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  1. Flamingsupernova

    Logitech G9 or Razor Copperhead? Most responsive?

    G9! Really Really great mouse, very comfortable and great software.
  2. Flamingsupernova

    HD tune Thread

    Flamingsupernova Western Digital Caviar 320gb 3gb/s Average 61.3 Mb/s
  3. Flamingsupernova

    Ethernet/Internet Problem

    Picked up the Ethernet cable today, I'll get under the house tomorrow and fix it all up. I might put a couple of cables down there in case one of them dies again hehe. Might even give that NVIDIA DualNet technology thingo a go, even though I've heard its a bit dodgy. Thanks again guys.
  4. Flamingsupernova

    Ethernet/Internet Problem

    THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Problem solved, The Ethernet cable is screwed, I'll have to pick another one up tomorrow and wire it under the house. Its a shame, i only bought this cable 3 months ago. Ah, im relieved that its just an ethernet cable. Once again, thanks a million, you guys are all amazing.
  5. Flamingsupernova

    Ethernet/Internet Problem

    Re-installed drivers to no avail. This is killing me, I have alot of work to do and all of my data is on the other computer. Any other suggestions at all? :banghead:
  6. Flamingsupernova

    Ethernet/Internet Problem

    I scanned for adware and spyware but got nothing. Its a shame because i can't update my spyware/adware programs because i have no internet. I'll re check drivers on your advice, but i have already installed and re-installed ethernet drivers anyway. Thanks Heaps Guys
  7. Flamingsupernova

    Ethernet/Internet Problem

    Hey Ozzman, thanks but I've read in the Motherboard guide that the lights on the Ethernet port in their current configuration mean that its working at 100mbp/s, even though the internet is still not working.
  8. Flamingsupernova

    Ethernet/Internet Problem

    Hey Guys, my computer has been working and has been connected to my home network since i got it a year ago, but yesterday, i turned it on and it wouldn't connect to my network and i couldn't browse the internet or even connect to my router ( It just keeps timing out and telling me...
  9. Flamingsupernova

    Crytek's Crysis:Warhead Announcement

    Crysis has got to be one of the best games I've ever played in my life :) I was so eagerly awaiting the release of Bioshock, thinking that Crysis looked crap, then i played it and was blown away. I wasn't bothered for how long it took, i was playing Rainbow Six: Vegas and Battlefield 2142...
  10. Flamingsupernova

    crysis rules!

    Crysis is the frickin bomb! too bad i cant play on extra high though..:mad:
  11. Flamingsupernova

    Internet keeps dropping, Hardware of software?

    Hey guys. Just recently ive connected my computer up to the internet via cable, to a router, which is obviously connected to a modem > internet. Lately a ive been browsing, my internet connection decides to stop working with browsers and MSN yet Azureus keeps on downloading at a constant...
  12. Flamingsupernova

    Battlefield 2 crashing

    dont install beta, just the original, and the latest patch is 1.41 I had the exact same problem (on vista), so i restarded it was fine.
  13. Flamingsupernova

    GDDR4 cards

    DDR3 & 4, both very fast :)
  14. Flamingsupernova

    GDDR4 cards

    i have an 8800GT and it seems that when i play crysis at 1280x1024, it lags a bit with everything on high and i have to drop some settings to medium But when i play it at 1920x1080 or the second highest resolution, it runs lag free. It seems that GDDR4 cards run better at HIGHER resolutions...
  15. Flamingsupernova

    Nvida network manager HELL!

    Well today i got home and my crappy little USB wireless internet connector overheated itself and broke. So now i have to put the cable underneath my house and plug in an ethernet cord, which ive been planning for a month. seeing as limewire/azureus screw up with nvidia network access...
  16. Flamingsupernova

    IS this to hot for the 780i board

    yeah, chuck a fan on your northbridge, and you're fine. CPU's running fairly cool, gj.
  17. Flamingsupernova

    9600GT PWNED a HD3870???!!!!!

    nVidia Fuckin pwn! The 3850 is still a powerful card though :)
  18. Flamingsupernova

    Two additive games!!!

    Whats Quake 4 about? I've never gotten into the Quake series.
  19. Flamingsupernova

    Two additive games!!!

    Apart from Battlefield 2 and sometimes 2142, I can't stop playing Crysis. Its so addicitve. I never really imagined that I'd like it all that much, but its seriously alot of fun once you start playing. Im really into the game now.
  20. Flamingsupernova

    need the best gaming mouse on the market

    G9 All the way! Most comfortable mouse i've ever used, and i get so many headshots now! It's th perfect mouse! It's like a couch for your hand, and its damn comfy =D
  21. Flamingsupernova

    Motherboard mystery! ga-n68sli-dq6

    Hey guys, I'm buying a brand new setup tomorrow, which includes the GA-N680SLi-DQ6, and I need to know if the motherboard supports 45nm technology. I've heard that if i update the Bios, it can support 45nm technology, but i don't want to buy my rig, to discover that the motherboard and...
  22. Flamingsupernova

    Games like Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines?

    lol darknova, thats an awesome name =D i havent actually completed it, but i have a couple of friends who both said that they really liked it and ive seen some of the visuals, theyre good
  23. Flamingsupernova

    Games like Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines?

    try this game http://au.gamespot.com/pc/action/americanmcgeesalice/ Its got a really good story, and good visuals. Made by the guy who made maps for the original Quake.
  24. Flamingsupernova

    Holy crap, 8800GT's sell out in hours today!!

    Theyre not selling anywhere near that fast in australia, although we have alot less people.
  25. Flamingsupernova

    New graphics card? Qui or non?

    lol, as i said, win win =D. can you afford to spend the $680 for X-fire?