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  1. Power Slave


    Personally Not my cup of tea. Too new of a company and it dosent mean they will be better than Zowie. IMO So far it lacks luster. Avg at best, no software, no RGB and I pay as much. Glad I held off. Looking at you next Roccat Burst.
  2. Power Slave

    Endgame Gear XM1 RGB

    Great review TY. I think the aftermarket Kailh switches is huge and 2 larger feets is an upgrade beside from the RGB. I might give it a try i wasn’t fond of the original hollow clicks. Update: I just purchased my XM1 RGB copy. $84.84 out the door with two day shipping from Newegg. Should be...
  3. Power Slave

    Glorious Model D-

    Great in depth review. TY TPU :rockout: I got a Model D incoming, arriving tomorrow in delivery. If it's too big but if I like the shape, I'll know the D- will work.
  4. Power Slave

    Glorious Model D

    Incoming matte black Model D and grayscale DreamCables Paracord. Replacing an original gpro with CeeSa Paracord I’ve been using. Feeling the new mouse time and right handed ergo fir gaming at home. they’re asking for $99 on Amazon and places like eBay , ridiculous. I ordered it directly from...
  5. Power Slave

    AMD 4th Gen Ryzen Desktop Processors to Launch Around September 2020

    I have an i4790, my son just built a 3900X. I’m definitely ready for an upgrade myself after seeing his. This is my next chip come Oct. / whenever.
  6. Power Slave

    AMD Announces Radeon RX 5600 XT Graphics Card

    I think it’s a nice card for those of us who wouldn’t want to give Nvidia another penny. Sorry but IMO....Ever since the 970’s debacle , I’ve never bought from Nvidia again. So I base this card on its own merits and price and not a comparison because I don’t care. If Intel comes up with a...
  7. Power Slave

    Editorial Impressions of Google's Project Stream: Game Streaming in 2019 Actually Seems Feasible

    I can see the market for it. Just won't be for eveyone.
  8. Power Slave

    MSI Upcoming RTX 2070 Series Leaks, Twin Frozr is Back

    OMG......I had a 6870 Twin Frozer Crossfire way back. I’m kinda fond of them, I can’t say that the air circulation is bad at all it was actually pretty cool runnings for me back in the day. Mostly just a name. I remember the big thing was the heat pipes and how they per positioned.
  9. Power Slave

    Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming OC 8 GB

    WOW its being sold for $829 at newegg - that's expensive. What happened where that used to be the flagship prices for Ti's? And now we can't get anything better than an xx80....sad times. Guess I'll wait and see what AMD brings in 2019.
  10. Power Slave

    Sony Closely Associated with AMD "Navi" Development

    Congrats to AMD for getting their Navi chip onto PS5! Now Freesync on the new Samsung 4K TV's that are coming out make sense for a PS5 console gamer. Smart move by Sony going with AMD to provide the best possible gaming experience by taking advantage of the hardware's standard VESA Freesync...
  11. Power Slave

    DOOM Eternal: Spider Demons and Sandworms on Earth

    I'm a sucker for DOOM so bring it on.
  12. Power Slave

    Star Citizen Introduces $27,000 Legatus Pack for the Elite

    This is a never ending SCAM
  13. Power Slave

    Apple Claims Steam Link App Violates App Store Guidelines

    I can understand Apple wanting a piece of the profits, after all Steam is using iOS platform. It's in Apples best interest to come to an agreement, not because they haven't done exteremly well without Steam but for those gamers they might lose to android phones who might want this feature. With...
  14. Power Slave

    With hardware prices inflated due to mining, what's your plan?

    Mining has ruined gaming that’s for sure. I haven’t had a new GPU since my Fury and I don’t plan on paying these prices. I’m a medium game settings now as is and I plan to buy a console or completely stop gaming until prices are back to normal or crypto currency has finally died out. You’ll...
  15. Power Slave

    CORSAIR Launches "STOP GPU ABUSE" Campaign With #GPURESCUE

    Hell if I'm buying a mining card. Throw it away. I’m done buying GPU’s. When my fury gets over burden some day, I’m done. RIP PC gaming, devs will have to cater to old old GPU’s soon and dumb down game graphics to make any sales when gamers can’t upgrade or they will have a smaller...
  16. Power Slave

    NVIDIA's New GPP Program Reportedly Engages in Monopolistic Practices

    Surprise surprise surprise said gomer pyle. But really Nothing to see here, move along or move to AMD. They burnt a lot of loyal fans with 970's 3.5 GB of RAM and their response was that of a monopolistic company, so we already knew how they handle things. Let's not get started on Gimpworks...
  17. Power Slave

    Microsoft Office 2019 Will Run on Windows 10, and Only Windows 10

    I agree with this. No one is stopping me from using my purchased 2007 Office. Works just great for my needs 11 years later. I can understand why MS would want to shed many versions of window support for office that doesn't play well with Win 10 coding. I'm all for moving forward to create a...
  18. Power Slave

    Sapphire Intros Pulse Radeon RX 560 LITE Series Graphics Cards

    GPU releases don't excite me anymore. Just going to be another over priced GPU that isn't worth it for any gamer. Pass.
  19. Power Slave

    NVIDIA Asks Retailers to Ensure Gamers Get Graphics Cards

    Thank you +1 Yea If only Nvidia can take out the compute side of the GPU out while leaving the gaming architecture in tact, they’d have a gamers GPU again. I would switch back to Nvidia in a heartbeat if their cards were available again , despite having a Freesync monitor. Remember gamers...
  20. Power Slave

    "You Hold It!" - Cryptocurrency Pricing Plummets as South Korea Revives Pressure

    I agree I’m happy and good the market bottomed out so I can buy a graphics card and game finally. I have no compassion. I’ve been stuck with a Fury because I’m not paying inflated prices. I hope investors lose their shirts. I’m very happy this turn of events.
  21. Power Slave

    AMD Announces the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition

    I’m happy enhanced sync got added to ALL GCN based cards including my Fury. Everything is Chill now. ;)
  22. Power Slave

    Star Citizen Gets Into the Real Estate Business - Up to $100 Per Virtual Lot

    +1 on the bold part. I was thinking the very same. Is there really still any excitement left for this game? I stopped being enthused a year in. Two years later I gave up and it's been another year since then we were promised it would be done by 2017. Well, hello 2018 in 27 days, where is it...
  23. Power Slave

    Next Major AMD Driver Release, ReLive Redux, to Include Performance OSD

    I've been impressed for quite some time with game ready drivers, and have had no problems of my own with drivers in the games I play. Based on AMD's track record supporting older cards I feel Fiji will, but I hope it's soon too. Unless there is some technical reason it can't. Benchmarks are...
  24. Power Slave

    ZOTAC Avoids NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti Factory Overclocking Restrictions via OC Profile

    ahem. *cough*....3.5 GB with 512MB re-allocated VRAM *cough*