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    Tuned Subtiming suggestions please.

    So I was going over an article showing how a pair of single rank memory chips can outdo duel rank chips at the same frequency in performance with tuned subtimings. DR usually wins against SR, however tuned subtimings in this article show they can outdo DR...
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    What is the most performance I can get out of an i7-7700hq and a gtx 1070 mobile? How about ram too?

    I know most people here use throttle stop to undervolt, and overclock, but to my understanding, this is a locked CPU, so what are my options? Looking at passmark scores for this cpu, they range from 8000 to 10000, and userbenchmark ratings and scores are equally spread out. So how then do I get...
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    With Nvidia decreasing driver performance, what was the latest optimal performance and stability driver?

    I noticed less performance in benchmarking my game total war warhammer II in the games battle benchmark, and noticed dip and significantly lower fps by over 10%. While the new driver might be more stable, I havn't done any long term testing of the game because a number of the prior versions...
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    Laptop Pin port questions

    So I completely disassembled my laptop, the mech15, and it turns out, it has a 40 display interface on the mobo, which means if I get the right cord, it should be able to take a 144hz panel, which is solely 40 pinned. My concern with doing that is that same 40 pin port also is being occupied...
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    Anyway to get my old thumb drive back to how it was?

    I kind of regret using my best one, when I should have probably used an inexpensive one, but the upside at least is that I have a reliable drive to do memtest. So any methods?
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    Can Any sodimm users here offer clarification on performance?

    To my disappointment there isnt much in the way of round ups for sodimm kit performances, whether its gskill or corsair, etc. The closest to tests I have seen is this article https://www.tomshardware.co.uk/ddr4-sodimm-notebook-memory-roundup-review,review-34291-4.html What I dont understand is...