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  1. EpicShweetness

    27-Inch QHD Monitor Advice

    I've been looking around so any contributions would be welcome. Looking for a 27-Inch QHD (2560x1440) 10 bit panel monitor, the cheaper the better. I would say my budget is $500, but I can do more with more time of course. I'm not partial to the refresh time but anything lower then 6ms would be...
  2. EpicShweetness

    Mounting 5.25 Reservoir Sideways

    I came to find myself quite curious if you can mount a 5.25 Reservoir on it's side? More over are their particular 5.25 Reservoirs designed/built for this purpose. The only 5.25 Inch Bay on my (new) case a CoolTek W2 is in the rear, and I would think this to actually be an ideal spot for the...
  3. EpicShweetness

    Strange error, requires forced shut down.

    I'm having a strange problem with one of my media computers. Every once in a while the computer will basically shut off. The screen goes black the input does not stop, monitor still detects a signal, the keyboard mouse doesn't do anything. However the fans stay on, all of them, and the case fans...
  4. EpicShweetness

    Regarding Kaveri and FM2+

    I'm sure there are plenty of you eagerly waiting the release of Kaveri. I'm an avid "collector" of APU's my laptop has a A6-5200 the computer in my bedroom is a A8-3850, and 1 of the 2 computers in the playroom is a Athlon 750k. So anyway that brings us to my question. I stated in the poll of...
  5. EpicShweetness

    Power Supply Board

    I'm Looking for a small circuit board to provided power to a 12v DC to a Pump (18 watt .69amp), and 4 3pin fans. This is to provided power to a external water cooling rack. I'm in the process of brainstorming, and would appreciate, ideas, alternatives, etc. As it stands I've found things...
  6. EpicShweetness

    GTX 680 Reference Board's

    Ok so currently I'm gonna help a online bud that I know upgrade his graphics card. He has an older water cooled GTX465 with a reference 480 board so the koolance waterblock he used fits, and it was on the cheap. Well all I'm wondering is if a GTX 670 or 660ti (preferably a 660ti) that has a...