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    [Case Gallery] Lian Li Pc-7HX Grafit!

    Nice work Alain. Keep up the nice work my friend
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    [Case Gallery] MOD TERMALTAKE V9

    Hola Espania You really should write the performed mods in English. TechPowerup isnt Spanish you know.
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    [Case Gallery] My Gold

    It is not to thick, not to narrow,and absololutely not 28cm. I sit very comfortable when i use the desk and the lcd was placed there only when i took the pictures. The theme has nothing to do with Tron so i have no idea what your talking about. The desk is specially desgned for me and my use...
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    [Case Gallery] My Gold

    I use it for almost anything. Atm im playing a lot since there are so many games i havent been able to play while building this :) Thanks for your great feadback people.
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    [Case Gallery] My Gold

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel I7 3770k, Gigabyte GA-Z77-UD5H Z77 S-1155 ATX, Corsair AX1200w, 2x XFX 5870 865/1300, 16Gb Corsair vengeance (4x4) 1600mhz 9-9-9-24, HDD's Two OCZ Vertex 3 120GB Raid0, 2x WD Green 1,5TB 7200rpm 64mb Raid0, 2x Samsung Spinpoint F3...
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    [Case Gallery] White Cosmos RC-1000

    Looking good. Very clean and nice theme you got there. 9 from me.
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    AMD Bulldozer, Llano Pricing Surface

    Ivy will crush it... Got the 1090T myself, but i hate to admit it, that Intel wins in every single bench test. If Amd's flagship cpu do better then the 2600k it wil most likely be smashed when the Ivy Bridge is released.
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    [Case Gallery] Obsidian with lightly Water Cooling System

    How did you manage to reach 4,2ghz with 1,25v? 1500mhz overklock and not near the max vcore. impressive and maybe lucky cpu perhaps?
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    [Case Gallery] Lian Li A70F - Azurite updated.

    Thanks. didn't wanna bother to delete and upload new look with good upgrade. Hope people look at all pictures and realize the difference :d
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    [Case Gallery] Just Another Obsidian Build

    Very nice. Clean and anonymous, but i miss a little spark to it. Nice hardware :d il vote 8 or 9 maybe. Yeah 9 for superb for thats what it is. Good work.
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    Hardware shop recommendation.

    Could you recommend me a good hardware shop in the UK or United States that ships products overseas to rest of Europe (Norway)
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    3Dmark11 benchmark question

    I see the Asus 590 is scoring 12,9 fps 1920x1200 in 3dmark11 here at techpowerup. This is with no AA or AF. I have a few questions about this. Is this benchmark with all the tests or just graphic tests 1-4? or is it the graphic tests and physic and combined included. Is the 12,9 fps the average...
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    [Case Gallery] CM 690 II Watercooled V.3 From Thailand

    Good looking build with a sweet theme. Outstanding from me, but i would like to see more pictures that shows the whole case.
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    [Case Gallery] Lian Li A70F - Azurite updated.

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: AMD 1090T 4,133 ghz, 1.475v Corsair H70 cooler. 16 GB Corsair Vengeans 1660mhz(7-8-7-24 1,5v) 2 x xfx Radeon HD 5870 865/1300mhz modified/Flashed to asus bios. Corsair performance SSD 128GB, 2x WD Green 1,5TB 64MB Cache, 7200RPM, 3 GB/s, 500GB...
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    [Case Gallery] Lian Li Tyr 500 - Red Devil

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Cpu: Phenom II x4 965BE, o.c 4,0 ghz. Corsair H70 Ram: 8GB corsair 1333mhz Graphic: ATI HD 5770 passiv HDD: 2x 64 GB Corsair performance SSD. Seagte 2TB sata 3. WD black 640GB MB: Asus Crosshair Formula IV PSU: Corsair 750W Case: Lian Li Tyr 500...
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    Bulldozer Shines in 3D Gaming and Rendering: AMD

    Do you think that you can use current phenom II on the new board am3+? I was thinking that this was a completely new architechture that wouldnt be compatible with any older amd cpu's. Would be nice if it were possible, but i doubht it. Hope i am mistaking. :toast:
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    Bulldozer 50% Faster than Core i7 and Phenom II

    Its not 50% faster, Its 50% increased performance