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  1. jlewis02

    [FS] PNY Quadro P4000 Graphics cards

    I have 3 cards total but only selling 2 for now. Cards are Quadro P4000 both work very well for gaming and benching don't have any programs for what the cards are really good at to tell. Looking to get $350 each shipped in the USA https://www.heatware.com/u/69711/to PayPal only please. Cards are...
  2. jlewis02

    Old system not working

    I have an old system I want to get working before I sell the parts but I’m getting a strange screen on off when the system is on. I have tried several memory sticks and the cpu was changed out still same result. The only thing I don’t have is another agp graphics card. Abit nf7-s v2 2500+ 4...
  3. jlewis02

    [WTB] VGA Cooler for pascal GPU

    Want a better cooler for my quadro p4000 so it don't run so hot when FAH is running. The temps are not too bad at 75c max but the blower fan at 100% all the time gets old. I only need to cool the core as the ram has a base plate on it.
  4. jlewis02

    New 4K Monitor

    I'm in the market for a 4k gaming and photo editing monitor. I haven't bought a monitor for photo editing so I have no clue what I need for photo editing. I will be playing games on the monitor so I will need a fast response time. I have always played all my games at 60fps or just turned vsync...
  5. jlewis02

    New Case for current build.

    I want to update my case to something that I can actually see the components inside and still have good air flow for my air cooling setup. Really like the Lian Li lancool II and the Fractal Design Meshify C Light tint glass.
  6. jlewis02

    Cooler For i7 7700k to replace current cooler

    I am wanting to get a new air cooler for my i7 7700k that will cool as good or better than my current cooler. I have the fan at 2k rpm to keep the noise down. Current temps are 79c at full load with realbench running for several hours. Been looking at nactua d-15 but have been out of the loop...
  7. jlewis02

    [WTB] 6th and 7th gen CPU Intel

    I’m looking for a cpu to upgrade from my current setup. Have a motherboard and ram already that was super cheap. Not looking to spend full price on a cpu that is not newer generation. LGA 1151
  8. jlewis02

    [WTB] Asus z170e motherboard

    Looking to buy a z170e board for an i7 7700k cpu
  9. jlewis02

    Rtx 2060 addition to system

    How much of a performance hit will I take if I add a 2060 to my system? Will my cpu and memory be a huge bottleneck?
  10. jlewis02

    [WTB] Video card

    Looking to buy a graphic card for around $200
  11. jlewis02

    New Video Card

    I need a new video card for my system. I only have $200 for a card maybe a bit more if the performance per is worth it. Just getting back into games on the pc.
  12. jlewis02

    [WTB] Power supply

    I'm looking for a psu to power my system the one I'm using now is going to my brother for his build. I would like one as cheap as possible while still being a good one like the one I got till I get a new one. I'm not getting another modular psu had a 1000w and it died on me within three...
  13. jlewis02

    [WTB] 1366 motherboard

    Found one
  14. jlewis02

    Video card overclocking

    I have been out of the vid card clocking game for too long and was wondering is msi afterburner still what everyone uses? Is there a better program out?
  15. jlewis02

    [WTB][US] Asus Rampage II Extreme Driver Cd

    I am in need of a driver cd for an asus rampage II extreme as the asus download site sucks and dont have everything. Pm me
  16. jlewis02

    Best air cooler

    I want a better air cooler for the summer as it gets hot in the compter room with just one swamp cooler in the house yes I said swamp cooler lol. What is the best air cooler and fan setup money can buy? My current setup is Megahalems v.b and have 2 kaze 3k fans on it and its still to hot for...
  17. jlewis02

    [WTB][US] i7 1366 motherboard

    Found!! I need a new mobo as my asus has died on me. Looking for a full ATX board. Let me know what ya got. Pm me or email at jlewis02@gmail.com I would put my heatware but my iPhone don't like me.
  18. jlewis02

    Pc won't boot

    I was serfing the net and running a virus scan when my pc just shut off.Now when I turn it on the video card just spins at full speed. Anyone got any ideas?
  19. jlewis02

    Laptop display question

    My laptop died on me and I have the display for it and was thinking about adding it to the case but have no idea on how to hook it up to work. Any help would be awesome.
  20. jlewis02

    Driver Problems

    I keep getting display driver has stoped responding and has recovered when I try to save a video I have edited.It also does it when im watching a vid I want to edit. I have tryed overclocking the cars and underclocking them and its still the same no matter what drivers I use. Have tryed single...
  21. jlewis02

    The OverClockers BSOD code list

    BSOD Codes for i7 x58 chipset 0x101 = increase vcore 0x124 = increase/decrease QPI/VTT first, if not increase/decrease vcore...have to test to see which one it is on i7 45nm, usually means too little VVT/QPI for the speed of Uncore on i7 32nm SB, usually means too little vCore 0x0A =...
  22. jlewis02

    Asus motherboard dead?

    I was doing some cable management and got everythin hooked back up and now the board wont post. It don't beep at all and the only led thats on is the HD led rc tweakit shows cpu initial and thats it. Vid cards spin up to 100% also.
  23. jlewis02

    Need a better cpu cooler

    What would be a better cooler than a Megahalems? I will spend up to $150 for a better cooler. Idle temps are 46c and load temps are 77c with a 26c ambient temp.
  24. jlewis02

    Crossfire Overclocking Problems?

    Try this it worked for me. HD 5850 BIOS swapping
  25. jlewis02

    [WTB][US] i7 motherboard

    i7 920 or greater Im looking for an i7 cpu 1366. Want a 920 or better. Paypal perfered.