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  1. RCoon

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Hnnnnng buckled alloy was more painful than anticipated. £240 for full straighten, refurb, repaint, and had to replace the tyre on it as the deflation over time had shredded the tyre wall on the inside. Ended up getting both tyres done for posterity. No new alloys for me...
  2. RCoon

    8Pack Launches The ORION X2 - A Dual System Featuring Three RTX TITANS for a Measly £32,999.99

    Their staff are trash and they're consistently more expensive than any other retailer in the UK for individual components as well as full PC builds. Christ, even PC World is cheaper than them sometimes and PC World are scum of the earth.
  3. RCoon

    8Pack Launches The ORION X2 - A Dual System Featuring Three RTX TITANS for a Measly £32,999.99

    OCUK will forever remain as a stain on the UKs computer specialist offerings.
  4. RCoon

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    What colour do I spray my Brabus Monoblocks? Alloys are being refurbed and the original Mercedes Silver is boring. Car is electric blue. Don't say black or silver. Booooooooring. Partner says white will look like a chav's car. As a trade painter I have access to pretty much any colour ever.
  5. RCoon

    Metro Exodus Benchmark Performance, RTX & DLSS

    I'm at the mercy of Terminals.io As you can tell by the barren game reviews lately they've not been giving me much. Early year means all games come out on the same week forcing me to choose one out of five.
  6. RCoon

    jonnyguru down?

    No idea, unmarked it.
  7. RCoon

    Ace Combat 7

    Apparently the console version is better than the last game. Make of that what you will. EDIT: Oh, and the story is utter trash.
  8. RCoon

    Massive problems with RTX series cards artifacting and dying

    Next member to spam the forums with the exact same video gets a reply ban to any thread its posted in and 3 points.
  9. RCoon

    Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them

    To clarify, only 5% of that app's users were "teens", so the headline is entirely sensationalist. It's still utterly deplorable and I live for the day Facebook gets ground into the dust
  10. RCoon

    Massive problems with RTX series cards artifacting and dying

    What's his name and where does he work. Please post a LinkedIn profile. Oh look I predicted it, yay, go me.
  11. RCoon

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    I need snow so work will close.
  12. RCoon

    War Thunder (tank battles) or World of Tanks?

    World of Warships, obviously.
  13. RCoon

    Massive problems with RTX series cards artifacting and dying

    If this thread descends into the absolute s***show that the last thread did I'm closing it immediately. Play nice and don't make any claims without factual evidence to back up your claims people. Sick of seeing 10 page long threads comprised of "I think" "He said/she said" "my buddy who totally...
  14. RCoon

    Are mining gpu's trustworthy?

    Cards that have been used for 1 year of mining are often in better condition than used for 1 year of gaming. Why? Thermal expansion. The chip has undergone far FAR less cold and hot cyclings from load changes during mining, whereas cards used for gaming half a dozen hours a day get cycled...
  15. RCoon

    Need to know if my Dell Latitude c600 supports faster than 850mhz cpu

    Merged your two threads into one since they're both in relation to the same thing.
  16. RCoon

    Intel Achieves Gender Pay Equity Globally

    Please be less shit to one another, including women. I dislike moderating news posts, but comments that go against forum guidelines will be moderated/deleted.
  17. RCoon

    Unruly Heroes

    Unruly Heroes is a side scroller puzzler/beat 'em up that sits squarely between Trine and Child of Light. You play as four interchangeable heroes without almost-but-not-quite unique skills, and charge through some extremely large and vertical levels, smashing your way through puzzles and hidden...
  18. RCoon

    Hardware manufacturers you miss?

    I don't think I've seen them advertised anywhere here since the GTX 5xx series :laugh:
  19. RCoon

    Hardware manufacturers you miss?

    Gainward Golden Sample GPUs
  20. RCoon

    i7-6700HQ vs.i7-7700HQ vs i7-8750H ,which one is better for gaming and less throttles?

    I have closed all of your threads bar this one, because they all pertain to the exact same thing. Please make a single thread about a gaming laptop and ask your advice there (or here). If you open another thread relating to a gaming laptop, you will receive formal warnings.
  21. RCoon

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Ah so you're pockets are full of spare cash then! In fairness I'm going to have to get a car that can fit more than 1.5 people in it so I'm not sure my partner will allow an additional Elise on the drive...
  22. RCoon

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Full engine rebuild is a last resort though, unless the car has done 120k+ miles on a petrol it seems a waste to do it. I've seen guys run roadsters past 140K miles on the original engine. Fortunately the engine is so small they're only about £1400 to do a full engine rebuild with an "oh s***...
  23. RCoon

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    I've had a few months when I've wanted to do something to the car only to have something fail on me and have to put the fun stuff on a back burner. Last time was a full replacement of the track rods, inner, and outer ends and joints because the last person to do the tracking bent the rod and...
  24. RCoon

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Mostly little jobs. Already replaced ball joints and disks and pads for performance ones on the front, in the process of renewing the whole rear section, although I already did the rear shocks, so just the front shocks left to do. Then after that I'm gonna replace the fuel injectors and inlet...
  25. RCoon

    Fake GPU?

    Compare the specs that your GPU-Z shows and those listed here: https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/geforce-gt-630.c816 It's a fake.