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  1. Cold Storm

    In search of a Z77 mobo under $250

    As the title states. The V-pro I have likes to take care of hdd's and now took a ssd. Tired of playing around with drivers, os's and multi meters to see the root cause. So, mobo is going. Looking for anything that will do it's job and not be a person on "their time of the month".. No time...
  2. Cold Storm

    [FS][US] i7 2700k $185obo Shipped

    UP for sale is my i7 2700k chip. 5ghz is fine, but I ran this baby at 4.5ghz with low volts.. Never saw a reason to go over 4.5ghz on any chip.. Selling it for $185 obo shipped Heatware under - Cold Storm Payment: Paypal
  3. Cold Storm

    Search in your PM's

    I don't know how hard it will be... I all ways keep the important stuff... But, Is there a way to add a "search" function into our PM's? I can say, when you sell stuff, it's a PITA some times to find out who had it, ages ago.. Getting heat from the person and so forth... Just a question...
  4. Cold Storm

    Akasa N. Stor 2 SSD/HDD to Laptop Sata ODD bay

    As I do daily... Going to FrozenCPU I see something sweet. Akasa N.Stor 2 SSD/HDD to Laptop Sata ODD Bay Now, with a little work.. Can I say... Easy laptop Raid? Like most, I'm one that don't even use a DVD Drive or anything of that nature. I have a USB Blu-ray drive, but I just...
  5. Cold Storm

    [FS/FT][US] Cold's Cherry i7 870 ($175 SHIPPED) and more

    FS to in the US ONLY.. Heatware: Cold Storm Looking for: 7950 XFX Double D Chips (1156) Mice Motherboard (as is) __________________________________ Payment- Paypal (non cc)
  6. Cold Storm

    Z77 are at newegg!

    Cadaveca, where is your review man! Z77's are for sale at Newegg!
  7. Cold Storm

    [FS][US] Asus Transformer Prime W/dock and goodies $575

    Up is my Asus Transformer Prime With Dock, Moko Slim Portfilo, 16gb Micro SD with adapter, Micro HD cable. I have everything that came with the tablet. Warranty card and power usb cable/12v power conveter. I'm Asking SOLDfor the whole lot. Trades are nothing at this time unless a 680...
  8. Cold Storm

    Year of the Dragon--- Guild Wars 2 Confirmed for 2012

  9. Cold Storm

    Car GPS

    The Miss wants me to get her GPS for Christmas.. Now, I've been searching around.. But, want input from TPU'ers that have/had GPS's in the past/now. So, let me know what to look for, and get me a better grasp on the buy. There's a $200 limit. Am looking for Lifetime Map at lease. Since it...
  10. Cold Storm

    Sound Cards and Linux

    Hey guys. I'm new with the use of Linux but I have something to ask.. Is there anything that is needed, if the company only supplys windows base drivers, do I need if I have say a HT Omega Claro Halo card? Meaning: I'm wanting to use the ^ card in linux but don't know if it's going to...
  11. Cold Storm

    [FS][US] MSI H55 (1156) $75 - Razer Naga $50

    Time to get rid of some stuff laying around.. MSI H55M-ED55 Socket 1156 Was able to hit over 4ghz on both .3 540 and i7 870. Only trick.. Gotta remember how to clock the old fashion way.. Milivolts.. But, a little math and your golden. Comes with just Manual and CD. Comes $75...
  12. Cold Storm

    Piece of Gaming History.. In your Hands!

    Minecraft Pickaxe $19.95!!!!!!!
  13. Cold Storm

    Star Wars: The Old Republic reviled Release date.

    With the Eurogamers Expo going. Bioware has reviled their release date to their MMORPG SWTOR. The Release Dates going to be December 20th 2011 US & December 22th Euro
  14. Cold Storm

    Rii Touch N7 Personal Review

    Rii Touch N7 by Loftek Today, I come to you to talk about the updated version of the Rii Mini. Coming by Loftek, it’s the Rii Touch N7. “Loftek's name, true to its origins, is based on the creative mode of thought originally cultivated in our first setting, a converted loft space made into...
  15. Cold Storm

    Best of the year

    Lets talk about the best electronic/harware buys that you have got this year so far. Mine.... Viewsonic 24 led screen
  16. Cold Storm

    Looking for a new Printer

    Well, after a recipe cook, and start of another one, my Epson Workforce 500 died.. :cry: Served me good for 2 years. So, now looking for a new printer to buy come next pay Price: Under $200 Preference: All-in-One since I work from home when I'm off the clock. (has to have a fax)...
  17. Cold Storm

    .net framework 3.5 sp1 not installing

    I got an issue with my HP laptop. It's a HP touchsmart tm2t tablet pc. Whenever I install .net framework 3.5 sp1 on my laptop it never installs fully. I have a .net framework 3.5 sp1 indificiation program but it still says, no matter what, that it's not installed. I've went threw and...
  18. Cold Storm

    Prefix In the title of TPU's reviews

    Simple question.. In the reviews that TPU does.. Can we get at Prefix for it with something like: [TPU Review] I know it's not needed. But, for the one's that may not go onto the "homepage" may get more traffic to the review and "digg".. Just asking..
  19. Cold Storm

    [PROJECT] Raven02 -X-treme Water Mkmods Tribute

    Due to a tragic happening with a fellow Member of TPU. [RIP] Mkmods. Him and I talked a few times before he died on making the Silver Stone Raven02 into a monster of a water case. It has plenty of patential but, It looked like Silverstone just wanted to try and copy a case Instead of building...
  20. Cold Storm

    Case Idea (please vote)

    Now, that I have some time to do it finally. I need to get a poll going on what I have thought wise... 4 designs that will be basing the build.. Straight forward on how it is.. there will be "case feet" that make the case "not connect" the rad box.. Allowing myself to use the "rad...
  21. Cold Storm

    Danger Den Masoon White powder substance

    I ordered a Danger Den Masoon Bay res last week. I should be getting it soon, but I got a E-mail that I wanted to let others know, if they got one and saw this. Now, to me there is no problem for myself to clean it out. But, I just want to let others know of something that they might have...
  22. Cold Storm

    Silverstone FT03 Build Log

    The Silverstone FT03. The Fortress 3. One that has changed dramaticlly since the the two before it. I felt that since the case was still "so new" that I make a log for it. -Hardware- MSI H55-ED55 i3 540 Patriot Viper Xtreme 4gb ddr3 2000mhz MSI Cyclone GTS 450 xFx XXX-edition 650w Modular...
  23. Cold Storm

    [FS][US] Cold Storm's Things..

    I got a few things up for sale right now. Koolance PMP/450s with a 50ml tube, tube top, Koolance Res Coupler, & pack of Bitspower O-rings for MCP655 pump. *Just missing the o-rings for the coupler. $45 shipped Viper Xtreme 4gb kit. 2000mhz 9-11-9-27 *Used for just 4days to play around...
  24. Cold Storm

    General Manufacturer Support Thread

    After a mix up with a thread the other night. I felt it was a wise Idea to make a Support thread. This way no one can say that service sucks due to not taking the time to figure it all out. A A4tech ACER A-Data Alienware AMD/ATI AMI - American Megatrends Antec Apevia APC* Apple Arctic-Cooling...
  25. Cold Storm

    Amazon: WD 1.5tb Green drives 64mb cache $59.99

    The link says it all