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  1. ron732

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas TPU! "God bless us, every one!" ~ Tiny Tim :lovetpu:
  2. ron732

    Happy Christmas from Tatty

    Merry Christmas to all the members and staff of TPU. :lovetpu:
  3. ron732

    Happy Birthday to our Fearless Leader!

    Happy Birthday W1zz!
  4. ron732

    Do you use ad blocker on TPU?

    I use Adblock but I keep TPU whitelisted. :lovetpu:
  5. ron732

    Cannot access proxy server. IE, Chrome, any app no internet. HELP!!!

    Sounds like the PC is infected with malware. Before reinstalling the OS I would try running the free version of Malwarebytes. It usually helps in situations like this. You can get it here: https://www.malwarebytes.org/
  6. ron732

    TechPowerUP Wallpapers !

    Rezasam1 thanks for adding the Dropbox links!! You rock! :rockout: :lovetpu:
  7. ron732

    TechPowerUP Wallpapers !

    Is it just me or is anyone else getting the "Free image hosting by TPU" tag on recent wallpapers? Is there a way to download without that tag showing? @ Rezasam1 thanks for awesome wallpapers!!
  8. ron732

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from TechPowerUp!

    Merry Christmas TPU !!
  9. ron732

    [FS] The ever changing for-sale room ... take a look

    bump for a great seller!!
  10. ron732

    Help on old HDD firmware

    Have you looked at this Seagate Firmware Update page? It seems to indicate that they support DiamondMax drives and has a link to the Seagate Download Finder to check for new firmware. Firmware Updates for Seagate Products
  11. ron732

    New Laptop

    Hey that's great. I was trying to figure out the warranty and return policy but Amazon wasn't very clear about either. Hope it works out for you. :toast:
  12. ron732

    New Laptop

    If I had to chose between the AMD laptop you found or the Intel one I found I would pick the Intel. From all the reviews I looked at this afternoon the common theme is that the AMD 7970M is too much GPU for the A10-5750M processor. I do have one more option for you. How about an Amazon...
  13. ron732

    New Laptop

    I couldn't find any reviews of the MSI GX60 GT60 laptop or for that matter any Core i7-4700MQ/GTX 770M CPU/GPU combo. I did look at the Xotic PC web site and found this nice configuration: Core i7-4700MX/AMD 7970M XOTIC PC Sager NP8265-S (Clevo P150SM) The problem is it's above your budget...
  14. ron732

    New Laptop

    If you look at the Gaming Performance charts in the Anadtech review you will get a feel for how the A10-5750M and 7970M perform in games (FPS) at several different resolutions. Plus you get to see which games were used for benchmarking. That might help resolve some of your confusion...
  15. ron732

    New Laptop

    I looked at the Anandtech review and they think that the A10-5750M is holding back the performance of the 7970M GPU. Also if you look at the Gaming performance charts the AMD APU mostly performs lower than Ivy Bridge Intel CPUs paired with either a GTX 680M or the AMD 7970M. So I would guess...
  16. ron732

    New Laptop

    Did you look at any Intel CPUs? How about something like this? MSI GT Series GT60 2OC-022US Intel Core i7 8GB Memory 1TB HDD 15.6"
  17. ron732

    Would you keep gaming at this CPU temperature?

    Intel says T-CASE is 67.9C for the 930. http://ark.intel.com/products/41447/Intel-Core-i7-930-Processor-8M-Cache-2_80-GHz-4_80-GTs-Intel-QPI The proc will probably start throttling around that temp so you don't damage it. Did you notice any performance issues when you hit those temps?
  18. ron732

    Best remote control switch for PC Start/Reset

    The power button on your PC is a momentary switch (push for "on" or push for "off"). I believe the remote switch you linked to is a toggle switch (toggles the contacts between closed or "on" and open or "off") and would not work.
  19. ron732

    Driver update: Auto-detect.exe keeps telling me to download the latest driver

    Awesome sauce!! We have a leader with back channels. :respect::respect::respect:
  20. ron732

    [FS] The ever changing for-sale room ... take a look

    friday bump. cope any new stuff coming?