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    Team Blue vs Red

    That's another thing I was thinking too.. AMD sticks to one socket for awhile! I'm still trying to get use to the whole Intel thing... z97, z99, wtf22... why so many???
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    Team Blue vs Red

    I couldn't think of anything better lol
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    Team Blue vs Red

    I know the feeling! That's another issue I was looking into was cost. Currently I'm happy with Intel.. But if this pushes them to drop prices, I'll stay Intel. But then again 4790 is the best I can use in my board lol So upgrade may come soon...ish
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    Team Blue vs Red

    Been a while since I've posted anything on here... But the whole Ryzen chip has my interest. I was on team Red for a very long time till almost 2 years ago when I got the 4790k. So my question is, How many of y'all plan on switching to the Red side? Or are you currently Red and just upgrading to...
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    I don't know what else to do

    Try this Shell32.dll Issues
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    I don't know what else to do

    Which model mouse are you using?
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    TechPowerUP Wallpapers !

    AWESOME!! :rockout::rockout::rockout::clap::peace:
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    TechPowerUP Wallpapers !

    I have a request, no rush. TechPowerUp Logo with Deadpool if possible.
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    [US] Nice Load Meter $15 3/12 only

    Agree, I've been using this meter for little over a year.
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    Underclocking 4790K

    Currently i'm at 1.26v and 4.5GHz, highest temps I've reach is around ~75c. If I lower the voltage anymore (.01 increments) I can't get past Windows loading.
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    Need low profile low power gpu

    Pretty sure, not possible for that machine
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    who should acquire amd??

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    Impossible to remove screws on MoBo

    The only thing I can think of, is if you have a pair of pillars. Try turning the screw from the backside of the board (be gently and don't bend the threads). Just enough to break them loose.
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    Impossible to remove screws on MoBo

    Can you take a clearer picture of the screw heads? And maybe possible one of the back
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    Impossible to remove screws on MoBo

    Stock Cooler and a handful of other coolers will use the stock bracket... Coolermaster Hyper 212 does not use the stock board brackets
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    Windows (10) and BIOS can see only half of the memory (16gb/32gb) only two slots are active at time

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    Can't find specific GPU BIOS

    Maybe you misunderstood his answer. If you want the BIOS and you can't find it on TPU Database, your best bet is thru MSI Support. Flashing a 2GB card with 1GB or vice-versa.. Is not recommend... Increases your chance of bricking the card.
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    Looking for a UEFI BIOS for ASUS HD 7870-DC2-2GD5-V2

    https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/HD7870DC22GD5/specifications/ • No UEFI support.
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    SSD writes

    Force (OS) 840 EVO (Programs/Games)
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    Ram Speed Dilema

    What motherboard are you using? Increasing the CPU Multiplier will not increase memory speeds, only CPU speeds. To increase memory and cpu to crank up your FSB. You board should automatically adjust the speeds supported by both the board and cpu. which more than likey will be 1333.
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    Does 2 graphics card in SLI need a SLI connector

    I've never seen a SLI bridge in a video card box.. only in the motherboard boxes... AMD cards i've bought do come with a bridge
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    Cannot get to BIOS after failed overclock

    Shut Sown Remove Battery Un-Plug Power Supply Cord Wait at least 30 seconds Install Battery Plug Power Supply Cord Boot That should work