with Corsair like, every 3 years for the past decade and nothing happens.
  3. MCJeeba

    Seagate Giveaway: Seagate FireCuda 120 SSD 1TB

    I need the Seagate FireCuda 120 SSD 1TB because I still have one empty SATA port and the other 7 tease him endlessly.
  4. MCJeeba

    Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Again: Now coming November 19th; Previews Coming After June 25th

    Just so it can launch with the PS5. I've been looking forward to this for years, more than anything else, but I feel really sorry for people who already gave them $60 last year only to have the date pushed back again and again. Holding off on taking people's money would have been the decent...
  5. MCJeeba

    Halo: Reach PC Version Launches Today

    lol Reach is the first in the story. Therefor, yes, it makes sense to play Reach first if you've never played Halo.
  6. MCJeeba

    TSMC Completes 5 nm Design Infrastructure, Paving the Way for Silicon Advancement

    This is as hardcore as marketing gets.
  7. MCJeeba

    Intel Invites Gamers for a Graphics Odyssey Spanning Multiple Continents

    Hey, uh, guys... Guys? You see those watermarks? It's a name? Maybe the name of the person who did these renders just for fun a few months ago? Maybe, just maybe, that means they aren't actual representations of Intel's GPU? Maybe that's why the first image, a blurry silhouette, is of the...
  8. MCJeeba

    Cooler Master Case Lineup for CES 2019 Detailed

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. ..cases from Cooler Master... with airflow as a priority? No flat surface 20mm in front of the intake fans? Just open mesh allowing them to do their job and cool components? This could change everything we once knew about computers.
  9. MCJeeba

    Battlefield V Launches Early For Origin Access Premier Subscribers, Pre-orders Get Shafted

    Correct. That's how I played Madden 19 for a month. Now I'll resub for this, because while I play every Battlefield (since 42), I only wind up playing for about two months (except for 1942 and BC2, each of those I played hard for over a year each). So... Boom. $30, half the price.
  10. MCJeeba

    Ryan Shrout of PC Perspective Joins Intel as Chief Performance Strategist

    Agreed, as I'm not saying he's personally making that much money per month. Let's say the core team, original 3 (Luke, Edzel, Brandon) are making 10 grand a month, the others (editors, tinkerers, accountant Nick, Colton in sales) are making 5 grand a month. That's $125,000 a month. But let's...
  11. MCJeeba

    Ryan Shrout of PC Perspective Joins Intel as Chief Performance Strategist

    Not gonna happen, unless he gets much older and much more bored. LMG makes an incredible amount of money, especially compared to PCPer. Linus has over 20 employees(that he pays well), 2 ad deals per video, 65 million views per month. That's likely a minimum of $1.5m company revenue every month...
  12. MCJeeba

    SilentiumPC Announces Regnum RG4T(F) RGB Chassis

    Huge flaw in that front panel, being so open, it's going to let too much air in. It should be completely sealed off with tempered glass.
  13. MCJeeba

    Acer Announces 49", 55" Gaming Monitors - 4K, HDR, IPS

    There are a ton of 32" 4K monitors from name brands such as LG, Acer, Asus, Dell, etc. as well. There are a lot of options now.
  14. MCJeeba

    Noctua Reveals New Chromax CPU Coolers and Accessories

    Man, I'd love to see that shroud for the desk fan sold on its own, just to be able to add it behind your case's front intakes. I'd love to mess around with that.
  15. MCJeeba

    EK Releases New Vardar Fans with Vibrant RGB Lighting

    They also already sell the original Vardar in 140mm variant
  16. MCJeeba

    NZXT Introduces the New Kraken M Series of AIO CPU Coolers

    What's with the plate in the center of the radiator? never seen anything like that before.
  17. MCJeeba

    X2 Releases the New PENTA Gamer Case

    Guys... I was being overtly satirical. Come on.
  18. MCJeeba

    X2 Releases the New PENTA Gamer Case

    The biggest trend in the past 2 years has been sealing off the front panel with a flat surface, such as tempered glass. This is because internal hardware was getting too much airflow, and has thankfully been fixed with this new industry standard. Making a case with a mesh front, such as this...
  19. MCJeeba

    X2 Releases the New PENTA Gamer Case

    It's sad to see a company this out of touch with standards proven for the past two years. That mesh on the front is going to let too much air into the case. Maybe you could mod it with a piece of acrylic cut-to-fit to cover it up. Or even better, a local glass shop could be hired.
  20. MCJeeba

    Antec Adds the P110 Silent Case to Their Renowned Performance One Series

    Instead of machining all of those fan mounts, they should just remove them entirely. Boom, most silent case of all time.
  21. MCJeeba

    Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, the Return of an Icon

    I've never had a sensor fail/die, but in the past 7 years I think I've had the left-click go out on 3 different high-end gaming mice (between $80-$110 each).
  22. MCJeeba

    Raidmax Intros Cobra RGB Series AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

    I'm actually laughing because that is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.
  23. MCJeeba

    Digital Storm Showcases Its "Aventum 3" Update

    Finally a case where I can aim fans at the back of my motherboard tray!
  24. MCJeeba

    Roccat Announces the Sova Couch PC Gaming Device

    I'm pretty sure Roccat showed this as a prototype as early as Computex 2014, far ahead of Corsair showing their Lapdog.