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  1. EpicShweetness

    Intel Core i7 "Broadwell-E" to Launch in Q2-2016

    Unfortunately it is not, I blame lazy programming with lots of software, not just games, that hasn't made the need for more than 4 cores more than "mainstream".
  2. EpicShweetness

    HDPLEX 2nd Generation H5 Case Starts Selling

    Looks Passive enough for like a I3 (or overclocked pentium), and maybe a GTX 960, that would be a pretty potent HTPC. :pimp:
  3. EpicShweetness

    Thinking of upgrading my system

    Your Mobo has dos SATA 3 ports, so an SSD would be a definite upgrade. The GPU would be nice to I would say whatever is within budget, like many have been saying the 970 would be a good choice, the GTX 960 if you don't have a $350 budget...... ETC, that's where I would start.
  4. EpicShweetness

    ID-Cooling Intros FrostFlow 240L AIO CPU Cooler

    I have yet to see the Hunter Duet from these guys, let me know when that comes around. :pimp:
  5. EpicShweetness

    AMD Radeon R9 Nano Nears Launch, 50% Higher Performance per Watt over Fury X

    All I'm gonna say, AMD PR. Ok maybe that, and we'll see :D
  6. EpicShweetness

    TechPowerUp $800 Build Guide

    Have to agree the video card is to much for 1080p in most games, i.e it exceeds the 60hz rate of the monitor. Going with a cheaper video card would be better, it would also allow for a cheaper processor in that you aren't going to become processor dependent. In a majority of games a superior IPC...
  7. EpicShweetness

    ASUS GeForce GTX 950 STRIX OC 2 GB

    Have to agree the base MSRP of $160 is just not justifiable for the performance that an extra $20-40 will get you. They need to bring the card down to $140 at the most, I would consider this card for my media computer (replacing a 650ti BOOST) for that price. Even the I bought the 650ti BOOST...
  8. EpicShweetness

    TP-LINK Ships AC3200 Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Routers

    For the price you could do 2 routers and a cheap gigabit switch (4port) and have 4 radios and 2 transmission points. Soooo.....
  9. EpicShweetness

    NZXT Announces GRID+ V2 Digital Fan Controller

    So instead of using the fan headers on your motherboard you just plug them into this, nice! Is their anything else like this? Will the software be fantastic or a headache? I'm quite interested!
  10. EpicShweetness

    AMD Radeon R9 Nano Coming Sooner Than You Think?

    Judging by the cards size and "Fiji" consumption, I think the hype train that AMD has going is going to become a fail train, but not by much. Don't get me wrong I think what we have on hand here is..... 1.) Fiji cut in half, or.... 2.) Fiji with severely low clocks, simply because of thermal...
  11. EpicShweetness

    $1,000 Build for a Friend

    To each their own, I'm just speaking from personal experience. Just think about how GPU's advance. In about 2 years $200 will buy a GPU exceeding the GTX 970, and at that point an upgrade would be necessary.
  12. EpicShweetness

    $1,000 Build for a Friend

    May I suggest that you lessen the vid card to a gtx 960 instead, the resolution of the monitor (1080p) does not justify a gtx 970 as of right now. You could say future proof, but that's actually a load of sh*t. $200 now, and $200 in the future makes more sense then $350 right now. Oh and yes I...
  13. EpicShweetness

    AMD Announces the Radeon R9 Fury Graphics Card

    Its supposed to best the R9 290X with a substantial power reduction, I'm guessing their going to do this by cutting down the Fiji Core even more down to about 48CU (3072 cores) or 44CU (2816 cores) to match the 290x since their cores (GCN) are the same. Clock speeds and anything else is anyone...
  14. EpicShweetness

    27-Inch QHD Monitor Advice

    I've been looking around so any contributions would be welcome. Looking for a 27-Inch QHD (2560x1440) 10 bit panel monitor, the cheaper the better. I would say my budget is $500, but I can do more with more time of course. I'm not partial to the refresh time but anything lower then 6ms would be...
  15. EpicShweetness

    AMD Readying "Godavari" APUs for May Launch, 14 nm APUs in 2016

    Yawn! Unfortunately AMD has been dragging this forgettable architecture through and through. It doesn't really work, and its lagging farther and farther behind. I'll look forward to Zen, hopefully I wont have to abandon hope.
  16. EpicShweetness

    New monitor

    Depends were ya go, you have a 970 (like myself) which can rock up to 2560x1440 just fine. Personally my BenQ is 144hz Gsync, and although its still 1080p its butter smooth amazing 1080p. I can play games well beyond 60FPS at 1080p with a 970, buts that's the point to Gsync. Otherwise everyone...
  17. EpicShweetness

    New Mobo/CPU (maybe ram) time. To PLX chip or Not... so many ways to go.

    In my research I found that even something like this does not support 16x 16x or 16x 8x etc. Basically at $300 :twitch: you can get something like this for cheaper and it has all you need, granted you'll have to spend more on the CPU and RAM. However x8 x8 at PCI 3.0 x8 bandwidth is more than...
  18. EpicShweetness

    Phenom II - 965 @ 3.8Ghz - Worth an upgrade ?

    I waited for a CPU upgrade until the IPC was about 50% greater. Now modern Haswell will do that for that aging Phenom, but if it's not within your budget then don't bother. Psu upgrades are usually suggested when you get a Psu related *sign*, sudden power failure, black screens, blue screens...
  19. EpicShweetness

    building my own pc

    If it's going to take time to put together a computer financially then get the components with the least amount of time sensitivity. I would say since your building the machine primarily for gaming the most time senitive component is the GPU. The CPU would definitely be on the top of that list...
  20. EpicShweetness

    Your electric bill!

    I pay every 4 months living on a Military Base. Balfour Betty my housing department pays for an allowance of my power bill. So for 4 months in 100 degree Georgia weather to cool my house to 72F and run all of my electronics for a family of 6 was $15, lol.
  21. EpicShweetness

    PC wont boot up (No POST, No Video)

    Usually start with the cheapest solution first, but it really REALLY helps to have a PC on spare to test failure in parts, especially when a POST doesn't occur. Usually if a POST *beep* isn't heard you can sum in down to the motherboard and all parts *associated* with it (I.E the RAM, CPU)...
  22. EpicShweetness

    Mounting 5.25 Reservoir Sideways

    I went ahead and got about $500 in parts from EK, the loop so far works. 1 120mm by 38mm rad and a 240mm by 55mm rad. Full block for the video card and all finished with compression fittings. Not sure how much of a hassle having close to an inch of space of air in the reservoir is going to be...
  23. EpicShweetness

    Mounting 5.25 Reservoir Sideways

    I went ahead and got about $500 in parts from EK, the loop so far works. 1 120mm by 38mm rad and a 240mm by 55mm rad. Full block for the video card and all finished with compression fittings. Not sure how much of a hassle having close to an inch of space of air in the reservoir is going to be...
  24. EpicShweetness

    Mounting 5.25 Reservoir Sideways

    I was thinking something like this as it would allow me to hide it with plenty of room. As far as filling it just fill it from the inlet port. That should be easy enough.