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    Cooler Master Introduces the CM Storm QuickFire Ultimate Gaming Keyboard

    . dampeners are good idea cool Its worth the work I know those mech boards are great ..
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    Cooler Master Introduces the CM Storm QuickFire Ultimate Gaming Keyboard

    ? Hilux SSRG- Is mechanical keyboards not noisy. I mean click click clikety click .they make a noise don't they.
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    Top 10 games from the past you want to see redone and why

    y I remember playstation1 one but cant remember the names of most of the best games I liked,but some. Battle Arena Toshinden best fighting game ever. a boxing game cant remember but the boxer was called "snake" fade to black wipeout On to the pc Sid Meier's railroads all...
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    vram gb

    Is 1gb of ram on a graphics card in its last days. Yea I saw some specs of how much vram gets used on some of the latest games, sometimes it goes close towards 2gb even on a single monitor. yet most cards seem to have only 1gb of ram. So were looking about a year left before 1gb will just not...
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    some of my low end Graphics card benchmarks

    lol Yeah I know that eye I was on about my old first build and mentioned the NVidia card. And then Im talking about my newer builds.and future builds. sorry my fault my grammar is terrible. but remember those old graphic cards from years ago with the little fan very noisy fan, Now...
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    Power control setting, HD7950 MSI TF3

    vapourx dam I read nothing bad about this card I particularly liked the vapor-x technology thing, supposed to keep it cool and silent, read, some reviews, and watched some youtube stuff. So I ordered one payed lots of hard earned sheckles. then I find lots of negative reviews bout it over...
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    Help me buy a SSD + GPU

    ssd Corsair are making ssd drives now too. corsair are very impressive I remember when they just made ram and it was top of the pops then they got into psu the first ones they made were the best on the market, they came out with speakers next. I have the sp2500 stereo speakers and they...
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    some of my low end Graphics card benchmarks

    I still got me xfx 7950gt with passive heatsink still works . very good build quality iv got better computer now but Ive still got my first build with 7950gt can still run all the latest games at low settings. I was going to stick with XFX cards on later builds but im weary of the high power...
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    Suggest some under 80$ video cards for moderate gaming

    second hand rig off ebay is youre best bet. youre pc is older than old. however my favourite gpu low or mid range(depends on opinion) is the 7750 with a passive cooler, either asus or sapphire They both run between 3watts at idle up to 40+ watt at full in complete silence. you can play all...
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    XFX HD7950 thermal pad replacement

    vrm mosfets Dam I bought a 7950 vapor x before I saw this. You might be interested in the link below, Bad heat sink design causing the vim's to rise above boiling point. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?284714-Sapphire-HD7950-3GB-Vapor-X-Review