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  1. razaron

    [Programming Project] Renderer unspecific GUI Library

    Disclaimer: This thread is mostly for keeping me motivated since I'm a lazy something or other. So feel free to be annoying. I code in Java using OpenGL and hate Java Swing with all my heart. I usually make crappy ad hoc UIs for every thing I code (not that I code much), so I decided to...
  2. razaron

    What good ways are their of tracking people without using an IP or GPS

    This is not for criminal activities. You can trust me, I'm legit.
  3. razaron

    razaron's Physics Engine Project Log

    I'm currently making the physics engine for an action rpg. Here's the engine. You need Java and a gpu/igp that supports openGL. If it closes on start up try changing the first word ("java") in the batch file to the path of your Java executable. Make sure to include the quotes around path...
  4. razaron

    Sword of the Stars II

    So who's thinking of getting this or pre-ordered already? It looks to be glorious with all the improvements Kerberos has made. For those of you who don't know what SotS is, it's a 4X strategy game where empire management and moving your fleets around is handled in a turn-based fashion while...
  5. razaron

    razaron made a game

    So I came up with this totally original idea for a game. I call it Break Bricker. I'll add textures and sounds when I figure them out... You can get the game here. It's free (well, duh, it's on mediafire). If you don't already have Java installed, get it here. There are currently 3 levels, 3...
  6. razaron

    Help a beginner with Java

    <Original question answered> Edit: I'll post more questions as I'm learning.
  7. razaron

    Help updating HDD firmware

    This is the firmware I'm trying to update to but I don't understand the instructions. help please.:cry:
  8. razaron

    Videos look pixelated when maximized

    After a fresh install of windows videos have looked pixelated when maximized in media player classic and online videos. The only other thing i have tested is WMP which doesn't pixelize as badly but still seems worse than it used to be (before the fresh boot). How do i fix this? Any help would be...
  9. razaron

    Firefox problem

    I have an odd problem with Firefox where it looks a bit off (see image) unless I use the taskbar quick view thing in which case it looks normal. I've messed with Firefoxes and CCCs settings to no avail. So what's the problem and how do I fix it? Viewed normally Viewed using quick view
  10. razaron

    F@H question regarding gpu's

    Probably a noobish question but can I use a secondary GPU (Nvidia 8600gs) for folding without using my primary GPU (ATI 5870)? I ask this because if I do it this way I can keep folding even if I'm using my primary GPU for gaming etc.
  11. razaron

    [FS] razaron's for sale thread

    [UK]razaron's for sale thread All prices include VAT and shipping. Also I am only accepting PayPal. My HeatWare I would like to apologize in advance for any nightmares my photo skills may give you.
  12. razaron

    which 5870?

    I'm stuck between these 2: The ordinary Sapphire 5870 the new cooler on this is supposedly very good and quiet. and the Asus 5870 v2 supposedly a good OCer (due to voltage tweak and new cooler) Which one would you recommend, why and is there anything else that is good for under £327.50 (incl...
  13. razaron

    2gb powercolor HD5870 £328.99

    can be found here
  14. razaron

    Amazing(?) temps on my gpu

    Some reason games have been slowing down the past few days and i thought it was just the games acting up but out of curiosity i checked the temps on my gpu (while gaming) and my 8600gs had hit 127C at stock:eek:. I'm somewhat proud of that lol. thankfully this gives me an excuse for a new gpu.:D...
  15. razaron

    bro's pc won't start

    the bios won't come on but all the fans run. also the fans stay on full blast rather than slowing down and adjusting to the situation like they're supposed to. ive told my bro to try resetting cmos, try a different monitor, try a different graphics card and try generally reseating everything...
  16. razaron

    Brink trailer

    heres the trailer for brink. it's kinda old but i had somehow missed it and thought i should share.
  17. razaron

    Phenom II X6 1090T tested

    heres some benchies of the 1090T.
  18. razaron

    [FS] [uk] Agp Hd3850

    yep, its an agp card. SOLD its not new but it hasn't been used once so its pretty much in perfect condition. it even smells new :D. my heatware is useless since its new but here it is anyway
  19. razaron

    A cpu thats coming out soon?

    on hexus's i7 930 review they said this what is this processor they speak of?
  20. razaron

    begginer in electricals, need help. (fan pcbs etc)

    i want to make my top 2 230 fans intake but simply turning them over isnt that good since the weight of the actual fan slows down the rpm. so i was wandering how i can make them spin in the opposite direction. i was thinking it would be as easy as switching the + and - wires around but the...
  21. razaron

    3in1 thread- windows 7, samsung f3's and Cm atcs 840

    windows 7 OMG xp mode is sooo kewl. me and my brother both have windows 7 yet he can acces my public folder (over a network) but i cant acces his. im guessing it has something to do with him having a laptop and HP being evil (his laptops HP) or because he has 64bit (i have 32bit). same thing...
  22. razaron

    pc shutting off by itself

    i just got a couple of new parts and am rebuilding by pc (in specs). so far in the MB i've plugged in the cpu power thingy, all the fans (4 pin molex's and the small one), one of my hard drives and cpu/gpu. i haven't put in a cd drive, cpu fan or a monitor. it starts up perfectly, i can hear...
  23. razaron

    why cant i play 1080p?

    is my pc actually that bad that it cant play 1080p? why?
  24. razaron

    wcg stress question

    would WCG put enough stress on my pc to make 720P videos play slowly? i can play roughly 3 720p videos smoothly at the same time with 2 firefox windows having 5+- tabs each.
  25. razaron

    new technology's questions

    1) when do sata3.0 6gbit/s hard drives come out (or does it make sata2.0 harddrives faster)? 2) can p55's do 16/16 crossfire if modified (for sli i think a nf200 would do the job)?