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    Team Blue vs Red

    Been a while since I've posted anything on here... But the whole Ryzen chip has my interest. I was on team Red for a very long time till almost 2 years ago when I got the 4790k. So my question is, How many of y'all plan on switching to the Red side? Or are you currently Red and just upgrading to...
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    280X $650?!?

    Really?!?!? Did I miss something... or just a typo... Link
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    Samsung Rapid/Raid

    Got a question for ya'll. Is it possible to do Rapid mode in a Raid? I would assume it isn't, but just curious. I couldn't find a solid answer anywhere. Thanks guys!
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    i7 4790k OC

    These's temps seem decent? Everything runs stable, been at the speeds for about 2 weeks now. Just double checking.
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    Making a switch...

    Can't decide which route is best. My Current Setup: MB: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 v1.0 CPU: FX-8120 OC (4.0) RAM: 16GB Ripjaws GPU: ASUS 280X TOP Cooling: Corsair H100i (Cougar Fans) Looking at this setup MB/CPU Combo: Link RAM: Ripjaws or MB/CPU Combo: Link I've been looking at this Intel’s...
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    Need advice, SSD!

    In need of a SSD. Requirements: Interface- SATA III, If possible. Will be upgrading my board soon too 990fx Size- 120GB+ Currently looking at: OCZ Vertex 3 (Consider due to reviews) OCZ Agility 3 Corsair Force Series 3 Planning on ordering within the next few hours! Thanks in advance! :toast:
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    Skyrim Config Utility

    Skyrim Config Utility/Tweaker Version: 1.1 Author: CrackerJack Change Log: 1.1- Changed Background Better Reading/Writing Removed "Play Button" (Can cause game saves not to load) 1.0- First Release Screenshot: Downloads: 1.0- 354 Next Update: More...
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    SSD Need Recommendations

    Been looking around for a SSD, can't decide on whats best. So I need some recommendations Capacity: 60Gb + Price: $125 Primary Use: OS (Windows 7 64-bit)/ Maybe a few apps Newegg Only!
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    Release 270.61 WHQL-Certified Drivers are available for download

    Source Win7/Vista x86 Win7/Vista x64
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    CORSAIR H60 Question

    I'm planning on doing water cooling in the near future. Only parts I'm wanted cooled is CPU and possible GPU. And I have little knowledge on water cooling terms and setups. So the question is... Is H60 worth ~$80? Will I see a big drop in temp? ATM on air cooling and stock speed, I idle at ~40c...
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    GPUs Fire Up Newly Launched IE9

    Source Thought this was pretty neat... May give IE9 a try tomorrow
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    GTX460 Mismatch

    I was having heat issues and and was lowering the clocks. While the flash went threw, but temps were still high. So i decide to use EVGA 1.13 bios patch thing. Well every since then i get a mismatch. It say my DeviceID is OE29, which should be OE22. I've tried almost everything I can think of...
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    VB Guide, Working with Timers and Stopwatch

    This will show you how to make time counter and show real time. In order of things that happen On Load: Label text becomes the Date/Time when loaded Button Click: Timer and Stopwatch has started Timer: The code will run ever 1sec. First label will show the counter starting from zero...
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    Diablo III Clubhouse

    Please use this thread to talk about Diablo III. On release day, I'll add a players list! I'll will try to update this as much as possible TPU Member's Forum Name / BattleTags W1zzard / W1zzard#1722 AlienIsGOD / AlienIsGOD69#1132 slyfox2151 / Slyfox#1583 Kreij / Kreij#1784 brandonwh64 /...
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    Help me decide...

    I can't decide on which card to get... although the nvidia would help me alot. It's no biggie... Crossfire is a option down the road. But of coarse SLI is not. Price Limit is ~$200, Was about to get a 6870 till they went out of stock :(
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    Troubleshoot, made mostly for the Event Logger.. To easily find errors, warnings and etc. View/Delete/Save Event Logs* View/Start/Stop Services View/Stop Process * Saves logs in a simple text format, for viewing later or sharing into forums! Net Framework 3.5 is required *REMOVED*
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    Win Bench

    WinBench ---Description--- WinBench Does A Series Of Test To Your PC: Disk Sequential and Random Read/Write Performance CPU Compression Performance (Lempel-Zev/AES256) Memory Performance Direct 3d Performance (Direct X 9/10) ---Requirements--- Windows 7 ---Current Version--- v3.0.3.0...
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    Ping Tool

    Here's a ping tool I just made. It's really simple! You can ping a IP and websites. I'm still working on a few bugs. ***Please post any problems or thoughts! :rolleyes:
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    AMD ATI Stream Encoder plugin for Adobe Premiere

    Just found this article, SOURCE Fixing to try it out!!! ***NOTE WINDOWS 7/XP USERS*** This program is only supported by Vista SP1!!! The attachment: I made changed the OS check, this should work on OS (Windows Only)
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    Win 7 & HD4870

    I can't seem to overclock my card all that much. Right now i'm doing 800/1050, did a 3dmark06 test (2.0 only) and my score drop over 1k points. I'm wondering if going back to Vista would help, just in till there are some better drivers. FurMark, won't run right. It keeps crashing after a few...
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    Phenom II X4 945 vs Phenom II X4 940

    Not seeing much of a difference other than HT and price. The 940 is about $35 cheaper. Newegg has the the 940 for only $190 ;) Which one oc better?
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    Fastest Video Card

    It seems just about everyday, someone is asking what is the fastest video card! So to save alot time for must of us and the newbie's. As soon as I can. I'll change the fastest score!!! Benchmark Threads Alcpone's Official 3dMark Vantage Compilation OpenGL Fur Benchmark Lightsmark...
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    Ordered A HD 4870

    :rockout: Woot! SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 4870 1GB What clock speeds are some ya'll getting with the 4870's? Is the stock cooler pretty decent? Where can I get a Aftermarket cooler for this, i'm only seeing for 2k and 3k series. Once they drop some more, i'll pick up a second one :D.
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    Getting A New Video Card Soon!!

    I've had my eye on this one for awhile: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102810 The price is in my range, it's seem a decent looking card and haven't heard of any issues about it. Here's a few I've been looking at too...
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    Gigabyte 790FX-DS5

    Just got done talking to Gigabyte, There saying that this board will NEVER fully support the 9850. :banghead: So this board will only support the Phenom X4 9750, but yet the 9850 will run on the DS5 board. You just can't OC. This is just dumb. I can't understand why they would do this. I'm...