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  1. claster17

    NVIDIA Could Launch GeForce RTX 3080 20GB and RTX 3070 16GB in December

    The 3080 20GB will need a higher power target to keep performance identical to the 10GB. Those memory chips need quite a bit of power. The 3070 16GB won't necessarily have additional chips because unlike GDDR6X, GDDR6 is also available in 16Gb packages.
  2. claster17

    The Reason Why NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 3080 GPU Uses 19 Gbps GDDR6X Memory and not Faster Variants

    Externally and internally. Igor somehow has access to Nvidia engineering software which can display G6X temperatures. https://www.igorslab.de/en/simple-pad-mod-for-the-force-rtx-3080-founders-edition-slowers-the-gddr6x-temperature-by-a-whopping-8-degrees/
  3. claster17

    Various Custom RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Graphics Cards Priced in Germany

    Not sure if it's a good idea to convert into USD without first subtracting the 16% tax.
  4. claster17

    Introducing the EVGA GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards

    Probably holding back 16GB 3070 and 20GB 3080 until AMD releases their lineup.
  5. claster17

    Introducing the EVGA GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards

    EVGA FTW series seem to get uglier with each generation after the 1080 (not 1080Ti). I hope that at least the backplate looks nice because I will slap a waterblock on it anyway. The other cooler variants on EVGA's website look a lot less childish.
  6. claster17

    GIGABYTE Announces AORUS Gen4 SSD Series without Heatsinks

    The NAND might in fact last longer because at higher temperatures electrons can move more freely which in turn puts less wear on the cells. The controller (assuming proper heat management) will only throttle earlier without a heatsink. Although that only happens under sustained writes. Keep in...
  7. claster17

    GIGABYTE Unveils Z490 AORUS Master WaterForce Motherboard with AIO Monoblock

    Given the high probability of it being a mixed metal loop, I don't like the idea of having a motherboard with what is essentially an expiration date. I would prefer dedicated VRM air coolers.
  8. claster17

    HyperX Announces Alloy Elite 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Zero mention of the keycaps. I guess we can assume that these are not the double shot PBT caps which HyperX also sells.
  9. claster17

    MSI Announces Creator 400M Case for Workstation Builds

    Fractal Define R series.
  10. claster17

    TEAMGROUP Announces T-FORCE CARDEA Ceramic C440 M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD

    Is this yet another crappy Phison E16?
  11. claster17

    NZXT N7 Z490 Motherboard Renders Revealed

    Look at all the VRM cooling surface this board doesn't have.
  12. claster17

    GIGABYTE Intros B550 VISION D Motherboard for Creators

    I am currently using 2.5G on both board and modem/router because 1G would bottleneck my 1G internet connection which actually is 1.1G. There is also some overhead meaning that 1G ethernet caps out at around 950-970M. Having 2.5G on a board doesn't hurt since as far as I know, the cost for the...
  13. claster17

    G.SKILL Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600 MHz CL16 4x16 GB

    Both the serial number and the markings on the memory indicate B-die.
  14. claster17

    DeepCool GamerStorm DQ-M V2L Series Full-Modular PSUs Pictured

    Which PSU platform is this based on?
  15. claster17

    Thermaltake Launches the World's First CPU & Memory AIO Liquid Cooler

    The specsheet only tells you operating temperatures at JEDEC settings. It doesn't tell you that B-die is more stable the closer it is to 20°C.
  16. claster17

    Thermaltake Launches the World's First CPU & Memory AIO Liquid Cooler

    This could be interesting for RAM overclocking with voltages at 1.45+V. Right now I have a fan sitting on the graphics card pointed at the RAM because otherwise it would exceed 60°C.
  17. claster17

    Aqua Computer Announces Cuplex Kryos NEXT RGBpx Water Blocks

    When I bought the parts, both Watercool and Aquacomputer were superior in quality and performance difference was close to margin of error. EK's nickel plating issue was also fairly recent, so I didn't even consider their blocks. In fact the only EK parts I have are fittings, QDC and ZMT tubing...
  18. claster17

    Aqua Computer Announces Cuplex Kryos NEXT RGBpx Water Blocks

    I went with Watercool simply because I hated how all of Aquacomputer's blocks looked even though the latter perform (slightly) better. Especially the AM4-mount just doesn't look right. Same with my choice of reservoir.
  19. claster17

    Team Group Launches T-FORCE SPARK RGB USB Flash Drive and ELITE SDXC

    I find it suspicious that there is no mention of its performance. Perhaps that's why it's on the cheaper side.
  20. claster17

    EVGA Rolls Out GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC Hydro Copper Gaming Graphics Card

    Does anyone know the OEM of the Hydro Copper blocks?
  21. claster17

    Thermaltake Intros Pacific TF2 Temperature and Flow Indicator

    Is this the response to Igor's review? https://www.igorslab.de/en/barrowch-fbft03-against-thermaltake-pacific-and-aqua-computer-high-flow-in-test-through-flow-sensors-for-the-custom-loop-water-cooling/
  22. claster17

    Ryzen 7 3700X Trades Blows with Core i7-10700, 3600X with i5-10600K: Early ES Review

    It should be fine if the boost only lasts for a few seconds. That 4pin can easily sustain 150W. It's designed for 8A per +12V for a total of 192W. It will be the 5th iteration of Skylake, so technically still gen 6.
  23. claster17

    AMD Trims Prices of 3rd Gen Ryzen PIBs in the US, Drops in Xbox Game Pass

    Most shops I saw list it as R5 1600 [12nm].
  24. claster17

    EK Launches Direct Vector Waterblock - Developed for Reference Design NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Graphics Cards

    The block is $195. This constant price creep at EK is a little concerning.