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    IP Theft: UMC Pleads Guilty to US Court Charges of Trade Secret Theft, Faces $60 Million Fine

    Kind of hard to get $60M out of most people...
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    NVIDIA Partners Bundle Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War with RTX 3080 and RTX 3090

    At this point they can ship unicorns with those pretty much, practically the same end result :roll:
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    BIOSTAR Introduces the New B450MX Motherboard

    Looks very nice, as long as price is competitive...
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    TN vs IPS monitors

    Yeah, only had TN monitors until 3 years ago, got first IPS since prices came down a lot, and was blown away by difference in angles and colors, while never noticed difference in reaction time. Guess I'm not coming back to TN then.
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    HyperX Releases Pulsefire Haste Ultra-lightweight Gaming Mouse

    Isn't it at least third release of exact same design in last week or so?
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    Seagate: 20 TB HAMR Drives Arrive in December, 50 TB Capacities in 2026

    So they are actually behind WD in that regard. Okay. We'll see who will be first to 50 TB though.
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    Dangerous ?

    The one I was talking about also handled that setup - for about year and a half. That's not a proof of anything. In fact it's a common cop out of folks who make thread about hw upgrade and get confronted about needing to upgrade PSU. "But it's been WoRkInG fOr X yEaRs, It'S gOoD, rIgHt?!" Not...
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    Dangerous ?

    I have personally seen such low caliber PSUs failing with setups like Celeron G530 and no dedicated video card, so there is no guarantee it will work even with this setup.
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    ID-COOLING Releases SE-225-XT BLACK CPU Air Cooler

    No RGB - now that's actually newsworthy nowadays! No /s
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    Intel Confirms Iris Xe MAX Brand for Company's Next-Gen Discrete Graphics

    Such comparison doesn't make sense unless you know DG1 uses exact same architecture as nVidia's counterpart.
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    AMD Issues Anti-Scalping Guidelines to Retailers for Radeon RX 6000 and Ryzen 5000 Launches

    What does GPU being in development for years have to do with quantities available at launch? You realize that any product can be made artificially scarce, do you? In fact multiple unrelated industries have done such thing to drive profits up, with diamond cartel being probably the most notorious...
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    AMD Issues Anti-Scalping Guidelines to Retailers for Radeon RX 6000 and Ryzen 5000 Launches

    AMD is just covering their butts, knowing in advance supply will be insufficient. Much like nVidia knew it, except they tried to do PR damage control in midst of poop-storm. While AMD can just point to those guidelines and say "See, we provided appropriate guidelines ahead of time, seems like...
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    Intel "Tiger Lake" Based Pentium and Celeron to Feature AVX2, an Instruction the Entry-Level Brands were Deprived Of

    okay, unless there will be a consistent set implemented across the board in several generations at minimum, it won't be adopted in any remotely widespread manner.
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    Intel "Tiger Lake" Based Pentium and Celeron to Feature AVX2, an Instruction the Entry-Level Brands were Deprived Of

    Which won't matter when real world applications using those will roll out. And as I said, now there is more incentive to do so.
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    Silverstone Intros VIVA Line of Mainstream PSUs

    DX12 multiGPU will be as much of a niche as SLI/CF was if not more, since onus is on devs to provide support, and they prob won't bother without some green incentive for nVidia. :p
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    be quiet! Dark Power Pro 1500 W

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    be quiet! Dark Power Pro 1500 W

    And retail versions apparently often have cable caps removed (since it obviously affects cable management, while results difference is not noticeable in real world).
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    Singapore Introduces Strict Security Requirements for New Home Routers

    Why would they pull out? Whether really needed or not, those requirements don't seem all that stringent nowadays?
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    Lenovo Announces Intel Evo Powered Yoga Notebooks

    Still better than those Avengers boxes :roll:
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    AMD Project Quantum Resurfaces in the Latest Patent Listing

    PICO PSUs still need external bricks to supply DC for VRMs to regulate other voltages from.
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    COLORFUL Launches CVN Guardian and WARHALBERD DDR4 Memory Series

    Taking their own brand name literally I see :D
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    odd compatibility issue (Graphics Card + Motherboard)

    Chieftec Smart is a passable offering made of entry-level CWT platform, not a stellar PSU by any means, but not ticking time bomb either.