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    DRAM Led showing up after upgrading psu

    So i got my new psu today and decided to put my new psu in but after i did i started up my system and for no reason dram led shows i tried 1 stick i tried cmos and the bios is on f50 bois so idk wat to do Specs Cpu: Ryzen 7 3700x Gpu: Rx 5600 XT Ram: Gskill tridant z royal 3200mhz xmp Old psu...
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    RX 5600 XT issues

    Hello stranger So i was just peacefull playing a game after 20 minutes it crashed saying somthing about drivers then i opend another game and it crashed after 15 minutes do u guys know why ?
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    Overclocked my cpu now my pc is dead

    Hello random stranger So i decided to overclock my cpu and my igpu (AMD Ryzen 3 3200g) after that my screen went black so i looked on my motherboard and there was a red light at VGA i tried to cmos and remove battery and did not work do you have have a solution? I have a : -AMD Ryzen 3 3200g...
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    Flashing need help

    Hello random stranger So i decide to edit my bios and change the name I did that after i reset the system and i get black screen i look on my motherboard and see that the VGA is red i. So after that i decided to go in to the motherboard bios and enable internal gpu but the u see i dont have a...