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  1. Galas

    Steam Offers Batman Arkham Knight Refunds After Second Failed PC Launch

    Thank you. This is exactly the way I think.
  2. Galas

    Tesoro Unveils Excalibur RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    >Implying a joypad is better for FPS than a keyboard & mouse combo
  3. Galas

    Apple Introduces 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display

    What are you talking about? Google develops for all platforms but most of its content it's web based. That has nothing to do with the fact that windows is almost banned but OSX and Linux are encouraged. Do you even read before you post?
  4. Galas

    Apple Introduces 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display

    As some big companies, like google, do. OSX and GNU/Linux variants, including goobuntu and cromeOS, are encouraged.
  5. Galas

    Apple Introduces 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display

    God i've been reading your posts all along and is getting more obvious that you don't know what you are talking about. That ITX system you built it's not exactly the same. It's bigger. Also the PSU in the mac mini is internal. Besides the fact that you should add the price of the OS. Don't get...
  6. Galas

    Roccat Announces Sova Gaming Keyboard

    Also, Roccat Kulo Kulo it's phonetically identical to Culo in spanish. Which means 'ass'
  7. Galas

    Seagate Readies 6 Terabyte Hard Drive for Q2

    How can you mistake a gb for a TB? People constantly doing this triggers my OCD badly.
  8. Galas

    Razer Goes Metal With Kraken Forged Edition Headphones

    For 300 you can get some real headphones though, not some overpriced Razer toy.
  9. Galas

    Canonical Introduces Ubuntu 13.10

    As a Debian user for as long as I can remember, and Ubuntu user from a couple of years ago, I don't get why they try so hard on this cross-platform compatibility. I think the right way todo it is normalize archs, not diversify them.
  10. Galas

    iBUYPOWER Unveils the Battalion M1771 Ultra-Thin Laptop

    No RJ45 on a 17 incher? that's a don't-buy for me.
  11. Galas

    TechPowerUp and GIGABYTE Announce Sweepstakes

    Just say no to spec work
  12. Galas

    Intel Announces Availability of NUC Kit D54250WYK

    Probably my next HTPC
  13. Galas

    MSI Also Rolls Out WindTop AP1920 All-in-One Desktop

    I think it might be really, really really budget friendly.
  14. Galas

    Integral Memory Announce Sleek, High-Speed, Metal USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    What t actually says is "Those speeds allow it to transfer an entire DVD quality movie in under a minute." as in, a DVD quality , significantly lower sized compressed movie.
  15. Galas

    Razer Introduces the Blade Pro 17-Inch Gaming Laptop

    mmm nevermind, I was actually looking at the 14" model.
  16. Galas

    Razer Introduces the Blade Pro 17-Inch Gaming Laptop

    How are you supposed to use it on a LAN party without a LAN port? Absurd. >inb4 USB ethernet Nope.
  17. Galas

    Cooler Master Announces N200, N400, and N600 Cases

    Nice cases, specially the budget-friendly N200
  18. Galas

    Habey Intros PRO-6820 Fanless Core i7 Quad-Core System with 6 GbE Interfaces

    Nice little and powerful router/firewall/proxy fully packed.
  19. Galas

    Thermaltake Announces Urban S41 Chassis

    First decent Thermaltake case in a long time.
  20. Galas

    Logitech Renews Commitment to PC Gaming, Introduces New Lineup

    MX500 Master Race reporting in. 10 y/o mouse still working like a charm. Add a custom paintjob and replacement glides and i'm all set.
  21. Galas

    NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX Titan, The Fastest GPU in the World

    I still remember when 300 bucks were enough to get you the best graphic card out there.
  22. Galas

    Mac Pro Gets Updated This Spring, Powered by Ivy Bridge-EP Xeon

    ITT: Apple haters trying to evangelize custom building. The #1 reason for a company paying premium for a Mac Pro, is SOFTWARE, not hardware. Anyway, most companies are buying minis instead. Much better performance/price ratio.
  23. Galas

    Cooltek Announces CoolCube Mini-ITX Case

    Don't like the vent. design
  24. Galas

    Axiomtek Intros Two New Nano-ITX Motherboards

    Excelent option to build a powerful, versatile and very compact router / FW / Proxy server.