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  1. (FIH) The Don

    Guess the HW game

    its quite simple really i post a picture now, the person who guess what it is, will post a picture of something else that we have to guess, the person who guesses what it is gets to post the next picture if you do not want to post a picture please say so, then someone else can post a picture...
  2. (FIH) The Don

    how to force 3d clock on 5870 without flash

    so my card is kinda fucked lol its making small pixel sized green dots whenever im on the desktop white dots when i watch movies, and when loading movie sequences in games but NO problems when im in games so im thinking its the 2d settings that is fucked, is there any way i can force...
  3. (FIH) The Don

    Corsair Graphite owners clubhouse

    This is a little clubhouse for us who owns a Corsair 600T link to product 600T It comes in Black and White with black insides. with and without a windows/sidemesh/full panel Come on in!!
  4. (FIH) The Don

    Project : Bumble Bee

    where do i begin? idk...... my past logs have been....well rather unlucky. i have moved ALOT around this past year and 6 months, therefor i could not finish those many projects that i had started, and im sorry for that. and im sorry for you guys who followed and cheered me up with your...
  5. (FIH) The Don

    [WTB] club3D volari v8 duo

    looking for the card above :) with original packaging and everything :)
  6. (FIH) The Don

    [WTB] i7 2600K

    idc if its lapped, oem, ES or anything, as long as it does 4.5 or more ;) gimme what you got :D aaaaaaaand you MUST be able to ship to denmark, its no biggie, i WILL pay the extra shipping, i do NOT need the stock cooler, rather not have it ;) will get less attention when reaching customs i...
  7. (FIH) The Don

    The Tablet owners clubhouse

    This is for people who own a tablet. i do NOT care what kind you have, i will NOT accept ANY flaming just bc some guy has an ipad, or some else has a chinese knockoff this is for everyone who owns one its so we can discuss everything about them, best apps, good deals, and what not User |...
  8. (FIH) The Don


    i wanna do something else than the usual PC build this time been trying Mac OS X for some time now and i love the simplicity of it. and no, i wont spend 3000$ on buying a new Mac Pro, would be plain stupid imo this is for the fun of it and the challenge in it. the hardware will probably be...
  9. (FIH) The Don

    Velvet Wafer vs (FIH) The Don little bench night :)

    we just wanted to do some benching, for the fun of it :) starting out with the usual 3d06 vantage and unigene heaven please suggest other benches :) just no DX11 only titles :)
  10. (FIH) The Don

    Don's Extreme Box

    well im at it again lol on the 15th this month im getting this case: it has allready been modded, but there will probably be some minro things i want to change when i get it this will mostly be a build log, with minor modding added :) im negotiating a deal on 3 rads, 1...
  11. (FIH) The Don

    Project White'N'Blue

    ah yeah here we go again :rolleyes: ive gotten so far in this project now that i am confident enough to get this finished :) so whats going on? well, i got this old crappy antec NSK-6XXX case the plan was to paint it white with metallic blue details here and there :) so i took the thing...
  12. (FIH) The Don

    Don's GPU painting adventures :D

    well when im an ass to finish big builds, i have to start with smaller ones from now on :roll: here we go started with this GFX but the color scheme didnt fit what i wanted, and didnt look well with the other black, blue/white things so i sanded the sucker then primed it :D...
  13. (FIH) The Don

    Bad PSU?

    i got this http://www.komplett.dk/k/ki.aspx?sku=386812#extra http://www.chieftec.com/super-power.html 750w Chiefter Super Series now the problem is, whenever i load 1 gtx-275 and my i7 @ 4ghz or stock speed the rig just shuts down(second card is removed from system) first i thought it was my...
  14. (FIH) The Don

    [WTB] Athlon II X4

    need an athlon II x4, 620, 630 is what im mainly looking for shoot me a pm with what you got, i got Heat and Paypal:toast:
  15. (FIH) The Don

    Add Facebook like button on reviews?

    cant you add something like this sorry its danish, but you get the idea im pretty sure it will only generate more visitors to the site
  16. (FIH) The Don

    [WTB][EU] Watercooling Parts

    im looking for some different things CPU block for 1366, something good quality, Heatkiller, EK, and so on Pump , also the good stuff, Laing, Swiftec, etc radiator, "maybe" has to be a good triple or dual rad Heatware fihthedon@gmail.com is paypal
  17. (FIH) The Don

    new psu max 150€

    since i will be building a new rig when i get money the first i need advice on a new PSU it cant cost no more than 150€ or 1000DKK the reason for me needing your help is that there is so many new PSU's out there these days and its pretty damn confusing it will be handling dual gtx-275s and a...
  18. (FIH) The Don

    800D, meet your end :)

    this has got to be the most perfect case for watercooling what a BEAST!!! teaser rest can be seen here http://www.octeamdenmark.com/forums/kabinetter-og-casemods/6586-littledevils-watercooling-pc-case-ld-pc-v8-pics-inside.html#post55262 price is 400€ + shipping i might get...
  19. (FIH) The Don

    TPU Motherboard reviews

    i for one would love to see more motherboard reviews from TP, last review was in 2007 :eek::wtf: http://techpowerup.com/reviews/ECS/A770M-A/ is there any reason why you guys stopped doing it? would other people than me like to see motherboard reviews from TPU?
  20. (FIH) The Don

    i3 overclocking thread

    i see tons of i7 and i5 overclocking threads but no i3, poor little CPU lol needs moar attention :rockout: Specs on the i3 series i will make a table with overclock, mb, chipset, vcore and other relevant info when people start showing their results
  21. (FIH) The Don

    [WTB] Any!! 1156 cpu + ddr3

    gimme what your got :) anything has my attention :laugh: i have Heat and paypal also looking for at least 2x1 GB ddr3 1333 to go along with it and yes, i know im in Denmark, so i know shipping will be a bit higher than regular US buyers but bring it on :)
  22. (FIH) The Don

    Nvidia SLI Clubhouse

    Might as well make this clubhouse, i will be ordering my second 470 the 1st :D so this is for us who has/soon gets 2 or more Nvidia cards in SLI Bring it on, and remember everyone is welcome to discuss this, not only sli owners this is to share your experiences, pro's and con's about it...
  23. (FIH) The Don

    [WTB][EU] 2x2 GB DDR2 1066mhz memory

    hey guys since my dominators are taking a dump on me then i need some new memory it needs to be 2x2gb and 1066mhz minimum so bring it on and let me know what you got, i have heat and paypal anything else just ask :toast:
  24. (FIH) The Don

    Red Apple

    + + + + nuff said atm :cool: HW list : Maximus II Formula Q9550 4x1GB Dominators GTX-470 1KW CM RealPower Hyper212 for now, water later Parts to be ordered : Aluminium sheets
  25. (FIH) The Don

    Don's Watercooling Adventure to Waterland! Yay!

    oh well. here we go again:laugh: i want you guys to tell me waht block you use, how the temps are, and what else you have in your loop i should be getting nealry 2000$ that i can spend on shits and giggles, not meaning that i should spend ALL of it on water i need a dremel, a case and a...