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  1. freakshow

    worth the upgrade?

    ok its been a hot minutes since i been on techpowerup. lol anyways im getting ready to build me a new system for gaming and photo editing. i got most of the parts that want picked out, but cant decide if i want to upgrade cpu. currently running Ryzen 1700x, but kind of want to go with Ryzen...
  2. freakshow

    Xeon or the i5

    So I finally got my bios chip from EVGA and got my xeon e5-2630 sandy system up and running. Now here is the delimma. A friend gave me his old Asus z87 sabertooth along with an i5 4690. So now I don't know what to use lol any advice?
  3. freakshow

    E5 2630 SandyBridge build

    So to start off i had a EVGA X79 motherboard, i've had it for couple years now, and i decided i want to use it. i found a Xeon E5 2630 6 core sandybridge cpu. and i got a couple of questions. question 1. how is E5 2630 stand against A10-7860k? (current system) question 2. would the E5 2630...
  4. freakshow

    gtx770 sli and my psu

    ok im thinking about buying 2 GTX 770, well cause it's time to upgrade lol im currently running OCZ ZT 750watt psu, so my question is can my psu handle 2 gtx 770? specs of psu
  5. freakshow

    I/O Plate

    ok i order me last week a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH. well it arrived today and i opened the box and there was no I/O plate, does anybody know where or how i can obtain one? :o Edit: i already checked ebay there was none :(
  6. freakshow

    HD 5870 engineering sample??

    i found this post on CL and does this look like a hd5870 is an engineering sample? :confused: HD5870 CL add
  7. freakshow

    new system question

    ok im itching to build me a new pc but i was thinking of getting a 2600k is it and upgrade or a downgrade from what i currently have and would it be worth it or not? probably going to be using my gtx 480
  8. freakshow

    [Case Gallery] Paradox Box (Redone)

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: LIAN LI PC-A05N Black » Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.6Ghz » Gigabyte X58A-UD3R » EVGA Geforce GTX 480 @ Stock » 10Gigs Super Talent DDR3 1333 @ 1600 » PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750watt » LiteOn DVD-RW » WD Scorpio Black 320Gb (laptop HD) » WD Scorpio...
  9. freakshow

    Reservoir Mounting Advice needed

    ok so i have a bitspower water tank z-multi 150 reservoir. so my question is, would it be alright to mount it sideways like in my photo below?
  10. freakshow

    120mm rad questiom

    120mm rad question Ok I have a question. I have a swiftech 120mm rad I want to use on a core i7 920 will it keep it cool enough with no ocing or mild ocing?
  11. freakshow

    3870x2's tell what u think

    ok guys i know these things are are alittle old but i bought both 3870x2's for 15 dollars so tell me what u think lol and what kind of performance will i see these in quadfire in i7 build? lol and also they are working cards
  12. freakshow

    [Case Gallery] Paradox Box

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel Core i7 920 @ stock Gigabyte X58A-UD3R EVGA Geforce GTX 480 @ Stock Super Talent DDR3 1333 @ 1600 Corsair tx750 LiteOn DVD-RW WD Scorpio Black 320Gb (laptop HD) WD Scorpio Blue 500Gb LIAN LI PC-A05N Black Seagate Barracuda 500Gb...
  13. freakshow

    side panel design

    im working on a case mod and i need a side panel design my mind is blank i cant think of anything :ohwell: the mod is call paradox box if u guys have some ideas let me know :D i know i want to use something like Arrows (as in directions)
  14. freakshow

    Cable Sleeving

    im looking to cable sleeve my corsair tx750. i want to do individually sleeving to each wire but my question is where do i get the cable sleeving at? i want at least 20 feet of black and white 1/8 of a inch im guessing??? lol where and i dont know where to order from i guess i did look at this...
  15. freakshow

    Crazy lucky i guess

    well to start off im must be really lucky person *knock on wood* well anyways i was at a lan last saturday and this dude was selling a Corsair H50 for 20 dollars so i took him up on the offer but thats not the story anyways he ask is there anything else u want to buy off of him, i was thinking...
  16. freakshow

    HP DV6000 Thoughts!

    ok i bought a used hp dv6000 amd laptop only thing wrong with it is is suppose to be dvd-rw drive dont work but i got another dvd-rw drive and replaced it but the thing is it wont recognize any optical drive at all not even usb optical drive and the usbs work perfectly cuz i can boot off my...
  17. freakshow

    Gtx480 :d

    ok my GTX 295 Died 10 months ago (RIP i miss you :( ) but i waited almost a year to RMA my 295 lol :ohwell: well i sent it in about a week ago and i just got my RMA back well yesterday/today ( had to pick it from my friends house cuz it was regastered under him since i bought it off him lol )...
  18. freakshow

    Ff xiv

    anybody play final fantasy 14 online? i just got it today im still new to the game and i need friends lol so let me know what server ur on and game name or sumthing idk lol
  19. freakshow

    [Case Gallery] Reaper B/W CM HAF 932

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.8 190x20 Super Talent DDR3 1333/1526 8-8-8-28 1T EVGA X58 3x SLI EVGA GTX 295 Apogee GTZ MCR220 MCP-655-B MCRES-Micro REV 2 Corsair TX750W PSU CM HAF 932 1 GSkill 64Gig SSD 1 Western Digital 160Gig SATAII 1 500Gig Seagate...
  20. freakshow

    Cpu VTT voltage

    ok i been google for about 2 days now about CPU VTT Voltage and not getting anywhere, i want to know what is the max u want to use on x58 and i7 920 let me know what else u need to know thx
  21. freakshow

    Modding an ATX to a BTX

    has anybody ever thought about make and atx case in to a btx style with the motherboard is upside down on the opposite side? is it possible with heavy modding?
  22. freakshow

    Cooler Master Haf 932

    ok to all the people that own COOLER MASTER HAF case tell me what u think of it. i just order one from the egg for $119 :D
  23. freakshow

    Dragon Age Help

    i ok i got dragon age origians today and i installed it and as soon i try to make a character it crashes to the desktop any ideas? anybody else have this problem? i got the latest drivers and the game newest patch thx freakshow
  24. freakshow

    [FS/FT][US] Gskill ssd's 64 Gig

    i have 2 Gskill ssd's 64 Gig that i got in a trade a week ago and there just setting here on my desk and dont know what to do with them. So i decided to sell or trade them Model: FM-25S2S-64GB Note: I don't have the original boxes its just the drive's it self Asking $120 FIRM on the price...
  25. freakshow


    i have 2 GSkill SSD's 64Gig just setting here gathering dust i got them in a trade, trying to decide to sell them or trade them... well the thing i want to know how much are they worth?