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  1. SteveS45

    Jonsbo Intros the PC-701 Top-flow CPU Cooler

    These are 3D renders not the actual product.
  2. SteveS45

    Intel Readies Optane DIMM Roll-out for 2018

    I think the ultimate goal is to eliminate the need of RAM as a fast buffer/volatile storage. If we had non-volatile storage as fast as RAM everything could be executed directly from disk.
  3. SteveS45

    CRYORIG Releases NZXT CAM Powered H7 Quad Lumi RGB Cooler

    I think you should aim for a sub $100 top-end air cooler if you're on X99.
  4. SteveS45

    Thermalright Intros the Silver Arrow ITX-R CPU Cooler

    Seems like they dropped a couple stack of fins to get the height down from 165mm to 150mm. Pretty bold move to sacrifice performance for height. You also loose the top heatpipe caps. Width and Depth seem to be unchanged, it just comes down to wither or not your ITX case can take a 150mm height...
  5. SteveS45

    NVIDIA Works on Path-traced Audio, VR Works Audio

    Yes it's definitely open source. My main argument is that on a commercial level you rarely see competitors adopting each other's tech no matter how open it is. That's why you wouldn't see realtek support OpenAL or .... don't know who else still makes soundcards/chips.
  6. SteveS45

    NVIDIA Works on Path-traced Audio, VR Works Audio

    Open software standards by hardware companies = proprietary. Normally no other HW company would adopt it. It's like slapping your own face in terms of Marketing, admitting that you either don't have the tech or your own tech is inferior. So no matter how open an API is, no competitor would adopt...
  7. SteveS45

    Dune Case is the Mac Pro Lookalike That Everyone Can Have

    Nothing wrong with a round case. But thermals could be a nightmare unless done right.
  8. SteveS45

    SilentiumPC Announces the Fortis 3 HE1425 Malik Customs Edition

    I do agree on that, you could loose 5C or even more just due to bad production, HDT or not.
  9. SteveS45

    SilentiumPC Announces the Fortis 3 HE1425 Malik Customs Edition

    Just sharing the findings in our lab, take it with a grain of salt if you would like. These were tests we've done at least five years ago, so nope no proof or photos I can share here. And yes my team have produced identical heatsinks one with traditional copper plates and one's with HDT. For...
  10. SteveS45

    SilentiumPC Announces the Fortis 3 HE1425 Malik Customs Edition

    Direct Touch downfalls: Low heat transfer from the CPU Cores to the outer heatpipes. At best you loose around 2 degrees C of performance if you take off the copper base. At worst it's more than 5 degrees.
  11. SteveS45

    Thermalright Announces the Macho Direct CPU Cooler

    HDT is more of a cost down method more than anything. But as long as your get the performance you want for the price you think reasonable then there's not much to lose. Don't believe for a second that the CPU touching the heatpipes directly means better performance, that's just marketing...
  12. SteveS45

    Phononic solid-state CPU Cooler Gives Big Cooling Performance in a Small Package

    As monstrous as the V10 was, it's actually based on sound design, it's just that designs like that did not fit the PC or the market well. Prolimatech tried to do something similar with it's Genesis too, and it sold like crap too. The idea is that in dual tower heatsinks the heated air front the...
  13. SteveS45

    CRYORIG Announces New Line of CUSTOMOD Covers and CRYO-Paste

    Remember that TIM no matter how good, is never as good as physical contact between metal. An added layer adds extra resistance. TIM is meant to fill up the microscopic pores and holes on the metal surface on the CPU and the heatsink. Applying too much just causes heat issues. From my own...
  14. SteveS45

    Cryorig Announces the H5 Ultimate CPU Cooler

    I'm also a air heatsink guy, but to me each has it's own strength. Air cooling is fast and efficient (the speed of thermal conduction of heatpipes is insane, it's basically phase change based) AIO cooling has it's advantages of taking high heat loads and higher TDP capacity. But a high TDP...
  15. SteveS45

    DeepCool Announces GamerStorm Assassin II CPU Cooler

    Also, regarding AIO water cooling it does have it's advantages. The true advantage of water cooling is the high amount/volume of heat that it can carry away from the CPU with water in a tubing system. 6mm heatpipes in general each has a heat carrying capacity of between 20~40 watts of TDP...
  16. SteveS45

    DeepCool Announces GamerStorm Assassin II CPU Cooler

    That is not what others meant by "you cannot cool anything colder than ambient." By introducing ice water, the temperature of the ice is calculated into the heat exchange system. "Cooling colder than ambient" would mean that you can get one specific object colder than the overall temperature in...
  17. SteveS45

    DeepCool Announces GamerStorm Assassin II CPU Cooler

    Heatsink companies up the marketed TDP just as another number for people to compare and make you think 400>399watt so it is better. Cooling comes down to so many factors, and performance on different platforms (LGA2011 to 1150 to AMD) is so much different due to socket form factors, heat...
  18. SteveS45

    CRYORIG Soon to Release the H7 CPU Cooler for the Mainstream

    The Dark Rock 3 is a approx. 80USD heatsink, and it also uses 140mm sized fans. It would be quite embarrassing if a sub 40USD heatsink beat it. The H7's total height should be sub 150mm, so it's targeted more at mid-entry range mid towers. And I no the hyper 212evo does not beat this, HDT =...
  19. SteveS45

    AMD Working on "Dynamic Frame Rate Control" Feature

    This could be ideal for laptops or mobile products. But AMD isn't a big player in that market.
  20. SteveS45

    Choose R9 290 Series for its 512-bit Memory Bus: AMD

    Personally I don't think AMD is the only camp with a driver issue. Both camps in my opinion are equally meh. I have two systems one with a R9 280X and HD7970 in crossfire, and a new MSI Gold(Bronze) edition GTX970. The GTX970 has been having a lot of problems on Display Port with screen...
  21. SteveS45

    Phanteks Announces the TC12LS Low-Profile CPU Cooler

    Looks like the exact same fin tooling as the recently TC14s. Two birds with one tooling, saving development and innovation costs like no other!
  22. SteveS45

    GELID Launches Slim Silence AM1 CPU Cooler

    Wait till you see the CRYORIG ultra small heatsink :D
  23. SteveS45

    Thermalright Announces HR-02 Macho Zero CPU Cooler

    Why gloves? Why Thermalright why!!! Why not socks or shoes?
  24. SteveS45

    CRYORIG H5 Universal Tower CPU Cooler Launched

    Yeah, I don't think Cryorig is the first to do this. I've seen the Zalman and also Prolimatech video guides. But I think the way Cryorig is doing it is much better and detailed, each step is broken down so you don't have to continuously go back and forth to check out details...
  25. SteveS45

    CRYORIG H5 Universal Tower CPU Cooler Launched

    Looks Nice! Should perform very very nice!