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    Matias Releases World's Quietest Mechanical Keyboard

    It looks so retro.
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    Synology Introduces DiskStation DS413j NAS

    I really like Synology, but this one reminds more of kitchen appliance than NAS.
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    Dell Alienware M18X R2 Specs Leak

    I (personally) think it looks funky even though I am not that young. For these who cannot digest the Alienware’s aesthetics’ I would suggest to look at other powerful alternatives such as EUROCOM http://www.eurocom.com/ monsters, with more toned down looks and much more conservative lines...
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    Next-Gen Xbox Features Blu-ray, Will Not Play Used Games

    If that is indeed true I will vote with my feet - kiss my money good by Microsoft.
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    Stealth.com Releases a Small Rugged Fanless Mini PC

    I guess it’s an interesting offer but at $800 mark only business to business, as for the rest of us (the end users) it’s better to look elsewhere for small factor PC for instance the latest 2 models from ZOTAC at 1/3 of the cost with ample of interfaces (HDMI, 1000 base NIC , Display Port, on...
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    Gigabyte Announces Ultra Durable 4 Motherboard Construction Technology

    Isn't that direct answer to ASUS's SABERTOOTH TUF series?
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    ASUS Releases ROG MATRIX GTX 580 Graphics Card to Market

    Ok ASUS, if you come up with the same card but on AMD platform with AMD Eyefinity Technology you got my $$$
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    Cubitek Launches ''Magic Cube'' Modular Case Series

    cubitek magic cube and tank series Personally I really love it. A lot of people are missing the point here by complaining about the raw looks (visible screws etc). That's the whole idea, it brakes from the common mold which is really boring. It's the most interesting offering since...
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    Cubitek Launches ''Magic Cube'' Modular Case Series

    Sure, just go to http://www.mwave.com.au as of last Friday they had 9 in stock of CB-MAA-B211 at $279. Well as of now only 8 really since my is on the way home.
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    Thermaltake Launches Toughpower Grand 80 PLUS Gold Certified PSUs

    As far as features and visual appearance is concerned it's great looking unit and it would have been just perfect companion for their own Level 10 case but unfortunately: it's only at max 750W it's got ugly looking cables (yellow with red) it's an eyesore when looking at an open case. It's...
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    Foxconn Quantum-Force Blood Rage Release Grade Motherboard Pictured

    Foxconn Bllood Rage It looks like it came out from FERRARI drawing boards. Never the less it looks "BLOODY Good".