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  1. Flamingsupernova

    Ethernet/Internet Problem

    Hey Guys, my computer has been working and has been connected to my home network since i got it a year ago, but yesterday, i turned it on and it wouldn't connect to my network and i couldn't browse the internet or even connect to my router ( It just keeps timing out and telling me...
  2. Flamingsupernova

    Internet keeps dropping, Hardware of software?

    Hey guys. Just recently ive connected my computer up to the internet via cable, to a router, which is obviously connected to a modem > internet. Lately a ive been browsing, my internet connection decides to stop working with browsers and MSN yet Azureus keeps on downloading at a constant...
  3. Flamingsupernova

    GDDR4 cards

    i have an 8800GT and it seems that when i play crysis at 1280x1024, it lags a bit with everything on high and i have to drop some settings to medium But when i play it at 1920x1080 or the second highest resolution, it runs lag free. It seems that GDDR4 cards run better at HIGHER resolutions...
  4. Flamingsupernova

    Nvida network manager HELL!

    Well today i got home and my crappy little USB wireless internet connector overheated itself and broke. So now i have to put the cable underneath my house and plug in an ethernet cord, which ive been planning for a month. seeing as limewire/azureus screw up with nvidia network access...
  5. Flamingsupernova

    Motherboard mystery! ga-n68sli-dq6

    Hey guys, I'm buying a brand new setup tomorrow, which includes the GA-N680SLi-DQ6, and I need to know if the motherboard supports 45nm technology. I've heard that if i update the Bios, it can support 45nm technology, but i don't want to buy my rig, to discover that the motherboard and...
  6. Flamingsupernova

    video card questions

    Hey guys, I have some questions to ask which may seem pretty standard, but i guess i'll never know if i never ask so this is them. what is/are: stream processors, ROP's, Texture address units, texture filtering processors memory bit-depth, memory bandwidth. If you can...
  7. Flamingsupernova

    micron d9 chips

    what are they, and why are they so much better than other chips?
  8. Flamingsupernova

    8800GTS 320 v 640

    Within the next few weeks, im going to be buying an 8800GTS for a new rig I'm building. I was just wondering if anyone is aware of any major differences between the two cards. thanks alot
  9. Flamingsupernova

    RAM question

    I am buying a motherboard soon, and I've read that it can only accept up to DDR2 6400 (800mhz) I also read in a post that I can put DDR2 8500 (1066mhz) RAM onto the motherboard, so that if i overclock it, the RAM will have no troubles at all. I was just wondering that, if I chose to do...
  10. Flamingsupernova

    Widescreen monitors

    Are widescreen monitors worth investing in?
  11. Flamingsupernova

    DUST! have you cleaned your CPU lately..?

    Hey guys, About a month ago my computer started to randomly shut down and restart itself. I thought the problem was software based, and i ran a few scans to see if there was anything wrong, and to see if there were any viruses. After finding out that my computer was clean of any viruses, *...
  12. Flamingsupernova

    RAM suggestions - loose timings PC6400 (800mhz)

    Hey, i am looking for some low latency RAM for a high end system im going to build and i need some suggestions. id like a CL3 dual channel kit preferably 2x 1gb sticks. Cheers :):toast:
  13. Flamingsupernova

    Which processor?

    Hello, i dont know which to buy, and these processors are all REALLY cheap at the moment E6850 - 2 cores - 3.0ghz - 1333mhz or Q6600 4 cores 1066mhz 2.4ghz or Q6700 4 cores 1066mhz 2.66ghz
  14. Flamingsupernova

    Anyone have the GA-N680SLI-DQ6

    Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone has this board, I'm planning on getting it and just wanted to check if it was worth it. Cheers
  15. Flamingsupernova

    My First ever project...ever

    Hey whats up. I'm a pretty young guy, and this is my first ever project. Ive been really excited about this for ages, and did alot of research into every area i could, someone might have seen me ask noobish questions around TPU sometime in the last month:D Here is what I'm planning to get...
  16. Flamingsupernova

    Wtf is LightScribe???

    Hey im just wondering, what the hell is lightscribe?
  17. Flamingsupernova

    mem. latency

    Hey just wondering, is memory latency better when its higher or lower?
  18. Flamingsupernova

    New SLi Motherboard

    Hey, does anyone reckon the ga-n680sli-dq6 is any good? It looks like a really powerful board, I was just wodering if anyone else had had a look at it, or actually owned it. cheers Heres a link - http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2936
  19. Flamingsupernova

    Vista Laptop problems

    I have just bought a new Asus F3F-AP138C Notebook with Vitsa Premium pre-installed. The problem is the notebook has only 512GB RAM, which makes the process slow, and some programs that i need to use for uni don't work properly, or appear properly on the screen. I would like to delete Vista and...
  20. Flamingsupernova

    Highest oc'd E6600

    Hey guys, does anyone know what the highest oc'd E6600 is to date? Any links to anything. On air, and also with water cooling, cheers.
  21. Flamingsupernova

    Gigabytes New SLi Board, very sexy

    Gigabyte released their latest and greatest ga-N680SLI-DQ6 motherboard mid-january, but is only getting on the market now. It is a very powerful motherboard with extreme overclockin in mind, check it out...
  22. Flamingsupernova

    Lets see your guts!

    Hey guys, lets see who has the maddest setup here, so post a pic of your fully sick modded computer here, maybe with some interesting specs to?
  23. Flamingsupernova

    RAM Latency help

    What is RAM Latency? I see it everywhere, but i have no clue as to what it actually means. thanks
  24. Flamingsupernova

    Help choosing motherboard

    Hey there, I am getting a new motherboard soon and was wondering should i wait for PCI-e 2 or should i just go ahead and buy? i had in mind the Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6. Any other board i should get at all, anything would be appreciated thanks!
  25. Flamingsupernova

    GA-965P-DQ6 Yes - No?

    Hey guys anyone think this is a worthy motherboard, or should i get a different one? http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/2006/10/04/gigabyte_ga965p_dq6/1.html click 'next page' to see the I/O panel on the back