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  1. joinmeindeath417

    [FF] (US) Giving away shart because i wanna.

    I will type this one time and if people send me PM's with dumb reasons i will not respond. THIS IS ment for people who NEED the items, i don't care what you want, it's about needing not wanting. This isn't first come first serve it's who i feel needs the parts more so please don't be offended if...
  2. joinmeindeath417

    Help with AMD 4890

    I just used GPU-Z to make sure everything was okay but i noticed that my card is running in Pci-e 1.1 and not 2.0? My motherboard does infact support 2.0. I am not familiar with this whole thing. Is there a way to switch it over through the Bios or Windows. Thanks!
  3. joinmeindeath417

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta for PS3

    Apparently, the beta is exclusive to the PS3 and will not come out on the PC of 360. I don't see how that makes any sense but i figured i'd post it and see the responses :rockout: SOURCE EDIT: CDdude rightfully squashed this rumor from gamespot. Thank you
  4. joinmeindeath417

    3dmark Vantage issue...

    Okay fresh install of windows 7 pro 64 bit edition. i get an error message not letting me open Vantage. "C:\windows\system32\d3dx10_36.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact...
  5. joinmeindeath417

    Giving Away One Free Copy Of Windows 7

    i will be giving a way a free copy of Windows 7 within the next week, (just a product key) I got a decent amount from Microsoft as a promo for the computer shop i work at we have ONE extra key so i figured why not, this forum has helped me a decent amount and kills time for me while i am at...
  6. joinmeindeath417

    Wolf ET TPU madness?

    Anyone wanna rock it old school and play some WOLF ET? i just installed it and i missed the hell out of this game. So if we can get a good group of people to play it'd be awesome! especially if someone has a dedicated server to host :rockout:
  7. joinmeindeath417

    Which CPU is better...

    Okay so im a little rusty in the gaming department for PC's as i haven't owned/built a gaming rig since the Geforce 7 cards came out. I was wondering which would be better usually everyone says intel but... I am considering getting the Phenom II x4 955 or the Intel quad q8300 I've...
  8. joinmeindeath417

    HELP with flash drive if possible.

    So i installed my copy of windows 7, and my flash drive would not be recognized when i plugged it into my PC.So i figured it was just a USB issue cause it was working before i installed 7 and had vista no problems. Anyway. I go to check it out tells me i have to "format" my drive because its...
  9. joinmeindeath417

    Need to make a decision about a CPU

    Okay so i was concidering upgrading my PC and i was looking at two possible choices being The Athlon x4 620 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103706 or AMD Phenom II X3 705e http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103683 The main concern here is...
  10. joinmeindeath417

    Is my 3Dmark06 score about normal?

    i got 11526 for my 3Dmark06 score, i was wondering if this was normal for my PC specs in my specs. Thanks if anyone has a similar config, and no i haven't over clocked anything.
  11. joinmeindeath417

    Microsoft puts the Banhammer on Live ACCOUNTS

    According to Xboxscene.com So apparently Microsoft is actually banning accounts for this and not the console. hmmm they must be pretty pissed off than no?":nutkick:
  12. joinmeindeath417

    Trying to figure out whats wrong with my pc

    Okay so i have a computer that has a sudden problem. First i noticed that when playing DVD's it would be extremely choppy looking i mean unwatchable, so i figured it was a codec problem, tried new ones..and to no avail nothing worked. So i went to do a system rebuild. Booted the CD and than...
  13. joinmeindeath417

    This is a good month for Games huh!?

    So the few games coming out in October that have been reviewed latley have been getting good/great ratings! God my wallet is going to hurt So Far. PC GAMES Operation Flashpoint 2 8.2 Risen 8.6 Aion 8.5 Mini Ninjas 8.0 PS3 GAMES Uncharted 2 9.5 Demons Souls 9.4...
  14. joinmeindeath417

    Review: pspGO

    I figured i've been reading mixed reviews ALL over the internet about the PSPgo, and while a lot of both sides makes sense, i'll add my 2 pennies because well it's just how i feel. I am a owner of the PSP-1000, i have a couple games not too many cause the psp never really was that fun for...
  15. joinmeindeath417

    Gordon Freeman needs your help!

    Ok so gamespot is doing a poll on who's the "all time greatest video game hero". and so far Its Gordon VS. Link and Mario vs Samus! So far Gorden is tied with Link. Fellow Half-Life Lovers go on THIS link and support our hero Gordon, if he loses to the likes of Link and Mario than what is...
  16. joinmeindeath417

    Need for Speed: Shift 360, PS3 39.99!

    Bestbuy has a sale on the game it is 39.99 instead of 59.99. LINK Enjoy
  17. joinmeindeath417

    MOD that just made L4D even more creepy...

    http://bitmob.com/index.php/mobfeed/tubbies-of-the-dead.html Word cannot explain the fear that flows through my blood right now..
  18. joinmeindeath417

    Left 4 Dead 2 Banned in Australia

    According to IGN L4D 2 is not being released in Australia Source
  19. joinmeindeath417

    New Modern Warfare 2 360 sku 250gb

    http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/102/1025213p1.html Yep Microshaft has done it again, all they really did was throw out the pro, switch it with the elite and made another sku with a bigger hard drive for an extra hundred dollars, Although i think its cool that it comes with the game and...
  20. joinmeindeath417

    Uh, the Gamegun? anyone see this yet

    I dunno it seems kinda cool i guess, will probably help Military simulation, i just feel like you'd need a ton of room or your gonna break something...or your face. http://www.engadget.com/2009/08/29/gamegun-going-to-be-ready-for-retail-by-christmas-will-be-conso/ video and description
  21. joinmeindeath417

    First Ps3 Slim Taken Apart W/ Pics

    Okay so i got my ps3 slim today at gamestop (yes even the stores sell it earlier than amazon etc.)... Been running it for about 2 hours playing Killzone 2, this thing is warm at best and not a peep (yeah fans are running but can hardly hear them unless your right in front of the unit) Also...
  22. joinmeindeath417

    MAG Beta

    Has anyone been accepted with a ps3? CLICK HERE to sign up if you want to. For anyone who has a ps3 and doesn't know what MAG is its a 256 player based online game that requires actual team work and has specific mission objectives. If anyone has already been accepted i just got my invite...
  23. joinmeindeath417

    Grand Turismo 5

    This game is amazing looking, especially for a console game i can't wait for it to come out Over 1,000 cars! granted not all of them will have model damage but i think that's fine for the fact that there is so many cars.
  24. joinmeindeath417

    360 Failure Rate reaches 54%

    Hm, i thought it was getting lower not higher, with the jasper core and all i hope not i just got a jasper core Article
  25. joinmeindeath417

    Resident Evil 5 was it a let down for you?

    I'm not going to spoil anything for anyone who has not played, but does anyone besides me think that 5 was more like gears of war? i mean i liked the game, but i just played through about 3 hours of RE 4, and man i missed this game, as much as it wasn't like 1,2,3,CV, etc. it was still creepy...