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  1. Canuto

    Should I take the Vista train?

    Hello all.. ;) I got my hands on a Vista Ultimate and I've read loads of reviews about vista each one different than the other from Vista is great to vista is the worst thing lol, I've seen that vista is a memory hog, it's perf. is tops 10% less compared to XP and Aero doesn't slow down games...
  2. Canuto

    Can't log on to windows

    Basically every time i start my session windows terminates it without even getting to the desktop. I can only come here trough security mode, I've tried a system restore but didn't work, This happens after i made a Sciencemark 2 run and disabled some services but only the AV services so...
  3. Canuto

    Changing IP

    Hi folks ;) Tell me, is it possible to change your IP?
  4. Canuto

    Should i flash my BIOS?

    I got this mobo http://www.biostar.com.tw/products/mainboard/board.php?name=945P-A7A On the site and in the box it says i can get 266mhz(1066mhz FSB) bus out of it but i can't get more than 250mhz cause every time i set that the BIOS blocks and i have to clear the CMOS and this is limiting...
  5. Canuto

    TPU database error?

    What's happening? It seems i can't to go to the home page of the forums this keeps showing up...
  6. Canuto

    New PSU :D

    Hi folks, it's arrived my new PSU has arrived it's a LC Green Power 550W. The crappy 350W i have isn't enough for overclockin so here's a new one :D. I hope to get to 4Ghz :) Hre's a pic See ya later.
  7. Canuto

    Curios about this BIOS settings...

    Anyone knows what these Settings are for: SLP_S4# Assertion width & Memory hole at 15m-16m Thanks :)
  8. Canuto

    Best OC Mobo for 100€

    For skt 775 what's the best mobo for overclocking with SLI/Crossfire and C2D and Pentium D support? For 100€ that is...
  9. Canuto

    Getting a new case.

    I've been on vacation for the past 15 days it feels nice to be back not that any of you missed me lol :D. Ok to the point i have 90€ available and im getting an aerocool extreme engine 3t + a 120mm fan for its back and a cooler for my nb a coolermaster blue ice. The case i have right now is a...
  10. Canuto

    BSOD about memory

    Ok i´ve been pushing my Pentium D and i have stability at 3510mhz but when i push it over 3550mhz this BSOD appear talking about physical memory i got the hint and lowered my memory to 400mhz and pushed my cpu to 3600mhz and ran sm2.0 to see if it was stable the BSOD appeared again and i was...
  11. Canuto

    PS2 Emulator

    Does anyone know a ps2 emulator that actually works,plays my games and isn't too damn hard to use?
  12. Canuto

    [FS] Pentium I 100Mhz

    I was just wondering if my Pentium I is worth anything for colectors or anyone that wants one. It's a Pentium I,skt A, 100MHz from '92. :)
  13. Canuto

    X550 error...

    The default frequencies for my gfx car are 400Mhz core and 250Mhz memory but ati tool shows 298Mhz for core and 200Mzh for memory.
  14. Canuto

    Radeon X550 softmod?

    Is there any softmod for X550 that can unblock pipelines?