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  1. ozorian

    How can i bypass TDP on Gigabyte Gtx 970 G1 gaming?

    I just setup my build and its time to overclock a bit!! I am not a veteran on that, i use guides and tutorials to do it. But i know that my GPU can go over 1600MHz boost clock. I use an Ek waterblock for the card and when i reach the limits of the allowable power from the manufacturer i get a...
  2. ozorian

    Gts 250 or Gt 740 for dedicated Physx??

    Hello i am going to check how dedicated physX will work in my pc and what performance i will gain with that... But i dont know which one from my spare cards should i use Gigabyte Gts 250 1gb or Asus Gt 740 2gb? the rest system specs cpu 5820k on rampage v 16gb Ram and Gigabyte gtx 970 psu evga...
  3. ozorian

    Upgrade to a new gaming rig before or after "Computex 2015"

    i have $2000 at last, waiting for my new gaming rig. After 6 years its about time to upgrade my i5 750 2.66GHz and my gigabyte Gts 250 that are going to handle the HTPC from now on. i already have monitor, cpu cooler(swiftech h220-x), corsair forge gs 128gb and OS that will follow the new...
  4. ozorian


    HELLO!! I am going to expand my liquid kit, includes my new ASUS GTX 980 POSEIDON. For that i will add to the loop one more 120mm radiator plus the gpu. My doubt on this project its the stock pump of the H220-x. Will be able to control properly the water flow of the loop or i need to buy a...