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    Extracting to a directory other than temp

    Hello, Would it be possible to get an option to extract files to a folder other than the temp directory? I currently have my temp directory on a ramdisk which is too small to extract the driver installation and will receive an out of space error when trying to use the program.
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Available Today

    Anyone have a problem with color profiles not being applied on boot anymore?
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    Giveaway! $50 (x2) for the Steam Summer Sale 2017 (Congrats to the winners)!!!

    I'm in! Just intend to play games this summer
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    GPU-Z updater not respecting default browser

    Figured out the issue. I'm not running as administrator normally so default browser between accounts is different. Switching the administrators browser solves the issue
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    GPU-Z updater not respecting default browser

    Firefox opens for me
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    GPU-Z updater not respecting default browser

    I have firefox set as default browser and it always opens edge
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    GPU-Z updater not respecting default browser

    Is there any way to have GPU-Z use the browser I have set as default instead of opening up Edge when clicking the update now button? On Windows 10x64 if that makes a difference.
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    Displayport cables that support 1440p @ 144hz

    Just confirming that this is the cable I bought and it does support 1440p@144hz flawlessly
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    Displayport cables that support 1440p @ 144hz

    I'll give this site a shot, thanks
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    Displayport cables that support 1440p @ 144hz

    Does anyone know of any 10ft long displayport cables that support 2560x1440 @ 144-165hz? I've had a hard time finding one at that specific length that can guarantee the level of bandwidth needed to support this resolution.
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    You pick the game...giveaway!

    Civilization 6 would be amazing!
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    [FF] ENDED - Giving away Windows and Office keys

    A Windows 10 key would be most appreciated if you still have any, thanks
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    [FS][US] Asus Xonar STX

    Selling a Xonar STX with the headphone opamps upgraded to 2x LME49990's on a DIP8 adapter. Third opamp is stock (LM4562NA) Will include original JRC2114D opamps as well. $150 shipped
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    **ENDED**Giveaway Time!! Mafia III

    Count me in. Thanks for doing this!
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    **ENDED**Giveaway time: Tom Clancy's The Division + $15 Newegg Gift Card + Consortium:Mstr Edition

    Count me in the for the gift card. Thanks for doing this!
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    Games WINNERS! Rise of The Tomb Raider & Deadpool

    In for Tomb Raider. Never played any of them before so I'm interested in trying it
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    Holiday Giveaway: Sniper Elite 3 (PC STEAM)

    I remember v2 being a bunch of fun. Sign me up for the giveaway!
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    Why do i have 2.91 gb when my laptop's memory is 4gb

    Are you using a 32bit OS?
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    GA-Z77X-UD3H - Samsung 30nm Ram

    I have a UD3H with 4x4gb Samsung RAM and to get over 1866 you have to change the slew rate to 4 or greater. Unfortunately for me, this function is only available in the newer beta bios'es and doesn't exist in bios F18. I should note that I have always had issues with Sleep on the F19/F20 beta...
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    Giveaway: Lots-o-loot

    I'm here because I heard there would be cake