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    Yeah, I was just on newegg looking at a set of OCZRPR 1066 2x2gb for ~$100 that I bought in June for $45 after rebate. :shadedshu You'd think they were having a shortage!
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    Advice on HAF 922 fans placement

    I can speak from personal experience with a HAF922 and the amount of space I have between my True120Ultra and the 2 scythe slip stream 110cfm's I have on my rig. Granted they are 120mmx25mm versions but the clips that hold the fans to the heatsink are what comes the closest to the 200mm top...
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    Mushkin Support Thread

    :banghead:After 8 days of screwing around 10-12 hours a day with these ram modules and having numerous x58 mobo oc'ing pro's/guru's help me with my bios templates I've came to the conclusion that my ram is what is holding me back from anything over 4.214ghz on my cpu. The ONLY way I was able to...
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    Mushkin Support Thread

    Thanks for the replies. I'll just go to watercooling gear I just bought and try a little more vcore or cpuvtt. Since this is not the first time someone has made the comment that their Muskin ram liked less than the rated/recommended vdimm I guess I'll have to do some testing at lower voltages...
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    Mushkin Support Thread

    I have a question about my Mushkin Redline ddr3 model#998692. I've got the 6gb kit on my evga x58 le mobo and love it. Really fast ram! My question is this, what is the "maximum" recommended vdimm for these ram sticks? I know 1.65volts is the "norm". But for oc'ing what would you sugguest is the...
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    Is this PSU enough to run my video card?

    As others have said.. in short no. Not unless your 250watt psu puts out about ~10 amps on the 12volt rail. Since the 8800gs is more or less a 9600gso and they draw about 10amps per card on one of my folding rigs. Here's a source for some "actual" power requirements of just gpu's (this is an...
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    Mushkin redlines 12800

    Yes, they are really fast. I have the same running on my EVGA 757LE/i7 920 @4.2ghz. This was my first ddr3 build and I almost choked on the price tag for them!:eek: I read countless reviews before decideing that I wanted really fast ram that was capable of oc'ing. Glad I decided on the Redline.