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    Intel "Hades Canyon" NUC Armed with Vega M Plays Anything at 1080p

    While they theoretically could make it on their own, they are using Intel's money for all the design/engineering. If it's a flop commercially they lose nothing. They still gain the experience though. And this is a step towards the endgame. A SOC with CPU/GPU/Memory all stacked on one 3D design...
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    Deepcool Launches MF 120 Aluminum Frameless Smart RGB Fan Set

    "Available in April 2018, MSRP: $109.99." Really? 110 bucks for a case fan?
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    Decent Quiet cpu cooler for ryzen 7 1700 at 4ghz

    Maybe try reapplying TIM and reseating the cooler?
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    Intel Core i7-8705G with Vega M Obliterates 8th Gen Core + GeForce MX 150

    You're right. I have no idea. But then I never claimed I was a source. I'm only going by what the article states. It seems some here lack reading comprehension to do the same. Or they're merely trying to move the goalpost away from what the article talks about.
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    Intel Core i7-8705G with Vega M Obliterates 8th Gen Core + GeForce MX 150

    The parameters they are comparing is perf/$ and perf/W. Both very important for the target devices.
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    AMD Reveals CPU, Graphics 2018-2020 Roadmap at CES

    Why wait for AMD? Buy the big Volta. It seems to be awesome. :D
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    Silverstone Showcases Myriad of Computer Cases at CES 2018

    Hell Ya! To both of these. Silverstone is letting us down with these "Me Too" cases.
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    MSI Releases Motherboard BIOS Updates Addressing Recent CPU Vulnerabilities

    You left Intel off of the headline.
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    DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan

    From the charts it seems that Phanteks might be the best all arounder? ~1 cfm less airflow for ~3db less noise. (varies a bit with speed of course.) Am I deciphering that right?
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    DRAM Output in 2018 Planned for Continued High Pricing - TrendForce

    Why not, that's what OPEC does. This is what happens when you over rely on imports.
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    Rambus Has DDR5 Memory Working in Its Labs, Gears for 2019 Market Release

    They're like the Mob. You can't do anything without cutting them in on the action.
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    Update: AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 Now Available

    Well, seeing as all the "news sites" reported it as fact without any validation, I'd say it worked.
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    XSPC Announces Raystorm Neo Threadripper CPU Water Block

    Everything's Intel optimized. ;) Agreed. RGB is fine. People who don't like it? Turn it off. It probably adds about $0.25 to the BOP.
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    NVIDIA Unlocks Certain Professional Features for TITAN Xp Through Driver Update

    I can't believe that people didn't realize that there's no difference between the GPU's and it's all drivers that make the performance difference. Often the pro cards have more RAM and at least with AMD different monitor connections. But don't think that the driver support for the pro apps...
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega in Person!

    Does Cooler Master actually manufacture fans? They likely just buy them and brand them. They could just buy "Gentle Typhoons" from the OEM.
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega in Person!

    I'm sure you're the life of the party. :D
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    Radeon RX Vega Needs a "Damn Lot of Power:" AIB Partner Rep

    I've only seen one review where they tested sound so far. It was quieter than Titan.
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    Radeon RX Vega Needs a "Damn Lot of Power:" AIB Partner Rep

    Do you do some kind of content creation that this card is designed for? Because this isn't the consumer gaming card. We'll have to see what kind of cooling they have for those.
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    Radeon RX Vega Needs a "Damn Lot of Power:" AIB Partner Rep

    And you saw this card where? Did you possibly snap a photo or something to share with the rest of us?
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    Vega Frontier Ed Beats TITAN Xp in Compute, Formidable Game Performance: Preview

    They were pretty emphatic that this card is not for gamers. Unfortunately we'll need to wait until the end of July now.
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    Radeon RX Vega Needs a "Damn Lot of Power:" AIB Partner Rep

    I like when people have these fringe arguments. It means they don't really have anything of substance to knock it and are panicking.
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    Radeon RX Vega Needs a "Damn Lot of Power:" AIB Partner Rep

    So the source is HW Battle with regards to "AMD dragging their feet. And the high power is quoting the Specs that we all have and can read as well as the MSI Rep. Are these the actual facts without any editorial embellishment?
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    New NVIDIA Specialized Pascal 1060-based Cryptocoin Mining GPUs Photographed

    Which is why nVidia is doing this. They apparently have GPU's lying around to do this with.
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    Underside of AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pictured

    Over 10 years ago. How many CEO's ago was that for AMD? Different company today.
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    ASRock Giving Rebate Rewards for Newegg Customers Who Leave Verified Reviews

    Considering that most people don't write about positive experiences but only the bad ones, I think it's genius. It has the added benefit of making your product more competitive price wise. Seeing as how they give it equally for good and bad reviews, how can anyone claim they are "buying...