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    What free multiplayer game is worth playing?

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    Samsung smart tv slow.

    Why menu on screen is stuttering, same whit ps4 even simple moving picture is stuttering. what shit cpu they put in there. every device is slow!
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    Can i get any ps4 game disk to work on pc?

    I want Battlefield 4 game to be possible to work on pc. without any accounts. or online connections.
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    USB overcurrent

    Do someone know why it happens after waking computer from sleep?
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    No HDR and 30Hz ok 4K TV

    I haw Read stone 4 w10 I wanted to play Asphalt 9 only shows sdr Who fault now it is again windows or Samsung, ps 4 cable or drivers. :)
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    What programs you trust more when instal drivers?

    There are Driver Agent Plus, Driver Support, Auslogics Driver Updater and DriverIdentifier they all show something ells (versions), even those who are made for Windows 10 but i haw XP
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    How can motherboard can cost 100€ but memory 16GB 150-400€

    Why did even somebody want to make new build?
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    Finding, testing raight Linux for diferent pc.

    Is there a fast way to test all these operating systems in one flash drive, these in Universal USB Installer. I whealy dont like hoow microsoft abandoing older computers and implementing things what i dont like, no trust for them.
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    i5-2400 vs Athlon x4 950

    Can somebody can give some bencmarks for these cpu what are diferences vs old DEL pc price is 250. How fast programms are running?
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    Athlon x2 rx460 1000 euro pc

    To view this case mod, go here. Anonymous
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    Do somebody now som Micron software to restore microSD card.

    I want to restore my lexsar 633x card. Card went dead when ther was 2 torents runing on lg phone.
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    Which AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive Drivers do not make blue srean on rx cards?

    17.2.1 makes blue screen 16.10.2 do not.
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    RX 460 does not work on asus m4a785g motherboard help.

    Its freazes when bios recognizes usb keyboard, moause when i remove it it crashes on AHCI says select proper boot device when i change back to IDE and firs boot device my os drive 750 EVO then Windows 7 loading screan crashes. There is some serous asus bios motherboard problem. Now i will try...
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    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: AMD AM2 5000+HD 4200Samsung DDR2 4Transcend 370 32GBSamsung 750 evo no big diference then low end ssd 1sec fasterXilence 430WMonitor 1680x1050Almost dead WD 500GB HDDDead Pioneer home cinema,.because off damaged usb. Only cpu and ram stil aliveNvidia...