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    SteelSeries and GUNNAR Optics Release New SteelSeries Scope Pro Gaming Eyewear

    I bought one of these and instantly my sex life has been improved. Now woman come up to me and ask for my phone number because they think I'm important like MasterChief. I totally recommend them.
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    Apple Unveils the iPad

    I would like to take this to the crapper
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    Patriot Memory Announces the DDR3 12 GB Tri-Channel Viper Kit

    Vista's prefetch system where it tried to populate 1.5GB - 2GB of my available 4GB at startup kicked the last breath out of my 500GB seagate HDD. I would not want to go through this Hard drive torture again by loading 6GB every time I started up my computer :nutkick:
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    Video of the Day: 23 GeForce GTX 295 Video Cards Installed in a Single Server Rig

    Why cure cancer when you can play Crysis over 60fps :respect:
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    MIT Graphene Chip Could Reach 1,000 Gigahertz

    Encryption who?
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    Ion-Based Acer Hornet Nettop Surfaces

    I was liking this nettop until the Wii BS came into play
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    Macworld 2009: Apple's 17-inch Unibody MacBook Pro Officially Unveiled

    For some reason the non removable battery bit is really pecking away at me
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    GeForce GTX 285 to Lead Single-GPU Pack for NVIDIA

    With each passing day, my dream of playing MS Pac-Man at 2,005 fps inches closer to reality. :respect:
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    Dual GeForce GTX 260 to be Officially Named GeForce GTX 295

    I can finally play pong at 10,000 fps :respect:
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    Half-Life Turns 10, Valve Celebrates Anniversary Giving it Away for 98¢

    I'll play this on my Dreamcast instead :D
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    Patriot's Viper Series Tri-Channel Bundled with Intel Core i7 at Micro Center

    Tri Channel must be the godsend for memory manufacturers as now we don't just buy in pairs but in triplets. I'm laughing all the way to the poor house.
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    AMD Pits Dragon Against Spider, Expects Significant Performance Gains

    The fact they are stating how they are beating themselves instead of how they are beating Intel's i7 could be a bad sign
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    Editorial Power and Innovation to Drive High-End GPUs in 2009

    I can't wait for that card that slaps Crysis around like if it was its little bitch. :laugh:
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    $200 Eee PC to be Available from ASUS in 2009

    I hope Unicef wil be getting their hands on these. Could be a great marketing opportunity for Asus aswell
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    HP Breaks the 24-hour Battery Life Barrier

    This is almost EPIC :respect:
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    RV730 Tested, Performs Close to Radeon HD 3850

    There was a time when I could go around feeing all elite calling budget cards garbage Oh where have those times gone :(
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    Lian Li Launches PC-XB01: the Xbox 360 Chassis Replacement

    Does this symbolize how craptacular the 360 hardware is?
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    Introducing the new era of classic gaming performance - WinFast PX9800 GT 512MB

    WTF is classic gaming performance?
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    Fujitsu U2010 Atom-based UMPC Announced

    I would like to see that as the new benchmark for Cell phones and Microwave Ovens aswell :laugh:
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    Scientist Develop 60x Faster Internet Scratch Switches

    Yeah I know, I was just kidding around
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    Scientist Develop 60x Faster Internet Scratch Switches

    Yes I wouldn't mind getting spied on 24/7 with 1/4 my screen taken up by a giant NetZero banner if I can have 100 X faster Internet :-)
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    Toshiba Launches CELL-embedded Qosmio G55 Laptop

    There are programs that will take advantage of this very niche architecture?
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and GeForce 280 GTX Price Cuts Now Official

    No one was complaining when the 6800 series was reaching 600$ but then we had Doom3 and HL2 to wet our pants over. Where are you Project Offset, I need the sexy back in my PC gaming
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    R700 up to 80 % Faster than GeForce GTX 280

    So when will NVidia become the underdog so we can start rooting for NVidia again :roll:
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    New Xbox 360 Pro 60GB Variant Could Hit the Stores

    The 60 version had both the PS2 cpu(emotion engine) and gpu so it had perfect PS2 backwards on all games 80Gb only has the CPU(emotion engine) so it uses the RSX to emulate the PS2 GPU which give the PS3 backward compatibility on Most PS2 games but not all. 40GB doesn't have PS2 cpu or gpu so...