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  1. Charper2013

    is he legit

    OK, first sorry for the delay.. This thread made me laugh. The face that anyone is questioning what I have or dont have without knowing me is very juvenile and frankly stupid. DanishDevil I haven't recievd your package either. I am in no way out to get anyone. Some of these trades are for...
  2. Charper2013

    Yeah its a really nice board you'll love it just like i'll love the 4890. :)

    Yeah its a really nice board you'll love it just like i'll love the 4890. :)
  3. Charper2013

    [WTB] 478 Cooler

    thanks alot bro.:toast:
  4. Charper2013

    [WTB] 478 Cooler

    Need one for a new build..
  5. Charper2013

    Check ya PMs :).

    Check ya PMs :).
  6. Charper2013

    [FS][US] V-MODA Faze Microphone Headset

    PRICE DROP: 20 Shipped ( Lowest I'm Going )
  7. Charper2013

    [FS][US] V-MODA Faze Microphone Headset

    PRICE DROP: 30 Shipped.
  8. Charper2013

    [FS][US] V-MODA Faze Microphone Headset

    PRICE DROP: 35 Shipped.
  9. Charper2013

    [FS][US] V-MODA Faze Microphone Headset

    Terms and Conditions Shipping within the U.S. ONLY. All items are in immaculate condition, unless otherwise noted. My heatware is Charper2013. (14-0-0) Be prepared to supply additional references if you are a newer member and/or do not have heatware. If ya have any questions, please...
  10. Charper2013

    Compaq case mod

    thats going to be sick cant wait to see it.:toast:
  11. Charper2013

    New hardware Problem

    well i found out that i had a wire under the mobo so that might have been the problem but if if it cuts off i'll LYK.
  12. Charper2013

    New hardware Problem

    ok i just got a bigtyp 14pro and an OCZ ram cooler installed and my system keeps turning off, does anyone know why, i have a 460w PSU from coolermaster. I NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!
  13. Charper2013

    [WTB] Digital Camera

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16830243022 Tempting... Hoping I can get a better deal here...
  14. Charper2013

    [WTB] Digital Camera

    I don't want to spend more than maybe 40$. Must have Mini USB Port. I would prefer for it to include a memory card. Also the smaller the better. I am willing to pay more than 40$ if you give me a good deal. Video would be a nice addition. Charper2013
  15. Charper2013

    [FS/FT][US] 4870s, n52te, wolf king

    Thinking about the N52TE...
  16. Charper2013

    5670 104.99

  17. Charper2013

    [WTB] Antenna

    This should'nt be too hard to come by.
  18. Charper2013

    [WTB] CPU water block + fittings

    Cmon peeps, let's find adcom a waterblock!
  19. Charper2013

    [WTB][US] Want Modern Warfare 2

    No such thing as ''used'' MW2 for PC. Serials are linked to Steam.
  20. Charper2013

    [FS][US] socket 478 combo for sale

    Bump, would make a decent home server. Might wanna add mobo specs.
  21. Charper2013

    [FT][US] 3450 pcie for a good pci card

    Gotta have a pic with your name and the item. Read forum rules. If a mod sees this your closed.